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finding my post

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i have NO idea how to find a post of my own. i looked in all the forums i have posted in 3 or 4 times and i cant find it. is there anyway to look at the posts you have made? or maybe a way something can be set up to do that? i make posts sometimes and i loose them so i never get to look at them again. i dont remember the title of my post, but it was about hartz flea collars.
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You can click on your user name, and select view public profile, scroll down on the left and under forum info it will say "Find all threads started by mandm1213".
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There is a way to do it.

Go to the main page. See your name listed at the bottom as users online? Click on it and it will bring you to your profile. If you look on the left-hand side you will see "find all posts by ____" and "find all threads by ____" You can click on either.
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Or if it is a thread that is important to you, you can go to Thread Tools at the top of the first post and click susbscribe to this thread, and it will send you a message about replies or you can track them in your user CP
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you can go to "User CP" (the top left) then to "Edit Options" ..... go to where it says "Messaging and Notification" and then "Default Thread Subscription Mode" and on the scroll down click "No Email Notifications" and that will subscribe you to every thread you start or respond to.

Then all you have to do is click "User CP" and you can see all the threads that have been updated.

I hope you find your way back to this thread because you have received several good options.
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I think this is the post you want
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you guys are AMAZING!
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