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Nikita photos - a comeback!

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I'm back! I have a shiny new camera (a Nikon D80, currently with an 18-135mm lens, for those interested in that sort of thing).

Time to smell the tulips

Go wild!

be ready to play


Yep.. it's Da Bird again

Time to look pretty

and cute (yep that's my foot in the photo)

I'm not too sure how keen Nikita was on the whole thing though. Sheesh there the mad human goes again, pointing that black box at me nonstop.

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Glad you got a new camera I LOVE that first much does Nikita weigh?
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Nice camera! Yes, I like to know those things since I know I will eventually invest in an SLR.

Nikita is beautiful as always.
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Thanks! as for Nikita, she's just under 12 lbs right now but she could do with a little bit more mass so she should be 12 lbs.
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The pictures with your new camera are adorable....
of course Nikita is a purr-fect subject.

You are going to have so much fun with your Nikon.
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Just breathtaking! As usual!
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aww stunning!
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Aww...welcome back Nikita! Gorgeous pics as always.
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Great pics, as usual!

I've put that 50mm lens you told me about on my Amazon wish list. It probably won't stay there long. I've been a very good girl this year and deserve at least one good xmas gift but probably won't get one unless I buy it myself!
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Great photos, and yes that first one is really nice.
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You must love the fact that you have a camera again! Congrats. Wonderful photos, love the first one especially.
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Gorgeous pictures!
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I love this one. Very nice pics as usual! I am glad you have a camera again.
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Congrats with the new camera

Looking forward to more pictures of lovely Nikita
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Great pictures!!
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beautiful cat and beautiful photos, the first one os by far the sweetest!
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