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New pictures

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Thought it must be about time to share some new pictures of the boys. Hope they come out ok...

Orion our Russian Blue (14 months old)

Draco our Russian Black (6 months old)

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Hubba Hubba! The Boys are stunning and a credit to you and Lee!

I think Tatyana is perving LOL!
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Your boys are beautiful! Orion looks like he is a big boy!
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Wow, so many nice pictures! What hams!

*Russian black?* Never heard of that before.
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Oh wow......Just beautiful! pssssst.....Orion is Whisker's favorite!
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They are gorgeous. Love that first one of Orion, I love when cats sleep like that.
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They are such glorious cats! Soooo beautiful!
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Louise, your cats are stunning!
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What beautful boys! You can just FEEL how soft and thick their fur is from the pictures!
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You have beautiful cats. Thanks for sharing.
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Wow, they have russian blacks?! Never knew that.
He looks quiet a bit like my Tagies
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No wonder they do well in shows - they are stunning!
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Gorgeous cats!
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Louise, they are just gorgeous!! Orion is so LONG, and Draco, well, we already know I'm partial to black kitties anyway. Thanks for sharing with us!
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Awwwww thanks heaps for the lovely comments everyone
Sorry I only just logged back in and saw them all, so it's a little late.
LOL Leslie I can see Tatyana checking them out. They like her pics too...hehe
Orion is certainly quite a big boy. He's been a steady 5 kilos (11 pounds) for a number of months now though, so perhaps he's finished increasing finally!
Russian Blacks are still considered to be a pretty new breed, especially outside of Australia. We have Russian Whites here too.
Yep they are both very long in the body, even Draco at only 6 months. According to the judges that have looked at them that's a Russian trait but I wasn't even aware of that until they mentioned it. Learning all the time here!
Thanks again for the lovely comments. The boys are blushing!!
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