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Snowstorm pictures!

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We're having a snowstorm here in Chicago! I took these pictures at about's not supposed to stop snowing until tomorrow. I can only imagine how much snow we're going to have by morning!

my sad echinacea

This tree looked so beautiful. It's a bit blurry, not to mention dark out, but you get the idea!

Street shots:

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That's going to be quite the mess in the morning!! Stay warm & safe
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Ick! It is pretty, but still icky too! Stay inside all you can!
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That is a reminder why I'm not going to drive in to Chicago when I'm near there! Too crowded.

Yet, the snow makes it all look gorgoeus, a new thing.
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I hate cold but these pictures a lovely. It looks so cold!
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I don't envy you one iota, Kelly. We had (for us) a dump on the weekend, but thankfully it turned to rain overnight Sunday and warmed up, so by Monday morning, it was a canoe I needed to cross the back yard, rather than snowshoes. I hope it's not too much of a mess in the morning.
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oh how pretty!!! i love the picture of the tree!! stay warm!!!
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I know my cousins and my aunt & uncle, who were just here in Texas for Thanksgiving, are wishing they were back here now!!! So pretty, but I don't
know how I could handle that? Life goes on as usual though, but here where I am, we have freezing temps, then it will rain,which then turns to ice, it looks like snow but it's not! Total craziness happens, like the end of time!
The stores are over crowded, people are freaking out buying all the food!
It's bad, no one knows how to drive on it!!! Schools close!

Be safe Kelly!!!
Make a snowman for me!!!
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Oh crikey Kelly! I hate snow
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Beautiful, but I wouldn't want to drive in it!
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We have your snow this morning, we've only got about an inch and a half so far though. It started snowing at around 1 AM but didn't start getting heavy until now. It's beautiful but I'm ready for it to stop already!
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Its so pretty!
We got another 8" last night, so including the stuff we got last weekend, we have about 20". I'll have to take pics tonight too!
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Wow! How pretty!! I wish I was in Chicago!
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Looks like you have lots of snow like we do! Love those photos you took
We haven't had a break from the snow yet - its been snowing for a week straight!
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Reminds me of my first winter in Germany. I hated it. Me and snow are not good friends...


It looks pretty in pictures! I can admire it from afar...very, very, far!
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Beautiful pics Kelly, it's always so pretty when it first falls...Be safe
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Beautiful photos! I love that fresh snow, when it perches so delicately on the branches.
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Those pics are beautiful..... I love that tree pic. Stay safe and warm.
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It's so pretty when you don't have to drive in it
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