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Originally Posted by rapunzel47 View Post
Indeed, that the infection doesn't return. Keeping the coming for good recovery.

I hope she gets to be with your grandpa.

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Here's an update, some good some bad. Vibes and prayers are still definitely needed after this last setback. The encephilitis has been getting better, but they decided to keep the treatment going until tomorrow, just to be safe. Since the treatment is so difficult on the body, they are keeping a close eye on her other functions. There was a setback, though. A setback, a miracle so to speak, and then another smaller setback. I'm just going to paste the last update from my Aunt Janet...

I just wanted to give you another update on how mom is doing.

Yesterday, dad and I came in about 11:30 and she was sound asleep, as usual. The nurse said she had a good breakfast, sat up in a chair for a while and talked to them well. Then she collapsed and no one was able to rouse her. Her doctor talked to us and said he suspected either a blood clot or a stroke. He wanted us to be prepared to pull all medications and let her go peacefully. He was scheduling a CT scan to see if there were any brain waves. Dad and I called family and our church and waited for the test.

About 2, they still hadn't come to take her for the test but she was stirring in bed so I pulled the covers up around her face and she opened her eyes and started talking! She was the most alert, awake and clear that she had been since before the infection. I ran and got the doctor and told him my mother was awake and talking and he said, "That's not supposed to happen." He was shocked.

We had a delightful, funny conversation with her for several minutes. Then they arrived to do the tests and she was gone for 90 minutes or so. When she was back, she was very sleepy. I fed her a little supper but not much. She talked a little more, saying how kind everyone has been and that she's trying very hard to heal. Then she looked at me and said, "What's your name?" I said "Janet" and she said, "Janet, you've been very kind." It was tough to realize she didn’t recognize me but we see so much hope from the earlier conversation.

So the roller coaster is still going. We're waiting to find out what the CT scan says but we hope she's turning a corner. The neurologist thinks she'll be ready for physical therapy shortly and I'm hoping some day she'll figure out I'm not just an overworked nurse!

Of course, we have to be realistic because she is very susceptible to serious complications. But we’ll treasure the moment we do have with her right now.

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As you say, Some good, some bad -- but there's definitely hopeful stuff there. Keeping the and prayers coming.
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My prayers are still with you guys!
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I'm keeping you & your family in my prayers
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My thoughts are with you and your Grandma, Heidi.
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