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I agree, Clay did fabulous tonight! I'm still unsure who I want to win...I like them both equally!

So, are they going to announce the winner tomorrow night? I thought I read somewhere that they were going to wait 3 days or something?
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I thought Ruben did an excellant job... especially on the last song of the night which happened to be a gospel one. I thought Clay did good too. Simon was rude to Clay which really made me mad
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No, Shell, it's tomorrow. It will FEEL like 3 days, though. It's a 2 hour show!
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Why on earth is it going to be a 2 hour show? They just have to announce who won for goodness sake!!!

I didn't get to see much of the show yet... I taped it, but haven't watched it yet. I did see a teeny tiny bit during the commercials of Buffy. Regardless, I voted for Clay. Only once, but not for lack of trying to get through. Ruben is a good singer, but honestly, I don't know if it's the song selection or what, but he bores me to death. Not that I'm only picking Clay by default... I think he has a terrific and powerful voice. I really hope he wins... I really don't want to hear Ruben on the radio.
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It's ratings month and people are watching so they made the last show 2 hours to boost FOX's over all ratings. Sigh Anyway, I vote for Clay. However, the AOL poll has Ruben ahead. I think it's going to be close!
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Originally posted by jgaruba
............ I really don't want to hear Ruben on the radio. [/font] [/b]
ROTFL! When I saw this, Jenn, and it made me laugh. I agree though. Although I love Ruben's voice, I think Clay is better. I don't want to hear Ruben over and over on the radio either - he's too much like Luther Vandross where Clay is unique!!

Quoting Randy Jackson, "Clay sang his face off" last night -- he's got my vote.

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Does anyone think they would let it be a tie?

No matter what happens the voting HAD to be really close I think. Two hours is going to seem like forever, but they know everyone will watch just to see the end.
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I agree that of the two Clay is the better singer. He has made the most changes in not only his voice, but his appearance. The clips of him in the auditions were amazing- it is like he has matured right before our very eyes. He has the versitility that an American Idol needs and Reuben just always sounds the same. Clay got the vote at this house last night.
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I have been pulling for Ruben, but I think Clay would make the best American Idol, He has really transformed himself and he has such a great voice. I tried to vote last night for Clay, but every time I dialed it was busy. Wish there could be a tie though, they are both great! Im sure who ever gets second wont be forgotten anyway!
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Clay should be the American Idol. He is the better singer, and has done the most to improve himself. I like Ruben, but he is always the same. I would buy a Clay CD, but not a Ruben CD. I am going to be out tonight, so I have to tape the show! Urgh!
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I want Clay to win as well!!!
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He is already a winner, in my eyes.

i started voting after the show ended (about 9pm) and the ratio of success was this-

:flash: 80 attempts: zero success :flash:

Between 9.25pm to 10.30pm, i managed to vote for him ELEVEN times. (i voted for Kelly Clark 7 times last year.) Thank God for the redial button!

Clay, i really hope you win! His song "Bridge over Troubled Water" gave me goose bumps, and i almost cried! In my eyes, he is already a winner.

i like Ruben as well. Yes, i will get CD albums from both Ruben and Clay the moment they are released.

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What did everyone think of the original song that Clay did? I liked it!
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I thought Reuben did well. I didn't really like his first song, and I thought his redition of Imgine kinda sucked. I didn't like it at all. I am assuming the last song was the original one, and for the most part I liked the concept, but he didn't blow me away. And the thing is I fully expected him to blow me away. I think that the judges were too nice to Reuben. I thought he was kinda off, but they didn't say anything to him. Maybe it was too loud in the theater to hear him well. I don't know, I was just surprised by their total lack of constructive critism.

Now Clay. I liked the frist song, the original. I liked it a lot. I thought it fit him and he did an excellant job. I was surprised by the harsh reaction of Randy saying he hated the song, and then Paula of all people agreed with him! At least they thought he sounded good. But Simon had me royally ticked. American Idol the Musical? Guess what Simon baby, friggen American idol is a musical. HOw would he have him sing it?? Sheesh. I wasn't as impressed with his second song. I think the boys should have steered clear of former Beatles songs. His last song however, was fantastic, but the best part? The last note of the song. I think if he wins that will be the note that gets him the title. It was amazing.

So, I voted for Clay. I managed to get through a total of 10 times. I think it will be close, but based on all the polls it looks like Reuben will win. And I can't tell you how depressing that is .

I am going to keep my fingers crossed.

Clay all the way!!!
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I don't think that Ruben did an original did he? You can tell that the judges are really pulling for Ruben - they already treat him like he is the American Idol.

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I have always liked Clay over Reuben. When I was listening to them last night, I felt like they were 40 years old! Couldn't they have chosen some upbeat modern songs? I felt like I was trapped in a shopping mall listening to canned music.

When it comes to Reuben, he sounds exactly the same no matter how many times he sings. In my mind, there has been no growth, no 'unique' identity. Plus, he doesn't seem to use the stage at all. He stands in one stop, and raises his arm half way up towards the audience (he does this within 15 seconds of every song he sings!).

Rob (my S/O) was laughing at me last night because I was counting down to The Reuben Arm Salute!

If I could vote, I would vote for Clay!

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I LOVEEEEEEE clay!!!!!! I think he did an amazing job!! I tried so hard to vote and didn't get through once! I'm going to be very disappointed if he doesn't win. Ithought the song he did was great!
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I think Ruben wins But I really want Clay too, He has the voice, Yes he does stuff up every now and then BUT he's improved alot since Day.1 and Ruben hasn't changed GOOOOOO Clay you can do it !!!!!!!!!
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Boy, was that close or what? I'm happy either way. Way to go Reuben!
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I'm just hoping my reaction time in turning the radio channel in the car is fast enough... wouldn't want to fall asleep at the wheel listening to Ruben. I had a feeling he was going to win. Fortunately, Clay will also get some sort of deal out of it, and the exposure was good as well.
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Well, they had to crown a winner no matter how close it was. Thing is, though, they really did declare it a tie. They both get record deals and Simon said their records will come out on the same day. I know that part of the deal last year was that none of the other contestants could release anything before Kelly Clarkson did.

They are definitely both winners in my book!
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Well I will buy Clay's CD but pass on Reuben's. Clay singing Bridge Over Troubled Water really moved my heart. He was a great sport about it though. I really thought Reuben was going to stroke out there for a minute, he was sweating the worst I have ever seen him.
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hissy, I feel the same way you do!

I wanted Clay to win, and will pass on a Rueben cd, and said to my hubby while watching, that Ruben looks like he is gonna pass out or have a heart attack...
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i will be buying clays cd!! I love him and think he should have won! the reason it was soooooo close is because they didn't have enough phone lines open!! I tried to vote so many times and didnt get through once Ruban is okay but he just boars me!
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I just heard on a talk show on tv, Simon said that Clay saw the card that Ryan had with the results on it about 5 minutes before they went out on stage and knew that Ruben was gonna win before the winner was announced, and if you go back and look at the announcement, Clay was staring at Ruben like he knew he was going to win. Last night I thought Clay looked kind of like he knew what was about to happen.
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Does Clay seem "feminine" to anyone else?!
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I just love clay. He does seem alittle girly but alot of guys do. I think he is really sweet and cute. I hope that he does even better the ruban out in the music world! This is only the start for the two of them. I'm happy that clay's cd is going to be released the same time rubans is. Did the do that last season with the number two person?

I also hope that kim locke gets to do something with her talent!
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Ya know, the whole time I wanted Clay to win, the entire time. After the final two show I thought Clay made his case and it was going to be very close. All the polls had Reuben leading, then I watched the E! pre-show and everyone was saying Clay, so I got really hopeful.

I really wanted Clay to win. I know that he gets the record deal and whatnot, so that is certainly soothing, but I still wanted him to have the title. I am of course being silly.

All in all it was a great competition. I think many of the finalists will go one to have great careers and I can't wait to see what the future holds for Clay. He is still my favorite .
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I just never cared for Clay even though he is very talented - something about him can't quite put my finger on it. Anyway I am so glad that Reuben the underdog won!!!

Kudos to Reuben.
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Some thoughts now that I've had some time to think about it.....

The finale was pretty anticlimactic for me. We knew about 3 weeks into it that these two would be the finalists. I was pretty sure Ruben would win at about the same time.

I think the difference was that Ruben was consistently good throughout the competition, whereas Clay had his up and down weeks. Clay finished stronger than Ruben, but Ruben already had a very loyal following.

Did anyone else notice that Josh wasn't there? Hubby heard that he was shipped off to Iraq, and perhaps the military told the show that they didn't want them to announce it. Still, I thought it was a glaring omission that he wasn't even mentioned. He did make it to the final 4! If nothing else, they could have just said that Josh is a Marine, and his military duties prevent him from being here tonight....

Anyone notice that Kelly ditched the dancers this time? That was SO not her!

I'm really curious what kind of songs and image they get for both Clay and Ruben. They transformed Kelly into this sex-pot diva, total POP queen. I never saw her like that on the show.
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