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Can you have a "least fave creepy crawly"?

They're all nasty BUT I really, really, really, really don't like spiders. I mean with all those legs and eyes and all that hair and those fangs just waiting to penitrate my soft skin and inject me with poison so my insides turn to goo so that damn thing can come and wrap me up then suck my gooy delicious body out....ick

So I guess it would be spiders.

Do you have waterfalls in your house?
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No. I wish I did though. A friend has a waterfall set up on his patio.

Do you spend more time on the computer or watching TV?
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hmmm....more time on the computer definitely, even more so now because of this so cool forum where I meet the nicest funniest cool people who love what I love and that is cats!!!

I had a whole bunch of questions to put down and now my brain is dead
btw, I really despise roaches, I mean, I've been trying to be nice to them since they always come in every summer because of the heat and I feel sorry for them, but I have two kinds, the little flat german ones, and the big mega ones that will fly at you for some freaking reason, why on earth do they fly right at you! but anyway, well I was letting them out, trying to be nice and 'holistic' and peaceful with all of God's creations, anyway, my hubby thought I lost my bananas letting them out because last year I was killing them. Anyway, maybe having a son brings out the motherly instincts, anyway....but this one time, there was a huge one hanging over my hubby while he was on the throne, of all the freaking places!!! He thought it was gone because he saw it earlier on and saw that my JB was playing with it so he figured it left. Anyway, he looked up, luckily after he was finish with his business, and saw it and just nearly had a heartattack. Then he yells for me to come in, he has something exciting to show me. Of course I freaked out when I saw it, it was freaking huge and it looked like the same one I freed a few months ago but had doubled in its size. Anyway, so of course I go up there to bring it down, it flies for my head and I'm screaming and almost broke the dang toilet seat and my neck trying to duck. Anyway so my hubby is laughing and holding our son. I told him what a wuss he was and that a real man would be in here handling this dang roach. He says he's proud to be wuss and that he's protecting our son (using him as a shield!) Anyway....finally I just bring out my trusty Ortho bug spray and start spraying along the walls since I can't find it and the little booger scurries from underneath the door, they are sooo smart, they hide underneath the door always!!!! you never see them!!! Freaky!!! Anyway, so I'm talking to it telling it that I don't want to kill it and that I'm just going to grab it with toiletpaper and toss it in the toilet since they always survive somehow in the toilet/drainage. Anyway, of course, it moved and was about to fly so I had to squish it by accident of course. Anyway...I'm babbling, as usual it's late night and that was my ordeal the other day so I prefer spiders as long as I see them from a distant to a roach any day!!! And spiders are usually very shy creatures and won't attack unless they feel threatened or scared. And spiders eat other insects and creepy crawlies that I don't particularly like. Roaches, man, you can't get rid of them, they multiply like crazy!!!!! And they survive no matter what!!!!
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here's my question

in third world countries, toilet paper is a luxury item, they mainly use water, but which would you chose, tp or water, if you had to live there?
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Jelly, don't use the water, it would get into your system through your skin and infect you with bacteria and viruses. The paper would be safer. When I was in Yugoslavia in 1985 (before it blew up), there were public toilets. They were very clean and at the door there stood a little old lady al dressed in black from head to toe with a black head covering. She would hand you two pieces of paper to use. LOL!! The paper was the size of one section of our toilet paper, like 3" by 3" and was the consistency of a grocery store sack. What a hoot. We all saved our paper for our scrapbook and to show our friends at home. We invested in a roll of paper towels and carried them in our purse.

QUESTION: What is club soda called in European countries?
(We had a time getting the right word to have a
mixed drink)!!!!
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Lol!!! I think I prefer paper, but Bangladesh's sewer system is not able to handle paper so that is why its a luxury item and they mainly use water. I don't know what I'll do when I go there, my father n law knows to put in a regular toilet so that I don't feel weird about the hole in the floor scene. I told them that I thought I would fall through, thinking this hole is big enough and they all laughed at me! of course their thinking 'poor american woman' Anyway....I'm not sure, but I do know that they boil their water in large vats, so maybe they use that instead of regular water. I have heard of the boils and infections that the people get, not just there but in poor countries like Cambodia or Cameroon. I've heard horror stories of Cameroon when it comes to infections. Yikes!

I don't know what 'soda' is called there, in Bangladesh, every soda is called 'pop' and every shoe, no matter what is called 'keds' even though we have our own 'keds' brandname.

Icecream or cake?
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If I must choose, Cake. But I do love both.

Cooking tonight or going out?
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Cooking tonight.

Water skiing or Snow skiing?
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eeck! neither, have no sense of balance whatsoever and deathly afraid of 'falling' but I would choose snow since they have the bunny hop

college ruled paper or wide ruled paper?
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I'm not sure but I like the legal pads with the lines if I need to take notes is that wide or college rule?

Do you talk on your cell phone while driving or pull to the side of the road?
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Jan- the smart way would be to stop somewhere to use the phone of course. But for myself, I just wait till I get home in comfort and air conditioning, get out of shoes and bra and have a coffee and donut!

QUESTION: Eggs! Who do you suppose decided to eat that big
white thing that fell out of a chicken's butt in
the first place??? And I LOVE eggs LOL
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That's an interesting question, unfortunately I don't have the answer. It probably started by an egg getting broken accidentilly, and someone trying to taste in raw-maybe they liked it and tried cookng it....the rest is history.

Who do like better? Billy Joel or Elton John?
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Elton is more fun and isn't afraid of wearing very silly looking wigs.

Aftershave or natural man smell?

Club soda is called Soda Water in Europe.
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I like the smell of aftershave.

Would you rather go to a rock concert, or attend a sporting event?
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Definatly the rock concert, unless it was an F1 Grand Prix. I'm addicted.

email or snail mail?
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Email. Snailmail is so much work, and you have to wait too long to get an answer.

DVD's or VHS tapes?
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I currently do VHs, but as of late we are interested in DVds

salsa or guacamole?
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I love guacamole. Salsa is too hot and spicey for my ulcer.

Do you prefer long haired cats or short haired cats?
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Short haired cats are best, less strain on the vacum cleaner and when you snuggle you don't choke. My motto is never have a cat or a man with hair longer than you.

Carpets or wooden floors?
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I like carpets for the living room & bedroom, but wooden floors for the kitchen.

Mercedes Benz or Lexus?
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Mercedes, but mainly because I always wanted to be Jennifer Hart in that red convertible in the beginning titles.

Lemon Diet Coke or Vanilla Coke?
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Vanilla coke

Favorite movie ever?
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Really I myself go for the lemon diet, but then I haven't tried vanilla coke yet, so i can't talk!
Fav movie ever is so hard but at a push I would say
"Murder By Death"
It's a comedy with David Niven, Truman Capote, Peter Falk and Peter Sellers.
Loads of famous detectives in an old house must solve a murder. LOL

Friends or Fraiser?
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Fraiser. I'm one of those odd people who doesn't care for friends.

Rock bands: Bon Jovi or Poison?
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I must say for my sins I am a Bon Jovi fan. I saw them in Dublin about 5 years ago and it was one of the best concerts I have seen. Not as good as U2 but good none the less.

Bikini or bathing suit?
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Bathing suit.

DSL, Dial up or Cable Internet connection?
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Dial up. I'm poor and can't afford cable or satalite!

Columbo or Murder She Wrote?

(do I watch too much TV?)
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Pomeranian or Poodle?
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Bacon or ham?
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Pomeranian. Poodles just freak me out somehow.

Holiday. Beach or City?
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