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Question of the Day - December 27th

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What are your plans for New Year's Eve?

I might be going to my Dad's club with my parents, if not that then I'll be home with the kitties!
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None - we will pretty much be here by ourselves. No sense in really staying up till midnite - we'll go to bed at the normal time.

Charlie will be showing this weekend, so that's our main entertainment - and hopefully he will Grand

We might check out a movie earlier in the day - will see how much left over money we have from the show weekend.
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No big plans here for new years - just relaxing at home watching the ball drop in NYC on TV
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go to listen Mass at 9:00 pm
next go at my brother home to dinner with family and
return at leats past 00:30 with the furbabies too!
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I'm not sure yet, I don't think I'll be going out or anything, its always so crowded & awful downtown with the college kids
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Staying home, and cooking a good meal for myself, and getting out some extra treats for the kitties. I'll be in bed well before midnight.
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i'll be getting drunk i hope LOL! either out or at home
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Staying home and doing nothing probably. We'll watch the ball drop at Times Square on TV though. And New Year's Day is when our favorite stores have big sales so we're going shopping that day I think.
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I am not sure yet. Chris is coming here so I know we will go out, but I don't know where.
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Staying home and watching movies!
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No big plans for New Years. We will drop by a friends for a few hours then back home and watch the ball drop on tv.
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Staying home with the kids and cats.
Mason has to work...someone has to keep the rest of us safe from the drunks and crackheads
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2 posibilities

1. Going to a resturant with a whole bunch of friends

2. Watching tv and falling asleep before the ball drops
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We are trying to make plans with out friends. They had a baby a few weeks ago and with all the holiday plans we haven't made it down to their house.

If not we will watch movies, drink some & then crash.
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I will be having my "Thank God, I made It Through Another Year" dinner at home -
with a special dinner of who knows what. Will enjoy quality time with the kids and look forward to another year!
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Well my sister asked us to come over and snack and play games, so more than likely thats what we will do!!
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I will be spending New Years Eve at Home as well. My sister may stop by for the evening but that really depends on the weather.
I am planning on making a nice prime rib roast for dinner. Then watch tv with the kitties.
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Well, for the past five years, New Year's Eve has been combined with my b-day (December 30th) and I've celebrated it with several of my girlfriends. This year, however, we're all too far apart to celebrate together and I think I'm just going to be partying with Mom, Dad and the younger sibs.
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Me and Holden are going to get drunk and play video games.

Ok, Holden won't be drunk.
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I have no idea yet. Probably sitting at home with my boyfriend, having a few drinks and watching some movies or playing video games.
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Not sure exactly yet. My friend and her boyfriend invited us over for a party at their place, but I'm not sure if we'll be going, because I really don't like her boyfriend's friends. We also invited Jess's friends from Rochester to spend some time here; so far, we haven't heard anything. Who knows?
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The usual - staying at home trying to keep Jamie calm despite all the fireworks (which hubby will sleep through).
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Plan to watch the ball drop (at 11:00 this time). Stay up for another hour, then go to bed.
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Hmm.... I asked the SO yesterday and he doesn't know either. I'm still underage so it looks like I'm the DD!
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I'll know by tomorrow when next week's work schedule comes out. I'll either be going to a cottage with all my friends for a few days (Sun-Tues), or I'll be at home on New Years Eve all bitter that I have work the next day.
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We have a choir gig early in the evening to sing a wedding. It's a ritsy affair I gather, and we're invited to stay and party after. I'm guessing we'll have a glass of champagne and nibble a bit and then take our leave. It'll be early enough that we'll likely come back here for our usual late dinner, winding down to midnight, a toast to the New Year, and then head for the sack no later than 1 am.
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My plan is currently sitting in the fridge chillin': It's called Brut.
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Normally we go to a house party up the road. We barely make it to midnight though. You know you're getting old when.........

Not sure if we will be going this year or not. If we don't, we'll stay home with the boys, put on our party hats and noise makers and at the stroke of midnight we hurry up and run out the back door screaming and blowing our horns/noise makers and then run back in through the front door. With this tradition, our New Year begins. I know... it's silly but let me tell you when you have a 13 and 9 year old, they think this is a hoot. It's the old saying: Out with the old, in with the new.

Once again, we old folks just have to hang in there till midnight.
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I forgot to mention....we live in the country and can do things like this. I don't suggest doing this right in the city. Someone may end up calling the cops on you.
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No big plans for me, probably watch movies, have a glass of wine (or two, or a bottle! ) and try to comfort/calm the kitties when the fireworks go off.
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