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I'm not sure about these theme shows. Of course, it keeps the music relatively on the same page, but it also limits the performers. Obviously, Josh would most likely pick country or country-sounding songs if he had the choice. It's not like a recording artist would sing such a wide range, they'd stick close to what they are comfortable with.

I don't think Kelly would win this year. She probably would have made it pretty far, and maybe into the final 12. But win? Nah. The guys are so much better.
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Ya i agree, Kelly is good but not as good as some this year.

As far as the themes go, I am not sure about them either. It is hard to keep switching around when they have their own unique sound.
It's like telling Madonna she has to sing country or Metallica to sing R & B.

They should have a Rap themed night, could you see them all trying to rap-LOL!

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Well, I thought tonight was rather boring.

The theme was switched from disco to country/rock, because they got Olivia Newton John (Sandy!) to be the star judge.

The acknowledgement of the war at the beginning of the show was perfect, I thought. They recognized the war, named the soldiers America's true Idols (I agree) and said that the show was to entertain. Any more would have been too patronizing, and anything less would have been insulting.

The only person who stood out (for me) was Josh. He was obviously loving the country theme, and took it all the way. If he doesn't get a pop contract, he definately deserves a country one. And Ruben-I never thought I'd hear a gospel/soul rendition of "Sweet Home Alabama" Julia still seems scared and overwhelmed. It's hard to say who will be voted off, since no one (except Josh) did a wonderful job.
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I liked Corey tonight, I actually voted for him
Simon was right about Clay...it did sound just like last week, too bad, he needs to switch it up a little.
Reuben was amazing as usual. I thought Kimberly L. was good tonight but she just doesn't shine like a superstar.

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Sorry everyone, the country rock thing through me for a loop when I was expecting Disco, but as Christy said, they got a good star and switched to country.

I think my biggest problem was that many of the people didn't actually sing a country rock song, most of them were just slow, swaying to the music kind of songs. I was really amused by Simon's reaction to country.

Ok, the people who stood out for me were Josh, who did an awesome job of singing and entertaining. I thought he was marvelous. And I really enjoyed Rueben's performance. I know it had a bit of gospel edge, but I liked it alot. He has a great voice.

Now, Clay. I love him, I really do, and I thought he sang wonderfully last night, but I didn't like the song selection. It was boring, and much like Simon, I think it was kind of cookie cutter for him. He needs to mix it up, pick something different. I think he has the talent, he just needs to break that song mold he has shoved himself into. I still voted for him, cause hey, like I said, I love him, but I got through really easily, which kind of scared me, so I hope he is ok tonight.

My bottom three picks:
Corey - he'll be on my list until he is gone. Good upper register? Ugh.
Julia - better last night, but compared to everyone else, she shouldn't be there.
Trenyce - I know this is a long shot, but I don't think she was in her element and it showed during her performace.

Ok, thats it for me .
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I thought that Kimberley Locke did an amazing job and I loved Rueben. Clay was beautiful as always, but Simon was right that it was similar to last week. I really don't like Corey and Carem, but I still think Julia is gone this week - it has to be really rough to go after Rueben. Any idea if next week is disco?

Who do you think the final 2 are going to be? I think it will be Rueben and Clay.
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Well, I'm not surprised who got voted off. I'm just surprised who else was in the bottom 3.

It seemed like a number of the Idols had their worst performance this week, and they knew it. Was it because of the theme, or because they may have been surprised with the new theme?

I'm looking forward to hearing the charity single they recorded (for the Red Cross). I'm even thinking of buying it.

Any other thoughts?
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I agree, I thought the bottom three was a shock. I didn't expect Kim C. up there. And although I am not particularly fond of Ricky, I think he did a good job. I think it has a lot to do with song selection, and the recognition factor.

I think Julia leaving was the best choice. She wasn't confident enough to make it much farther. I have no doubt though that she will be sign for something in the future.

I wonder if the theme will be disco next week.
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Why is it that each week Kimberly Caldwell balls her eyes out when someone is leaving. She is getting worse each week. She should be thrilled that she is staying!

I wasn't suprised about Julia going, but I really didn't think that the other 2 would be in the bottom 3 - I thought that Carmen and Corey would be.

Their charity single sounded great and I loved their version of God Bless the USA. They all looked very moved by it. That is such a beautiful song.
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Yeah...Julia being voted off was not a surprize....But Kimberly Caldwells impression of Tammy Faye...Now that was believable! Tossed me back in time, LOL!

Poor Julia...she lost her confidence somewhere along the way. I remember when she was perkier...She'll make it big somewhere...Heck They ALL will....

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I think that Kimberly was crying for Julia AND herself last night. Being in the bottom two probably gave her a wake-up call.
I like Ricky alot and wish he would have picked a better song. I still don't think he should have been in the bottom three though.
Now that Julia is gone, who do ya'll think should go next??? I think Carmen will be next to go. She is out of her league.

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For all of the Clay fans...

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awwww I love clay!!

i hope corey gets the boot next!
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Thanks Coco Maui!
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Thanks Ginger! That was a nice way to start the day!
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Check out this story on Cory and his mug shot.....

Tonight is going to be a weird show if he's missing - how will they explain??...hmmmm

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You know, I wanted him off the show but not that way. They really picked some winners this year. First they boot Frenchie Davis for putting herself through school (maybe not in the most reputable way, but at least she WENT to school!), now they've got Corey beating up his own little sister. Oh, and Trenyce has a felony theft conviction too (in case you haven't seen: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/trenyce1.html ) How long before she gets the boot too? They are going to have to come up with something because they aren't going to have enough episodes!
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Well, they did address the Corey issue tonight (but I don't remember them saying he was charged with domestic assault against his sister and resisting arrest). Corey also was shown discussing the charges, saying he didn't tell the producers about them, and that he was sorry he might have taken the place of someone else who deserved to be on the show.

Just a side thought-what is it about Fox reality shows that there is always a scandal? The couple on the first Temptation Island who had a child, the Married by America single who was still married, Frenchie Davis, Trenyce, Corey Clark? I personally think that the producers KNOW about these scandals, but keep them in reserve to bring out if the show's ratings are falling. I've come to expect at least one scandal on any Fox reality show, and I'm getting a little tired of it.

Now, onto American Idol...I thought it was boring, again. Disco was a fad, with many one-hit wonders who made it big and then faded away. I don't think the contestants had many good songs to choose from. Don't get me wrong, I like disco. However, I would not put many (if any) disco songs in my top 20 hits. I'm hoping that the contestants will soon have the chance to choose their own songs, to showcase their individual talents.

And Clay still rules!
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Ok, I enjoyed Clay this week! I thought he mixed it up a bot, from the outfit to the song. That's my boy!

I keep trying to like Kim C. but this week I just couldn't, I didn't think she sounded good at all, but you can't deny she is a performer. Also, Josh wasn't on tonight either.

I agree Diso is a hard category, I mean, with the exception of that new Justin Timberlake song, who sings disco anymore?? It is dead, and hopefully will stay that way. Ugh. And I don't think I get the point of having the themes. I mean would Celine DIon sound good singing a disco song??? Probably not.

Rueben did well, and I agree if Clay can't win, I think Reuben should win, he just does a great job every week. Anyone know the deal behind the 205?

My guess for leaving will be....Kim C.
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Anyone know the deal behind the 205?
That is the area code in the town he lives in. He's "representing" !!

Treneyce-sp? did great this week, she always does but noone seems to notice her as much as the guys.
I think either Carmen or Kim C. will go this week.

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My gut feeling is that either Clay or Rueben will end up winning....

Trenyce has a powerful voice but I can't imagine her winning. Really Kimberly C sounds weak when I compare her to Trenyce. Kimberly L and Trenyce could probably sing a Diva Duet and make Aretha Franklin proud!

As for Ricky and Joshua...they did not do well last night IMO. I bet one of them will get then boot tonight ..... LOL...then again, I agree with Ginger it might be Carmen or Kim C..Who the heck knows?


My Rambling 2¢

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I just couldn't make it through the whole show. I can't stand Disco, and I just couldn't do it! I saw about half the show. I can't really comment on how everyone sounded because I thought they all sounded horrible, but that was just the music not them. We did see Clay perform, and even hubby who doesn't have any interest in him said that he will probably win.

I'm glad they at least said something about Corey leaving. It would have been even more awkward if they hadn't said anything. Doesn't this mess up the amount of episodes they are doing though?

I think the Disco theme was just dumb. Jamie's right, no one sings disco, thank goodness. Madonna tried to pull it off a few years ago and even she couldn't do it (Bedtime Stories). I understand stretching their range and seeing what they can do, but if they are going to do Disco, they may as well do Broadway. Same difference - they won't be singing it again in their careers!
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I really think that Ruben and Clay will be the final 2 - they are consistantly fantastic! Kimberly Locke did well last noght as well. I think Joshua will be the one to go this week. Have any of you found that Treynce always sounds the same - she has a Whitney Houston vibe going - only prob is I can only take so much of Whitney!
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I just watched the show and all I have to say is - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAck! My brain was not ready for that decision—I guess it made sense since Cory screwed things up. I really thought it would be Ricky or Joshua getting the boot! Not even close....Now I am going to go EAT MY HAT! LOL!

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I really thought it was going to be Josh. They were so mean to hold the suspense like that. Poor Treynce and Carmen.
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American Idol night again.

I am still trying not to be annoyed with them from their goofiness from last week. Wonder what the theme is tonight. Hopefully something better than disco. Happy watching!
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They didn't mention a theme did they. That must mean at show time last week they were still looking for a guest judge!
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Before the finals (ie before a live audience) started, they announced that Billy Joel would be the first guest judge (I guess he and his daughter are big fans). Then, it was "He'll be a judge in April". I wonder if they are having trouble getting him on?
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I think April is another "sweeps" period and they want the audience then. I know that Matthew Perry is questing on 2 episodes of The West Wing in April.
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Typically sweeps are in February and May. That is usually when you see the most exciting stuff on your TV shows. But since AI isn't a regular show, meaning it doesn't have repeats, or weeks off, who knows how they judge sweeps.

I just hope that the theme is better. Better yet, ditch the theme and let them sing!!
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