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Well after seeing Hobo I dont think Eek is quite so small anymore!! He almost looks like a big boy compared to Hobo!! Hobo's head is so small, and he is soo skinny!

Eek is doing so much better now, his coat has improved, he's playing again, eating and drinking real well and just doing the normal things a healthy cat should do!

BooBoo is also feeling better! He had some energy to run around the house like a krazy man today!! They are just wild! The three of them!!
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Well, Just to keep you informed, Eek is doing great! BooBoo is doing great also!! They are feeling better now, and dont have any symptoms!! I did get a new kitty that I found and brought him in and he has a URI right now, but he'll recover!! The other cats love him, and Eek really likes having someone to play with!! I think BooBoo is relieved that he doesn't have to amuse Eek so much anymore! My new one is a happy man, right now he's not the most loving cat on the planet, but I dont think he's really use to human contact!! Im hoping that Hobo will become more loving once he realizes he is home, and that he can have all the food he wants!! The only issue Ive had besides the URI is that the pads of his feet are falling off in clumps, I think he froze them or something but it doesn't seem to hurt him! Ill take him back in the morning just to have it checked out, and someone told me about a cream there is for that so it must not be very uncommon!
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Thats great you have Special Need Cats too. My Knew Kitten has Fcks and Coco has had bad Asthma for years. Ia m glad your Cat is better.
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so glad to hear they're doing well. you gave me a scare for a minute there...
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I must have lucked out letting them roam together right away because so far all is well! *knocking on fake wood* They love each other, and symptoms seem to disapeer right before my eyes! I know that kitties are good at hiding stuff, so Im still leery! HoBo Jax paws are healing, it looks like they're going to scar (can't tell for sure, still open on some of them) but they do look to be healing! There is good skin underneath so that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, however, he's still on antibiotics and creams just to be sure, and there are a couple spots still working there way off! Its weird though, they dont seem to bother him!

Ill give an update on all in a couple days!
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if they did indeed freeze off the tissue would be dead, so no, kitty wouldn't even be able to feel it at all if that were the case.

I'm jealous with all your furbabies running around!

I think I'm ready for some new babies in my home...
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