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May I vent a little?

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I'm just not having a great day so far. I really don't like to complain but I need to vent to someone. I woke up this morning to John asking me if it was cold in here... I was covered in a pile of cats so I had no clue. He then asked what time it was. I grabbed my cell phone which is my alarm clock and it was turned off! I quickly got it back on and realized John had to leave for work in five minutes. The phone had died in the middle of the night so I didn't have my alarm which usually wakes me up 20 minutes before he goes to work. I have to make sure he gets up every day, he does not wake up to an alarm.

So I told him to get up, he had to go. "But I don't feel good". Ooook, why don't you feel good? "I just don't, I'll go back to sleep and go into work later". Normally I wouldn't mind, but today is Friday. Friday is serious cleaning day because I never get a chance to do anything during the weekend. He finally got up at 11 AM. I'm already a few hours behind schedule.... got four loads of laundry to do, litter boxes to clean, dogs to walk, floor to sweep, garbage to throw away, etc.

He left here at 11:30 AM. I really needed to get a shower and I told him I had to get one before his dad got back and needed the bathroom. I always have to take my showers while John's dad and grandpa are at the nursing home visiting John's grandma otherwise the bathroom needs to be used a lot and I don't get a chance for a shower. As soon as he walked out the door, I went to the bathroom where I heard the shower running. John's brother (whose only mission in life is to make me miserable) had overheard me saying I needed to get a shower and decided to be a jerk and take one himself to keep me from being able to get one. And he's still in there.

So I'm still waaaaaaaay behind on my cleaning, John will be back in only 4 1/2 hours, and I haven't gotten my shower for today yet.

I realize these are just little things and I shouldn't let it get to me so much. But it does, and I'm just really frustrated now!
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I know how you feel. I don't think guys realize just how much they can get in the way and cramp your style, and if you tell them they get mad and have a fit. So you just have to go around doing the best you can feeling agitated and on pins and needles hoping he won't blow.

My hubby has been off since Dec. 7 and won't go back until Jan. 7. I don't know why he saves all his leave for the end of the year when it's cold and miserable, but he refuses to take it in the summer when we could do something fun. He's spent time with his sickly old mother, but now they've fallen out and aren't speaking, so I have to deal with him getting gloomy on me. I love him, but gosh, it's such a burden when they get that way.
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I think it's just one of those days!

Go eat some chocolate.
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I definately know how you feel. I can't clean with anyone home.(Mom and Mike are home until Monday) When I am behind schedule, I run like a mad woman.
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Eek hun - I guess we all get days like that from time to time Tomorrow is a new one though, no matter how bad this one is. When I get stuck with the cleaning I throw on a really good rock record and head-bang and air-guitar my way through it! Sure, you get dizzy, but it makes you feel better!! I wish I could do ironing like that though..... ironing is a good excuse for a musical film

If it makes you feel better, I was a half hour late for work this morning because the jerk upstairs was playing really loud dance music until quarter to three this morning I still haven't had a shower and it's 18:00. And I haven't cleaned a thing, even though I really have to!

I hope it gets better and that you manage to finish all the things you need to. Cleaning Energy vibes for you!!
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Go eat some chocolate.
I have a ziplock bag in front of me filled with chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, and peanut butter chips. Sure, that's healthy, right? LOL

I managed to get my shower. The hot water was all gone and he used the last towel. But I still got a shower. My second load of laundry is in the washer so I feel a bit better. And luckily it's raining so the dogs had no desire to be outside longer than to do their business and come right back in... so that saves me a little bit of time.

Thanks for the vibes!
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Aw, hope your day gets better!!
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I hope things get better for you.
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It's one of those days isn't it!!!! I don't get anything done while my SO is home either Mostly because I get made because he doesn't help, or isn't helping enough.

Hopefully things will all fall together for you!!!
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If he's still in the shower now, then announce "I'm coming in whether you are out of the shower or not" - then DO IT. Might be the last time he pulls that little stunt!
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John's brother sounds like a rude, selfish person. How 'bout turning on the hot water full blast while he's in the shower, and dousing him w/ the cold water? I'll betcha that would get him out of there a lot faster..

I've had days like that too, where nothing's getting done, and you get so far behind schedule that you never seem to get caught up. And those days always seem to be the ones where the phone never stops ringing, or someone's knocking at your door..

I hope your day improves soon!

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