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O.O im waiting for the next update i want to know if she is in labor or not, it is so excited
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Yes it is possible for a non-pregnant cat to develop reddening/a little enlarging of the nipples...they can go through a pseudo (false) pregnancy and have mimic symptoms sometimes.

However judging from the pictures, i would venture to say you do have yourself a pregnant kitty on hand. That being said though- since i haven't examined her personally- i can't be 100%...that's why the vet visit is soo important. You're doing the right thing by taking her in on Monday.

Also-it is not uncommon for a cat to mate several times and have resulting litters from several donors in the same litter. So yes, a newly pregnant kitty can go into heat and mate again (usually around the same time frame- of within the same day or two), so while not unheard of, it is possible. Since she is likely further along though- she is most likely not in heat of any type- she is most likely exhibiting "nesting" symptoms. Sometimes, close to the birth of the kittens..the momma will become clingy (or sometimes standoffish), display their belly, demand attention, purrr loudly, experience reddening of the nipples, discharge/etc....that would be my guess as to what is going on at the moment.

Good luck! Let us know what the vet says on Monday! If you can opt for an ultrasound- that's the way to go- so you know how many little ones to expect!
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I am also thinking that maybe she IS pregnant with two litters. I think Ziggy was. One of the kittens (Diego) was really massive and she had a hard time getting him out.

Prehaps she went into a false labour because there are kitties in there that want to be born NOW, but a real labour will not come on because there are others that are not ready?

This is just a guess but I'm sure it can happen.

If this is the case, then be prepared to help with birth, luckily I didn't need to with Ziggy but I was all ready for it. Diego was the last one. If she has some BIG kittens, then she may hav some trouble birthing them.
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Well, ok...false statement, that. I know I can have her spayed now, kittens or not - and I continue to choose not to. But yeesh - I've had four days (and nights) now of reminders why all other female cats I've had I did get spayed! The good news is, so far I've only lost one pair of drapes. Curtains in all other windows are open, so she can see out. But of course the most handsomest tom EVER must have been outside this OTHER window, cause I can't see out of it - so those curtains are coming down NNNNNOOOOOOWWWW.

Prancing the hind quarters....tail held to the side....oh yeah. Pregnant or not, she's definitely in heat. And I know I haven't mentioned that petting kitty is now a shocking experience - as it's cold and dry outside, kinda dry inside....and she's been rolling all over the carpeting....static shock city here, folks!

The other good news is that other than the usual distress I am associating with the in-heat thing...she still seems to be fine. No signs of advanced labor. I still see an occasional ripple along the back....but not nearly as often as before. As for checking for baby movement, that's impossible at this point. She's so into constant rumbling / chirrupping that she practically vibrates.

Definitely vet tomorrow. I gotta get some answers one way or another about all this - the mystery is killing me!

For those who might come into this late - Pixie was a foundling that hubby brought home a month ago. At that point all we knew was that she had been hanging around an area for about three months, and no one local was claiming her, and the owner of the land didn't want her around due to his dogs. We didn't immediately have her spayed due to the belief that she might all ready be I and the vet decided to hold off on her vaccinations and spaying until we knew for certain. A month later...and I still don't know. But hopefully I'll get some answers tomorrow!
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Man, I CANNOT wait until tommorrow to hear the continuing Pixie saga, babies? No babies? In heat?
Can't wait to read the update tommorrow!
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Hehe, I kinda hope she is pregnant as you seem to want kittens and I think you would do good with them! I love kittens!! Isn't that "in heat" thing weird though, I always wonder when I see a cat in heat what really causes all the fuss! Well Im at the end of my seat anticipating tomarrow, SO DONT HOLD BACK!!!
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If she isn't pregnant and you do want the experience of kittens, you could check with a local rescue group or shelter and foster a pregnant cat.
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Ok, appointment set for 3:30 pm local time - (EST). Hopefully we'll all know something at that time,....and I'll be sure to update as soon as I get back home.

My personal preference? That she is not pregnant. Hubby and I were looking to adopt a kitten (originally) simply because that way there would be (hopefully) less behavioral issues to deal with than if we went to adopt an adult cat. I was also counting on the cuteness factor to help win hubby over, as he was somewhat reluctantly agreeing to getting a pet to begin with.

He's fallen in love with Pixie, tho, so that's not a problem. And yes, anticipating kittens was / is exciting....but given my "druthers" - I'd rather not have to take on the expense of shots and spaying / neutering a whole litter - which is a responsibility I WILL be taking on if she IS pregnant. Not to mention finding suitable homes for the babies when they're ready,...or keeping the ones I can't find good homes for. (Good homes as defined by me,....and I'm picky.)

So...bottom line...if Pixie isn't pregnant, she's getting spayed, ASAP. If she is pregnant....the babies will be born, and will be vaccinated / spayed / neutered / loved & spoiled rotten by me, and remain with me until / unless I find a suitable home for them with someone I know. Which at this point is,....I have a good home for two of them. And what hubby doesn't need to know is....the longer I have them....the harder it will be to let them go.

A few more hours.....surely I'll have some answers one way or the other in just a few more hours.....

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Not sure how many hours behind me you are, but I think that it isn't vet time yet? I would guess maybe 7 hours behind? 3 hours to go then? I will be waiting..... I'm on tender hooks!!!
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she is in the same time zone as me so vet appt in about 1/2 hr. hehee
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The Vet hath proclaimed:
NOT pregnant, false pregnancy, in heat!

Whew and oh my heavens! After 5 weeks of she is / she isn't....going into labor....going into she or isn't she....what is up with this cat??? and all the rest....the vet said no, absolutely no sign of any babies inside. No lumps, no bumps, no movement. Big belly / nipples are due to false pregnancy (& high protein food). Definitely in heat.

Well horsefeathers! I was kinda looking forward to babies....but dreading the thought of the cost of all those vaccinations / "fixings" not to mention trying to find homes. So....I'm a little bit relieved, a little bit sad.

Anyway....the Pixie Witch is at the vet's office tonite, and will be spayed and vaccinated tomorrow, and will be released Wednesday.

The only other thing to note here commented on Pixie's change in attitude since last month's visit. At that point, 1 week after being adopted, she was meek and mild. Given the growling prompted from being poked and prodded this time, as well as the unearthly shriek she emitted at seeing the other cats being held there, vet said she is definitely developing her tortie-attitude.

Gotta remember to thank hubby for bringing all this excitement into my life.

A big hug and thanks to everyone here, for all the encouragement and support. Y'all were such a big help in helping ME maintain my calm during this ... uh .... event. Hopefully our future with the Pixie Witch will be more...normal.
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awww I was hoping to see some babies too. Well at least you have a very loving tortie
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Originally Posted by Crazyforinfo View Post
awww I was hoping to see some babies too. Well at least you have a very loving tortie
Me too! But I can understand your relief. I guess it is good news, surprising but good.
Congratulations mama to a torti. You are now the mama to ONE cat.
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Well, a little disappointed, but it's for the best. We don't need more kittens in the world. And you have a loving tortie..... be honored!!!
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Im a little dissapointed, But I still have my Baby to look at and Stil have CryBaby coming my way! HEHE
Good luck to you and your baby! Sorry bout the false preggers thing though, I had a cat do that once and I was sooo ready for kittens, n then it didn't happen!! Your Tortie has kept everyone on the edge of their seats for quite a while so I look forward to hearing more about her!!
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Originally Posted by sadieandziggy View Post
Well, a little disappointed, but it's for the best. We don't need more kittens in the world. And you have a loving tortie..... be honored!!! feelings exactly. Disappointed....but also relieved that there aren't more unplanned kittens being born. As Abbysmom pointed's not all that difficult to experience kitten-birth / kittens without them having to be my kittens.

However, given Pixie's reactions to any other cats so far (on her two visits to the Vet) - not sure she'd tolerate any other cats being around. She was disdainful but tolerant of my sister-in-law's Maltese pup.....but you shoulda heard her "battle cry" when she saw the other cats at the vet's today! Made me shiver - and very glad that I wasn't the focus of her anger! I think we'll remain a one-cat family for now, and let Pixie reign supreme!

I have to say I'm looking forward to her return & recovery. I was just barely starting to get to know her, when she went into heat and changed again. She had just started to recover from her time as a stray, and was starting to let her personality shine, before her hormones took over. Yup, I think my life is definitely going to be infinitely more interesting with this tortie in it!
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I'm glad to hear she is not pregnant. In the long run it is better for all of you.

Sending many vibes to her for her spay. I bet you can't wait to have her back home so she can settle back in and let her tortitude fully develop.
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Thread Starter update on this strange tale....Pixie made it thru surgery very nicely! I was told she had "lost a bit of her attitude". Bet that is only temporary! She is due to come home tomorrow....if I can get out to get her. Bad snow my job is 10 minutes from home....and it took me an hour, plus two men and a 4 wheel drive truck, to get me and the car home tonite. And the truck was going sideways most of the way.

But the important thing is....I'm home safe....and Pixie is doing well....and will be home soon. Hopefully tomorrow.

Once again, thank you, all....for your support and encouragement during this roller-coaster ride my tortie took me on!
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I'm glad to hear the good news! There are already soooooo many kittens at shelters/rescues/ and in bad situations at the moment, one less litter is a good thing so more can get good homes! I am glad to hear miss pixie is doing well after her spay.

Thankyou for being responsible for this sweet girl and taking her in out of a bad situation! She's lucky to have you
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She is very lucky to have you! You deserve a pat on the back for all the hard work you've done with her!!
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You did such a good job taking care of your baby!! (I was hoping for kittens though..hehe)
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You know what the really funny thing is?? You spent the whole night on the floor that one night for your kitty to not even been pregnant! LOL Sorry that probably isn't really funny, but it is kinda funny!
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