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Question of the Day- December 20th

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This is a question from CoolCat! Rigel would like to know:

Is there a movie that you could watch over and over and never be tired of?
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Tommy Boy! It's silly but I absolutely love it!
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Yes and I have...Rocky movies and The Godfather movies 1 & 2 not 3
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Serendipity or The Notebook
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Back to the Future 1, 2, & 3!
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I usually do not watch movies over and over, but the movie Two Weeks Notice, for some reason was just beautiful to me and I watched it about 10 times.
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Yesss! Quite a few actually... How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Mean Girls, Blow, Casino, Goodfellas, and Old School.
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Actually I have a few

Hellboy(love that tail and jacket combo)
South Park Bigger Longer and Uncut (as bad as it is I almost kill myself laughing everytime I see it)
13th Warrior (Antonio Bandaras need I say More)
Blue Collar Comedy Special (gotta love those rednecks)
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National Lampoon`s Christmas Vacation
The Santa Clause (the first one)
Gone With The Wind
The Wizard of Oz
Sound of Music
My Fair Lady
Animal House
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Kingdom of Heaven - Orlando Bloom Need I say more?
The LOTR Series
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I could watch, and have watched, Kate and Leopold a thousand times!!!!
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Probably The Princess Bride.

Anybody want a peanut?
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Here is my short list:
Love Actually
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Enchanted April
You've Got Mail
Waiting for Guffman
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Hmm. There have been a few over the years but it would have to be

Wish You Were Here ( I know there is another film by the same name but this one has got Emily Lloyd in it and is British )
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I have a couple.....Tommy Boy, Sweet Home Alabama, and any of the Dumb and Dumber movies!!
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Casablanca! and I need 12 characters to post this reply
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Dirty Dancing
Breakfast at Tiffanys
The Sound of Music
Finding Nemow
Shreck 1,2, & 3
The Notebook
How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days
Life is Beautiful
Meet the Parents & Meet the Fockers
All of the King of the Hill cartoons
All of the Beavis & Butthead cartoons (blame it on Colin!)
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Originally Posted by Forensic View Post
Probably The Princess Bride.

I saw Princess bride for the first time last year, my husband told me I had to watch it lol, Its big over here in the US but I had never heard of it in the UK

Robin Hood Prince of thieves with Kevin Costner, I love movies with the 'badies' die and the 'goodies' live happily ever after

Moulin Rouge with Nicole Kidman, that movie makes me cry EVERY time!
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White Christmas, hands down. I've watched that movie so many times since I was a kid I know it by heart.
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles View Post
White Christmas, hands down. I've watched that movie so many times since I was a kid I know it by heart.
If you like White Christmas, you would enjoy (I think) Holiday Inn. Starring Bing Crosby and Fred Astair. This is the first time that the song was ever sung. The story goes that Irving Berlin had written the lyrics a few years earlier and just put it away. When he was asked to deliver the songs for the movie, he pulled White Christmas out and contributed it to the movie. No one ever expected it to be a classic hit - and the rest, as they say, is history.
In fact, this was not the song that was supposed to be the "hit". In the end, it is the only song that Irving Berlin ever won an Oscar for and it was the first
Christmas song that ever became synonymous with one specific singer!
I love this movie and, oh yeah, I could watch it again and again!
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Nope. Although I am known to watch movies over and over and over and over....... but I do get bored of them after a while.
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Return of the Jedi!

LOTR 1,2 and 3

The Crow
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Originally Posted by Forensic View Post
Probably The Princess Bride.
I love this movie!! I could definitely watch it over and over
Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
Dirty Dancing

The Sound of Music
I think I have watched both od these movies 100 times!

Another one for me is Wizard of Oz
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The Lord of the Rings (just watched again)
Eragon (dying to see this one again)
The Never Ending Story

I am sure there are more but that is all I can think of right now
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Well lets see...

Dirty Dancing
The Crow (all of them but I love the first the best)
A lot of lifetime movies
Where the heart is
Dazed and confused
Wayne's World (both)

Theres just too many to name those are the ones I got off the top of my head though
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A few: Mean Girls, Bring it On: All or Nothing, and Because I Said So .. Ohh, and Knocked Up! .. And Superbad
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The King and I is my favorite movie.
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The Princess Bride.
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
Return of the Jedi!

Originally Posted by kitytize View Post
The Never Ending Story

You girls are my IDOLS!! those are from my tiny list!!

Yellow Submarine from the Beatles
FANTASIA! from Disney the original from the 60´s
Matrix II
and The TWO TOWERS from the Lord of the rings, the others like it but this one for me is the master pieces

Thanks for your nicely Answers!
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