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Not sure.

Do you get Cold Sores?
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I´m not sure what you mean by that???

Hey, Sam, you remember my sons name

What was the first pet you had, and at what age?
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Oh! They are like these scabs that grow on your lip really gross and I have six at the moment..

Yeah! Course I do!

My mums always had pets when I was little the first one I remember is Clarence my beautiful black lab

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A cat when I was 6.

And yes I get cold sores, now I know what you mean, and I dont know if I can say it outloud, but I haven´t had one for quite some time... , tea tree oil seems to be the trick with mine...

If you were to dress up for a party as a character in a book, movie or a program, who would you be, and why?
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Oh I must try that I use Iodine and it's really good but leaves my lips a horrible orange color for a few days.

"Donkey" from Shrek because he's gorgeous and has a lovely sense of humor.

Last song you listened to?
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An Icelandic Christmas song.

Are you a Christmas person?
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Yes. Definitly. I love christmas. You?
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I LOVE Christmas!

What are you having (did you have) for dinner? I have a roast with potatoes and carrots in the oven, the house smells lovely.
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MMmmmmm, sounds yummy!
I had fish (haddog) in mustard sauce, in the oven, with rice, carrots and broccoli.

Do you eat a lot of fish?
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You guys are making me hungry.

I like fish but don't eat much of it.

Fave Potato dish?
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My favorite potato dish isn't really a dish per se... It's more of the junk food variety. It is French Fries.

What are your Resolutions for New Years?
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I haven't decided yet.

Do you have a digital camera?
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No and I sooooooooooo want one! I think I'm one of the very few members on this forum who hasn't posted any photos of their kitties yet.

Umm....next question.....thinking....not a good game to play while brain is deaded.....there goes the grammar....maybe that went ages ago....hmmm.......

Do you understand what Donald Duck says?
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What's the best movie you saw recently?
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Originally posted by a_loveless_gem
No and I sooooooooooo want one! I think I'm one of the very few members on this forum who hasn't posted any photos of their kitties yet.
I also haven´t, I´m sure I would have if I had a digital camera. I now have pic of each of them on my computer, I think I´ll go ahead and post them!

Last good movie....it´s such a long time since I saw a movie, and a good movie...hmmmmmm

I don´t even remember at the moment

What´s the last good movie you saw?
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The last movie that I saw in a theater was ELF, I loved it! I highly recommend it for children of all ages.

What is your favorite Christmas movie? Mine is Three Godfathers with John Wayne.
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A Christmas Story

what's your favorite christmas cookie?
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Nut Rolls (Hungarian)

Do you have a favorite cold remedy? I'm home sick with one today.
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Honey, lemon juice, hot water and a little bit of whisky. The whisky is optional though, if you're driving or something.

What musical instruments do you play?
I play Guitar, Violin and Tenor Horn.
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I play the air guitar (and classical guitar), the fisher price keyboard... and my bongo drums!!!

What are you doing for New Yrs eve??
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I am learning to play the fiddle, I've been taking lessons for three months.

I hope that my hubby will agree to play Bingo on New Years Eve...

How many minutes a day are you on the computer?
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Whenever I am using a computer, it's more like hours not minutes

Which is more important for you a cellphone or a computer?
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Definitely my computer.....

What were You in a former life?
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Have no idea.

How can one find out?
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You can go and see a phsycic (sp?)
I once went to see a phsycic doctor (who healed through her psycic ability, not a regular doctor who happened to be psycic )

Have you even gone to see a psycic person?
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I had my aura photographed recently, and my mothers boyfriend is psychic, so, I guess, YES!

Is there more out there than out mere human minds can comprehend?
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I´m sure there is. I think it is very arrogant to think that there is nothing else than what we know.

Have you "met" any of you relatives that have passed?

Ps. I would love to have my aura photographed!
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Not that I know of. But (referring to a previous question) I've had two past life readings. What if I AM my relative?

If you were psychic, what would you use your abilities to do?
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Helping people and giving them piece in their heart about their lovedf ones.

If you could choose on relative (that is gone) to watch over you and follow you, who would it be and why?
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I've never had a close relative die. I would have to say my sister who died when she was a baby before I was born b/c she's my big sister.

If you could have any magical ability at all, what would you choose? You can make one up like the ability to always know when it's going to rain or something.
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