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Traumatic Weekend for Kitty

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So, maybe someone here can re-assure me that my cat is going to be alright....

Saturday morning Chloe woke me up at 6am to go perch on her cat post in front of our screen door. (She pounces me every morning to go do this because she loves watching birds while being inside all day). So I let her, as usual. Sometime between that time and 9am, I heard a big thump and thought perhaps she fell off of something. Well I didn't check on her, but when I finally woke up at 9am, Chloe was no where in sight.

I found her in the spare bedroom, under the bed, hiding. (She rarely ever goes in there to hide.. she usually comes to us or under our bed). Well, then she wouldn't come out or hardly meow to us. So we moved the bed and got her out. Well she squirmed and high-talied it to our bedroom, and went straight under our bed. Again I got her out and took her to her room to calm her down. She headed straight under the desk.

When I brought out cat nip, she didn't really respond, and she just acted really scared of me and my husband. So, being the worrisome mom that maybe she had hurt herself, I took her to the Vet to be checked out. He said, physically she is fine, and she's alert, she ate a little that morning, and her temperature was fine. Plus she's not an outdoor cat so she has no abcesses or the like. There was nothing he could do. Said she seemed frightened by what I told him about her hiding.

Well, okay that's fine. So I thought, what scared her?? And I saw a telephone book by the door that morning so maybe the thunk I heard was the book being tossed on the porch. But why would my cat get so traumatited by a stranger bringing a book to our door, unless they slammed it right in front of her?? She never is THAT frightened for so long when strangers come by, although she is rather skittish.

Well, the day progressed and so did Chloe's behavior. She perched that night and last night as well. Although, when I opened the front door yesterday and this morning as well, again... she high tailed it to our bedroom to hide. She only seems to be doing this first thing in the morning, and seems fine as the day matures.

Sorry this is so long.. but do you think she could have been traumatized by something THAT bad saturday morning, like say, the telephone book person??? ANd I sure hope she will desensitize and get her "normal" perching back in the mornings. But this is just bothering me so much because I don't know for sure what changed her behavior. What does this sound like to you???
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From what you described, it sounds like she got the poo scared out of her. I would bet that they did toss the big ole phone book to the porch. Thats how I know mine is here. They usually just toss it. Loud noises are the one thing that tends to get to cats. Thats how I train my cats. I clap really loud and say no. It scares them off and then they associate the word no with the loud noise. Then all I have to do is say no. I would bet she is associating the morning with that loud scary noise. It may take some time of her not hearing anything for her to get over it. It's the same theory that if you hold onto a cat that doesnt want to be there, they will associate being held with bad feelings. I am sure she is going to be fine over time. Just try and give her some reassurance in the mornings.
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Yes - I totally agree with Sandie. When the neighbors kids set off fire crackers, you know how loud they are - my little boy high tailed under the bed to hide. Give her time/reassure her talk to her softly (that's what worked for me)- she'll be back to her old self in not time. Best to you and your furbaby!!! :icecream:
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We just moved into our new home, Casey has adjusted very well. We previously lived in an apartment 16 floors up and the only other animal Casey saw were birds. Last night my husband and I were the basement and suddenly heard this loud cry or yelp. I ran upstairs to see if Casey was alright to find her tail puffed out like never before crying loudly and looking out our glass door. Sitting there was another cat (my new neighbours cat) I wonder why she reacted like that. I thought Cats hissed! After calming her down she seemed O.K. but has anyone heard of this reaction before?
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