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new thread on Chloe's illness

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Hey guys, started a new thread for a couple reasons. First, because the first one is pretty much dead, and second because I wanted to know if anyone had any insight on what could be wrong with her??

Chloe seemed to have "caught a cold" from her brother awhile back. I took her to the vet and they gave her fluids and told me to give her the same antibiotics that her brother was getting. She had a fever (105), but the vet thought she would be fine.
2 days later she was still quite sick, she was lying around a lot, not really eating and quite warm to the touch. So I took her back in the morning, this time her fever was 106 and she had lost some weight over the week from not eating well. (she was only 4 lbs. to start with) They thought it would be a good idea to keep her overnight to administer i.v. antibiotics and fluids to "give her a boost". I agreed to leave her, thinking she would be fine the next day and be able to come home. I visited her that night before going home and she seemed happy and perky and was eating quite well, her fever had gone down to 104. I went to visit her the next morning, the vet said that she had gotten a clot in her catheter overnight and she didn't get her fluids so her fever had spiked back up to 106.

her i.v rate is very low, 7.5 as opposed to a normal 20 because she is so small... so they said to be patient and to leave her another night.

I went to visit her this afternoon, she's so happy to see me and perky and active and eating but her fever is still high!!!
They can't get her fever down. It keeps bouncing between 104 and 106 and the best they can figure is that she has a respiratory infection. They think because she caught it while she was recovering from her spay and because she's so small she's just having a hard time bouncing back.
but really, they don't know. they've tested for everything except herpes and FIP. (testing for FIP tonight, should know by tomorrow), she has all her shots and they say that "clinically" she looks good.
In the meantime I miss my kitty! and Berach misses his sister too you can just tell... she's not any closer to coming home and it's been days. It was $350 for the 1st night and an xtra $125 for every night she has to stay, not that it matters but it doesn't help...

she wants to come home... she cries when I have to leave her and I miss her and don't know how to help her get better...

any ideas? anyone?
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i cant tell you whats wrong but i can say i know how you feel. My little friend is at the hospital now too.
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o ...

what's wrong with your little kitty?

do they know?
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oh geez... the wait is killing me, I just read up on FIP and now I'm freaking out.

lots of vibes please for baby Chloe
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do you know what choe's white blood cell count is?

She has a really high fever for a kitty. Did she have all her vaccinations prior to getting sick?

I think FIP is a long shot in this case ( thankfully that is the dreaded F word!). However such a high fever for whatever reason is never a good thing.

Sending lots of Vibes that another night of fluids and IV antibiotics gets Chloe on the mend.
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thanks... no don't know what her white blood cell count is, maybe they'll know when I go in there today? getting ready to do that right now.

yea, she has all her vaccinations. they've also tested for just about everything so far and she's come back negative on them all. Even the vet seems to think that FIP is a long shot, she said they're just doing the test to be thorough...
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I'm giving you really big vibes to be NOT FIP. I lost my first Smudge to it.
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Just talked with the vet.

Chloe has developed liquid in her belly, amber honey colored.
white blood cell count is ok.
secreting bellaruva (sp?) from her liver
albumin low
slightly anemic
as far as her autoimmune is concerned the vets say she has a low indication of FIP but ...

the picture is grim.

Throughout all of this Chloe remains an adorable affecionate baby kitty to myself as well as all the vet techs. she's eating well, shes active.


Her fever came down to almost normal yesterday and then shot back up. They can't get it to comedown and stay down.
They gave her a sonogram this morning and also are sending off a bit of the liquid they found in her belly to the lab. we'll know by tomorrow.

The only other thing they think it could be would be some kind of an infection or something from her spay. When her sutures were taken out she did have a little bit of a reaction, a tiny bump where the sutures hadn't yet been absorbed by the body. They think that maybe bacteria could've gotten inside during the procedure. (I didn't take her to the same clinic for her spay, I had reservations about it too... I should've listened to myself)

I'm at a loss... her lab results say no FIP so far... but her symptoms point to viral.

I'm gonna go get a coffee and go sit with her for awhile...
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Oh I'm so sorry. Lets hope they find out what the fluid is......

I hope she gets better soon.
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sending your way I hope she starts getting better and that they find out what is wrong.
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I'm so sorry. The fluid is not a good sign...however, if the vet can get her on interferon, that might help a little. Hugs to sweet Chloe...
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Get well for sweet Chloe!!

I second the notion of trying to get interferon if they suspect viral. That's what eventually helped Stan get better when he had the neverending URI...
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All I can do is say a prayer for Chloe and you and your family (including little Berach). I hope you get good news soon.
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just got back from the vet.

She seemed a little tired but was still looking well. Her coat is shinier today and her eyes are brighter. The vet rechecked her blood for white blood cell count and said there was a slight elevation, indicating some kind of inflammation.
She's very hoarse still, only about half of her meows come out.

I had a long talk with her about how much we all miss her and that she needs to hurry up and get better so she can come home. She heard me and purred.
Little sweetie, she's really trying hard...

thanks for bringing up the interferon... I'll ask the doc about it tomorrow when I go in. They're being pretty thorough though so I'm sure that's already in the works...
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This is a long shot, but do you live in an area that has ticks? Ehrlechia, can cause symptoms similar to what is going on with Chloe. High relapsing fever, anemia, elevated biliruben ( from the liver) It might be worth asking the vet about.

Still sending lots of vibes for your girl.
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thank you.

yea, ticks are around here but only in the wooded areas, I've never heard of them in our suburbs. Also she's indoor mostly (she only goes out either on a harness and lead or supervised in the backyard), and has been treated for fleas... I'm not sure about ticks though... hm, does advantage cover against ticks too? or just frontline?
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I hope your baby gets better soon, if it is FIP the sooner you catch it the more they might be able to do. My cat got fluid in his belly and high fevers, he had the wet form of FIP. (he didn't make it) Im sending good and praying too!
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I'm so sorry about your poor Chloe!

I'm sending my prayers and well wishes to both of you. get well soon Chloe!!
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Awwww, poor little Chloe I am sending prayers and vibes that she gets better soon I hate it when kitties are sick because they can't tell us whats wrong
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
I'm so sorry. The fluid is not a good sign...however, if the vet can get her on interferon, that might help a little. Hugs to sweet Chloe...
I hate to say the "F" word too, but the fluid in her tummy isn't a good sign. But mentioning the Interferon treatment is a good suggestion. I have 2 FIP kitties who are on it right now (they have the dry form of FIP) and they are in remission and doing well on it. It sure couldn't hurt to discuss this w/ your vet.

I sure hope it isn't FIP. I will be sending plenty of get well vibes to your precious furbaby.

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it's FIP. they're as sure as they can be w/o the biopsy.
I've been crying all day. But I've also been doing a lot of research and I'm not giving up on her yet. I've called the local homeopathic pet hospital and we're gonna keep trying.

she comes home tonight.

please, keep praying...
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Oh Saya, I am so, so sorry. But please don't give up hope just yet. Please, ask your vet about the Interferon: there's no guarantee that it will work, especially if it's the wet form of FIP, but it can't hurt to try it. As I've mentioned, it has done wonders for Geronimo & Winchester: maybe it'll help your furbaby too..

& more

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Prayers for you and Chloe.
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Saya, my heart is breaking for you. This is the news I too was dreading. Please take Kittkatt's words to heart. We all know FIP usually means the worst, but not always.

Sending lots of comfort and healing your and Chloe's way!
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Im so sorry about your diagnoses. Have they drained the fluid yet? They can test the fluid if they have to do that. My kitty Glitch had 18oz of fluid taken off of his belly that they then decided to study because they had never gotten that much fluid out of a living FIP kitty. You caught it early and there is chance of remission so dont give up yet! Try the interferon, I have heard miracles about it! They can also give a steroid and do a couple other things! I just went through this with my kitty, if you need to talk at all, PM me. I did alot of reserch on this terrible disease and have a lot of info, but hissy is the best for info on it! Do you have any other kitties in the house? FIP isn't contagious but the disease that causes it is. The corona virus affects 90 % of all cats in their lifetimes. The sad fact of the matter is that the corona virus that doesn't normally have any symptoms is the one that mutates and causes FIP. Im Praying for you and your baby, also sending good
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thanks everyone... great advice.

I called my vet today and gave her an update and also brought up the Interferon. She thought it was a great idea and she also has one other med in mind that's supposed to be good for inflammation.

Chloe is on the prednisone (sp?) now. we stopped giving her the clavamox cuz the vet thought it was upsetting her tummy. She's doing well and ate extremely well this morning. We also started adding a tiny bit of pumpkin to her food and that's helped with the runny stools, thank god. Overall she seems to be doing better.

Vet said the interferon is very expensive so she's gonna look around for me and see if she can get it for a reasonable price. Also she'll have to order it and it will take a day or two to receive. She's confident that we have time since Chloe seems to be doing well so she said she'd get back to me in a couple days.

I really think she is just such a good vet... she's really really young, doesn't look to be much older than I (I'm only 30) but she's very knowledgeable and sweet and so caring, just a very gentle lady. Very lucky to have her on my side.

I've been baking cookies for her for two days now , she's gonna have her hands full when I get done today
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Originally Posted by saya View Post

Vet said the interferon is very expensive so she's gonna look around for me and see if she can get it for a reasonable price. Also she'll have to order it and it will take a day or two to receive.
The Interferon does have to be specially ordered: I have to let my vet know about a week ahead of time when I need to get more.

It costs me $85.00 for 100 ccs, which lasts about 2 months: but I have 2 cats on it now, so it gets used up quicker. When I first started my FIP kitties on it, they had to take 1 cc once a day, for 3 weeks, till they went into remission. After that, it was 1 cc a day for a week, every other week. I don't know what your vet will prescribe for your furbaby, but I'm presuming it will be the same...

I sure hope the stuff works for your baby! Keep us updated!

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Saya, this is Geronimo & Winchester - my 2 FIP kitties:

This pic was taken after they started the Interferon treatment. Looking at them, you would never guess that anything's wrong w/ them.

I certainly don't want to give you any false hope, but it is possible to have an FIP kitty go into remission and be fairly healthy. I sure hope that your furbaby will be as lucky as mine are..

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Saya, I made a mistake when I posted the previous pic of Geronimo & Winchester. That was actually a pic of them before the Interferon treatment started...

THIS is actually them, after the treatments were started:

Another thing I meant to point out but forgot: keep in mind that the Interferon is NOT a cure - there is no cure for FIP. It's meant to help your furbaby go into remission, and hopefully stay in remission for as long as possible. There's no guarantee as to how long it'll be effective: it could be weeks, months, or possibly even years. I've read others' stories where their FIP kitties lived for a long time - and also others where they didn't. I think Tarasgirl had an FIP kitty that lived to be 17.

I'm sure your vet has already discussed this w/ you, but just in case she hasn't..

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Wow, KittKatt I'm really glad you're sharing your experience. It is such a great hope that we can keep them healthy for a while, at least.
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