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Please Help Me Survive!

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My name is Sally and my family moved out of their apartment and left me behind. I am about a year old, pregnant, and FIV+. My condition could be passed on to other cats, but is harmless to humans and other types of pets. Therefore, I need a special home (alone or with other FIV+ cats).

I love people and am VERY affectionate. I am currently healthy and have hopes for a long life. However, my life and my babies depend on finding a home ASAP.

I am currently in foster care with the non-profit, all volunteer PAWS organization (Protection of Animals in Wakefield Society). Please help me by replying by email if you know of any foster homes or no-kill shelters that would be willing to provide a home for me.
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poor, poor kitty. I wish I could help but I have 2 cats & I don't have room for another. I will be praying that Sally finds a good home.
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Poor little Sally... Which state is she in? I don't know where Wakefield is...
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We are located in Massachusetts. Sally is currently doing fine. We are still hopeful that someone out there can help us find a home for her and her babies. However, it looks like we will need to make a decision on the babies very shortly. Any tips on no-kill shelters, rescue leagues, individuals, etc. who could help us find a home would be greatly appreciated.
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Here's a useful link:

Go to the site and enter your zip code. It will give you a list of all shelters in your area and also let you post about Sally.
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Poor Sally I sure she will find a loving person to take her into their family. Good Luck
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