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do you eat chicken?
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YES, they taste very good.
Have u ever tried goat?-----me, NOPE
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No. Boarded 4 of them once and I'm not eating anything that smells that bad, when its alive.

What's the weirdest thing, that you ever ate?
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Blood sausage. And it is just what you think it is.

What common food do you not like?
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Favorite fruit?
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I had turtle once
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Banana....and Strawberries
But when I lived in the US, I really came to like Asian Pear (Or was it Apple Pear?), but we dont get that here, and that was terribly expencive.

Talking of strange food and bloodsausages...you should come to Iceland in February, them there is a month dedicated to the old Icelandic food, and people eat sour balls of sheeps, the face of lambs, sour shark, blood and liver sausages and all kind of strange food...The heads of lambs and sausages are also much a fall thing, the head is actually good...and the sausages! Fried slices of blood sausage sprinkled with sugar,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Do you think I am very strange???
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no just your taste of food~
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Any body ever have turtle? It is gross!
Fave. bread?
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Hehe, no. Everyone had their own tastes. My fiance eats jelly, of all things, on his eggs. And puts soy sauce on cold mashed potatoes for breakfast, sometimes.

Weirdest food you eat on a normal basis?
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I like those Italian breads, like garlic, sun dries tomatoe, and olive bread.

My s/o thinks I´m wierd to like feta cheese.

Whats your fav. cheese?
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Hmmm . . . feta or cheddar . . . I like cheese in general, though . . . I put it on everything, just about! LOL

Favorite veggie?
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These days I use zuccini in EVERYTHING, I lover it.

Whats yours?
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Corn...but it does NOT like me!

Taxes mailed in?
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Yep! I got them done early!!

Do you tend to procrastinate?
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How much Junk Mail is in your Inbox?
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None. I keep it cleaned out as I get mail.

Favorite kind of nut?
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Cashew and I just got go know Macademia nuts - love them as well, made soooo good cookies including them, yummy...

Is it often windy where your are?
It is very often windy here, ths good side is, that we then alway have clean air!
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It has been windy the past few days, but today it isn't! It is COLD, though!

Going shopping today?
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No, no shopping as of yet, but the day is young!

Doing anything fun tonight?
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No, dinner and TV, as usual. Bill gets up, at 4:00 a.m.

Full moon affecting your cats?
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In my house it is always a full moon. Yesterday I went home to the garbage all over the place. *sigh* Silly cats.

If you could buy any one special item for you cat what would it be?
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Hmmm . . . a velvet bed, maybe. There are so many things I'd get.

When are your cats most active during the day/night?
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a new cat house...they need another one...
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Rowdy is active ALL of the time. Opie perks up, in the afternoon and Buddy has sporadic bursts.

Do your cats wake you up, at night?
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Occasionally-when they have decided to play a game of tag. I'm "free" or "home," just like Hide and Go Seek!

Do you like word games? I like Text Twist and a bunch of others online!
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yes~ I play word whomp at pogo.com

do you have dogs too as well as cats?
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No, no dogs now. I had dogs growing up though. I love them too .

Do you like peanut butter filled chocolate?
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Oh, yeah.

Is chocolate a major food group?
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One week out of the months it certainly seems that way .

What is your favorite junk food?
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