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Mollys Second Anniversary

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Molly has been here 2 years today, I am so pleased, it is an extra special day, but also bittersweet. It was always going to be a bittersweet day, even without last week, as she is the only cat left from teh ones I had when she came to live here, and she is only the second cat out of the 8 I have owned to have made their second anniversary, so it makes me think of some of the others, especially PEbbles. For those of you who dont know Mollys story, she was a cat at the rescue I foster for who I had wanted since I started, but she was temperamental (to the point of aggression), and they didn't think it was fair on her to move her, then i was tied up with other fosters. 8 months later, when I was making arrangements to do a fundraiser, she said that she thought Molly didn't have long left, as she was barely eating, and just doing nothing other than sleeping. I offered to take her on, so she could have a home life, but the rescue again didn't think it was fair to move her. I went to take pics for the rehomign page after the fundraiser, and met her for the first time - she was a grumpy cat, who ended up sitting on my knee and sleeping, the rescue lady made a comment that it was all she wanted, so I said I Would take her, and she changed her mind, so Molly came to live with me. Within 2 weeks, she was a different cat, she was eating me out of house and home (And I dont think that has ever stopped!!), and the weakness she had in her back legs had gone, and she seemed to be enjoying life again. I had her organs checked in the Jan, and she was a perfectly healthy cat. She does require a lot of patience though, as she is a very odd cat - she loves attention, yet you have to let her come to you, even if she is miaowing at you on the bed, it doesn't always mean she will allow you to touch her!! And you also have to ignore the growling and spitting - she makes herself sound like a nasty cat, but she has never been aggressive in the 2 years I have had her, not that people believe me with the noises she makes!! She loves to play now, although is even fussy with that, there are only
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Happy Anniversary Molly!

Even if it is bittersweet, it is an anniversary you will treasure.
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Thanks, I certainly will treasure it, as I know what would have happened to her otherwise, and she is a wonderful cat to have around. Looks like she wants to take over Gingers role of the healthy oldie who sees lots come and go.
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Awwww Molly, Happy 2nd anniversary sweetheart!
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Thanks - she had some Scheizer for her tea, and didn't like it, I had to swap it for Zi's natures menu!!
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Happpppy 2 Biiiiiirthday Molly!!!!

Many Happy Returns!!!
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Some pics!! The first two are when she first came (the second is one of my fav pics of her), the last two were taken in the past week.

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She's a real beauty. It's belated, but "Happy Gotcha Day!", Molly.
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Aww, what a sweetheart! Happy Anniversary Molly!!
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Aww, thanks everyone, I think she is very special and very gorgeous. She is currently winging at me (she loves to talk) cos I stopped playing!!
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