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Right now, fudge-covered marshmallow cookies. WalMart sells them for 84 cents a package. Cheap binge!

Do you bathe your cats?
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Yes! Some of them enjoy the water!

Do your cats like the water?
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They will play in the tub, while its still wet.

Do your cats like to be brushed?
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do you like to give your cats baths?
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Being indoor cats, they keep themselves clean.

Are you going to dye Easter eggs?
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Normally we do, but with the wedding THIS Saturday, there is not time

What was for lunch?
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A few Ritz crackers.

What's for dinner?
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Green chile burros and frijoles refritos. We may sleep with the window open tonight.

What's your favorite Mexican dish?
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Enchiladas! YUM!!!!

ever wax your eyebrows?
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I like enchiladas!

What is your favorite Mexican dessert?
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waxing is soooo beter than tweezing. And I don't call it "plucking your eyebrows", I'm not a chicken there's nothing to "pluck" out of me!!!!!!!!!

Mexican desert: Flan, it's gelatinoues and with caramel sauce is very tasty?

Do your own toes or have them done???? (like paint and such)
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All that I do to my toes is wash them and clip the nails.

Is eyebrow waxing expensive?
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I pay $5 and give the girl $3 tip, so I'd say no. She is so good too.Before her I went to the mall, and that lady sucked and there I paid $10 with $1 tip.

Do you tip well, cheap, or oveer?

I usually go by service.(wait I don't think ur suppose to answer ur own question.)
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I tip 20% or more. My girls were waitresses before they went to college, so I always try to tip well. A $3 tip on a $5 bill is too rich for my blood though.

What kinds of books do you like best?
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Murder mysteries and psychological thrillers. If I can figure out whodunnit, too quickly, I get bored.

Movies: comedy, action or tear-jerker?
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Out of those three, probably comedy.

Would you rather rent a movie or go to the theatre?
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Rent: better, cheaper popcorn, I don't have to get dressed and if I have to go to the bathroom I don't miss anything.

Do your cats "supervise" your computer use?
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Only when she wants something..otherwise she could care less!

Your thoughts on Spiders?
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I don't like them, but I'm not afraid of them. Now, centipedes, they make my skin crawl!!!!

Do you have any phobias?
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Acrophobia (heights) and ophidiophobia (snakes).

Do your cats catch bugs?
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YUCK!!!!! anything that has more than 2 eyes and 4 legs creeps me the hell out. I mean thier just 'looking' at you thinking of ways to 'crawl' all over you, or in the spiders case, thinking of ways to eat you. HUHHHHH< I scream, even if I come home in middle of night and find a huge, giant spider the size of a a kitty toe on the wall across from my bed, I won't sleep in there.not-uh.nope not till it's out and gone. Now I don't think they should die, just go away,like outside.However, should a kitty mishap happen there would be no funarul.

on buying gas for the car: regular, mid-grade, or super?
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I don't have a car! I would buy regular though, it's cheaper!

Do you have a car? If so, what make, year and color?
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Blue 1992 Dodge Colt
What is the temp.,where you live?
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2 Celcius - ick!

Who is your fav comedian (mine is Robin Williams)
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In the 80's, and SUNNY!

Do your cats like going for a ride in the car?
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Ashley doesn't scream while in the car, but I think she would rather be elsewhere! Favorite comedian is hard to say. I like Chris Rock, but I also really like Wayne Cotter. He used to be on MTV's Half Hour Comedy Hour back in the 80's.

Color of your shower curtain? lol
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If you could change place with 1 living person for a day, who would it be and why?
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My boss's wife. I always tell her "Beverly, when I grow up I want to be you". She doesn't have to work, her husband hands over all the money, she can go shopping anytime she wants (does not have to worry about money) and she has three beautiful homes (one main residence, log home on a beautiful nearby lake and one home in Arizona for the winter months).

What color are your eyes?
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Brown with gold flecks

Do you wear glasses? (I do)
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Are you listening to music right now?
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