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It's not even in the window yet.

Do you get hangovers?
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nope..cuz I don't drink

Do you go to bars?
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Yes. I like to sing karaoke.

Beer, wine or spirits?
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wine, but I don't drink....

have you ever given a speech in front of thousands of people?
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No, my biggest crowd has been about 900.

Have you ever won an award?
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not that I can remember..seems like in elementry and Jr, High I got a couple awards for perfect attendance..
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You forgot to ask a question for the next person Kathy
So I will ask one

Strawberries or Raspberries?
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Llamas or horses?
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Horses. Llamas spit!

Suede or smooth leather shoes?
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Smooth Leather

Cows OR Sheep , Not to eat but as a pet
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cows(we have them in out back behind our house) I love to watch them graze in the field....

fajitas~ steak or chicken?
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And, BTW, I am in 4-H and I show llamas. They are actually really nice! This is my second year and I've only seen 1 person be spit at out of like, hmm, 25-30 people and their llamas! BTW, that person is my sister. She got spit at because they llama she showed last year hated getting his butt brushed. She had to brush it anyways for the waukesha county fair, and then he spit!

Would you rather raise your own chickens to lay eggs for you, or buy them at the store?
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And that 25-30 people are all out of just my club.
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Buy them at the store.

Scrambled, over easy or an omelette?
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omlette... yumm..my hubby makes the best omlets!!

chicken salad or tuna salad?
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Buy them at the store.

Do you enjoy thunderstorms or are you scared of them?
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Depends , Big ones SCARED little ones OK

Toothpaste or Mouthwash?
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I use both.

Toothpaste or gel?
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paste..colgate total

do you were makeup or not?
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No makeup for me. Although I am addict of ChapStick.

Do you take a long time getting ready to go out?
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noo..i hardly ever go out, but when I do, I take maybe 45 minutes at the most..shower, fix my hair and dab some blush and lipstick on...that's all I wear...well, I wear clothes too..

what was the last movie you saw at the theatre?
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X2 - X-Men United (And even though you didn't ask, I thought it was great. )

Since the Matrix Reloaded is being released this week... do you have plans on seeing it this opening weekend? (I don't know if I'm personally brave enough. )
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What is your favorite color?
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Mascara ?
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I don't wear mascara..I use to when I was in school, but not anymore,..

What time do you usually get up in the mornings?
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For school I get up at around 6-8 to get ready for school at 8:30

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I get up at 5:30 on weekdays and whenever I wake up on weekends.

What is your favourite type of cheese?
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It's got to be Parmesan - on a big bowl of spaghetti bolognaise!! Don't like how it smells, though.

What's your ideal number of kids and cats to have?
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Two kids and one cat is what I have now. It seems perfect to me!

Do you wear a watch?
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2 kids 6 cats!
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