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10 years old is definitely a paper weight by now. Just remember when buying a cheap computer -as with all electronics, you get what you pay for. Run the idea by your friend first, he may have a better suggestion from a local shop, though it may cost you a couple hundred more.

Also for this -
Originally Posted by KittKatt View Post
All that comes up when you turn the computer on is a blue screen that says HP Invent, and the F1 key for set-up, and the F10 key for system restore. And it won't do anything when you hit those keys.. Also, we don't have any start-up discs: we got the computer from our landlady, and she never gave us any discs when we got it. I sent her an e-mail to ask her if she still had any discs, but I haven't heard from her yet...

I just posted a thread about the computer going down about a week ago, and another one today in which a friend of ours took a look at it, and said we need to get a new CPU (I think that's what it's called. I'm computer illitetate, too ).
Ask your friend for if he has a 98 or windows 2000 disc laying around. You may be able to reformat and reinstall, because honestly your problem sounds more like windows messed up then sudden hardware failure. Couldn't hurt, and it might get you a few months more (or at least till after the holidays) of life out of it.
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I agree with what others have said - if your computer is 10 years old it is not worth getting a new motherboard, it will be cheaper to buy a new computer. Unless you suddenly need one for recently released games, you won't need to spend more than $300 for a whole new one!

I'm shocked at that price for a new motherboard for it tbh, ours went last year (they don't last forever!) and it cost us £40 to replace it. But then I've never bought a 'brand name' computer - always either built them myself, or had it custom built for me, it's much easier to get replacement parts that way!
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If your computer was that old to start with, you may be fine getting an off lease or refurbished one. We only keep ours at work for 2-3 years and they are well maintained. There are off-lease stores here that sell them for $150 Canadian so it will probably be less down there. If you wanted to save the extra $$ since you said money was tight.

That way they also come with some warranty from the store too.
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Originally Posted by Spyral View Post

Go down to Wal Mart
1620 West Church
Livingston, TX 77351
(936) 327-6370

Not sure if they have them in the store, but you can order online and expect it in a few days. I hope this helps!

LMAO! That's just so funny that you happened to post that specific Wal-Mart store, b/c it's the same one I used to work at, and also where my s/o still works! What a weird coincidence..

To be honest, I wouldn't buy anything as important as a computer at Wal-Mart. I worked there, and I know how they operate. I don't trust them - especially when it comes to electronics & stuff.. But thanks for all your help, and posting those other links. I will be checking them out..

My s/o & I discussed the matter some more again this morning, and we both agree we're better off getting a new computer than to try and start again w/ something used or refurbished. I don't want someone else's "problems", nor either do we want something that will nickel & dime us to death. If we're gonna do it, we may as well do it right: it just makes more sense to get a new one, if we're gonna have to spend the money anyway. My s/o is gonna ask our landlady for the start-up disc when he sees her at work, and we're gonna at least give that a shot. It doesn't hurt to try: what have we got to lose at this point..

Thanks again peeps for all your help, and your patience in trying to explain all that technical stuff to an illiterate computer dummy! It is appreciated more than y'all know.

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Good luck getting it back on track...I know how frustrating puter probs can be
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go to www.dell.com and chose an Inspirion 531s with no additional options. It is the first computer in the home/office section. It comes out to $349. It has everything you will need. Windows Vista, 1Gb RAM, 250Gb hard drive, DVD player and CDR/W drive so you can burn CD's if you want, nice video and sound. It includes a keyboard and mouse and a 1 year in home service plan with a great warranty. it is a Dell, so you know it is good. I use Dell XPS computers only at my office and home. Never had an issue with one of them. Dell even has a finance plan if you need to take advantage of it.
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