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The good ones aren't politically correct anymore.

What's your favorite breed of dog?
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I got a bunch. Now i like pomeranians and papillions.

Do you have a least favorite dog breed?
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Hmmm . . . nope, don't think so. Love all animals.

Favorite cat breed?
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Well, I have Siamese now and they're great, but I loved all of my DSH and DLH equally.

What was you favorite group game when you were little? (Red Light Stop, Run Sheepy Run, Catchers, etc.)
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Dodge Ball.

A favorite board game?
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Not counting word games? Payday, the old version.

How about you?
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Scrabble. Dont get to play it much though.

Play any computer games?
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Nope, used to play an RPG with Alex, though, in the old apartment.

YOUR favorite comp. game?
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The Sims

Have you ever broken your arm?
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No, just both little toes and my left ankle, twice. The toes hurt worse than the ankle.

What do you use for dry skin?
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Aloe Vera Cream

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Do u drink reccomened(sp?) water intake daily? (my doc said i/2 my body weight in oz's daily. I'm always floating)
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In the winter, I drink about a quart, a day. Summer, 1/2 to a full gallon.

How many sodas, per day/week?
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I think this question best left for the 'pepsi and coke'ladies!!
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Probably about 8 390ml cans

Ever been to a cat show?
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winter 4 or 5 a day
summer 8 to 10 a dayPEPSI !!!!!
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I must add its COKE that I drink!
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Ohh these questions are all mucked up now ! LOL
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No but I am going to one Saturday In Erie PA
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Yeah I have been showing cats for over 10 years

Do you like Garfield or Odie best?
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Cat shows?......Sara has, she won for best Maine Coon

Does ur kitty sit on other side of room and just stare at u, like your the freak? Loki is doing it right now,(I kind of want to throw a pen ay him)
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Yeah all the time !

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Yes No Maybe so. Lets get back on track.

What was the funniest thing you ever saw?
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I had just moved there and had never seen such a thing, reminded me of a skit they used to have on the Captain Kangaroo Show (whenever Mr Moose told a knock-knock joke the ping pong balls would fall out of the ceiling). Guess you had to be there...

Do you remember the Captain Kangaroo Show?
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Yes, with Mr. Green Jeans, Bunny Rabbit, Mr. Moose and Dancing Bear. When I was small, that was the only time that Mom let me eat in the living room - breakfast with the captain.

How about Romper Room? Remember that?
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Romper Room...yes, I think I remember that. Isn't that the one where she used to call you name out at the end? If that is the one I always waited for her to see me, and call my name.

Am I thinking of the right show?
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Remember "Do Bee" and "Don't Bee"?
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Fave type of Bread ( Crossont,crumpet, toast..etc etc ) ?
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I buy multi-grain with flaxseed, instead of dinner rolls. Its a specialty bread, available at Albertson's market.

Butter, margarine or light spread?
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A small bit of either butter or margarine
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