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Cute pics of my kitties

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Just wanted to share a couple pics I've taken of Trent and Ophelia in the past couple days.

Ophelia was laying so prim and proper. Note how she's holding her paws, they are actually crossed. (Don't mind the demon kitty eyes, it was taken tonight at about 10:30).

This is Trent's newest hangout since I finally have my home computer up and running. He just HAS to be close to Mommy.
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Oh how sweet! They're both adorable. :tounge2:
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They're both so sweet!!!
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they are adorable

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Very precious!
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Awww! What sweethearts! Your kitties are adorable!:
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Awww how sweet!
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I love those pictures!!! They are just beautiful!!!
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I totally missed this post Heidi!!

Very cute and huggable! Looking at Ophelia made me laugh. The little black patch under her chin looks like a beard and she may need to get out the razor!

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I missed this post too!!!!

Your kitties are adorable!
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I love Trent. He looks SO much like a kitty that I used to have. HIS name was Scamp.
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Thanks everyone! I think they are adorable, too, but I may be just a wee bit biased.

Kass, Earl's mom said the same thing about Ophelia, that it looks like she has a beard. I had to correct her - it's not a beard, it's actually a heart. Pretty little girls don't have beards. LOL Really, no kidding, the little patch on her chin is shaped like an almost perfect heart.
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Trent reminds me of a cat I once had, his name was Gizmo and he was the sweetest cat (besides Romeo).
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Heidi - I LOVE THEM!!!! I'm so glad you had a chance to get pics up!!!! So... Trent is mommy's boy, and Ophelia is daddy's girl? LOL!

I remember you saying if you lived closer you'd consider adopting Magic... I can see why! He does look just like he'd be Trent's little brother!

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They are gorgeous and are obviously well loved! What great pics of great cats!
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