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My cats will eat pretty much anything but beef jerky and french fries are definitely the favorites in my house. Also, Capn' Crunch cereal (it's the only one they really eat instead of just lapping up the milk) and the Hot 'n' Spicy Cheez Its, not the regular kind or any other flavor, the Hot 'n' Spicy ones. I don't know why but they go nuts for 'em.
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Canned refried beans
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Due to possible health concerns, we don't give our friends access to any "weird" foods. Many foods that humans enjoy can be harmful or even fatal to cats! Better to be safe than sorry.
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spinach [penny]

houseplants [daisy] [sometimes penny]
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Moose likes sauerkraut and Lucy would eat nothing but human food if I let her!
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I think I've mentioned it before, Angus will eat almost any human food he can get his mouth near. He was found with my husband's breakfast once bright red strawberry sludge all over his mouth and front paws and lapping up his coffee (it had ream so at least that made sense). He enjoyed several bites of leftovers from Mimi's cafe; orange buttermilk muffin & thai chicken wrap (really liked the peanut sauce). He had tiny bits of a complete thanksgiving dinner, a bite of turkey, a nibble of cornbread dressing and a few licks of pumpkin pie.
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My cats have a weird "nibbles sense" when it comes to Jerky. It doesn't matter what brand or flavor, or how well I hide it. They KNOW when It's in the house, and Prissy especially will jump up on the counter and paw at the cabinet door, crying until I give her a piece. Rotten animals.
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I found out tonight that some of mine LOVE plain l-lysine tablets and salmon or taurine capsules. They think its the best thing in the world.
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you name it, if it is food, she will eat it. Salad items, avocados, breads, popcorn, fruits, basically anything she can get into
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my cat snickers is a big fruit fan. He loves peaches, strawberries, pineapple, and manderine oranges. he also loves yogurt. my other two are picky and wont eat any people food
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Originally Posted by visualkai View Post
My one 21 year old cat (he had to get put down this year), would eat anything. He would cry and meow until you gave him your food. He ate anything from sour-cream to Chinese food!
Both my cats are like that they love chinese mind haha

Flash's biggest love is cheese though
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Originally Posted by KittKatt View Post
(he's the one who always takes the food out of the bowl, and eats it off the floor! )
Squee does that too! She will eat almost any people food. Scratch only likes olive juice.
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Jake is obsessed with bananas. As soon as I eat a banana, he comes running out of nowhere and meowing for me to give him some. He doesn't do this with any other food.
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I actually just read on the ASPCA's website that Almonds are not harmful to dogs or cats....
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Fatman is our glutton. Hence the name..lol we actually have to take turns getting stuff out of the kitchen while we are eating because someone must guard the plates. We actually have to warn people who plan on eating at our house not to turn away from their plates if fatman is around which at food time you know he will be around no matter what. We had company over for pizza one night and fatman actually knocked the plate off the table to get to the pizza even after we warned them about him. He will also eat our of bfs brothers hand yet won't do it for us just today he had bits of cheesesteak and pizza. That cat will eat anything now the other nope nada they eat cat food that's it.
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When I had my Bailey, we used to experiment with what he WOULDN'T eat since that list was so much shorter. He loved pizza, sourkraut, olives, ice cream, pork-n-beans (a lot of my cats liked these). He also loved cereal, the sugary kind.

My girl Autumn is an extremely picky eater and only likes chicken flavored cat food. Not chicken and anything else, just chicken. She detests anything fish flavored, including tuna straight out of the can (wierdo). But she ADORES ham and bacon. We keep a jar of bacon bits in the fridge and give her a bite now and then as a treat.

Then there's Louie. We have determined that louie is somewhat of an addict. He had problems with diarrhea as a kitten and the vet said that was common and gave him a tube of Probiacin paste. He hated it at first, so we had to smear it on his face to get him to take it. After awhile, he not only got used to the taste, he decided it it was the best thing ever. The vet said it wouldn't hurt him as an adult, so we occasionally buy tubes of it as a treat for him. He knows we keep it in the fridge, and any time we go into the kitchen, Louie runs to the fridge and cries for what we call his Diarrhea Paste.
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2 View Post
Fluffy will eat anything edible. All of mine like bread as well.
When Fred was still with me, he loved to sneak sips of my White Russians. I would not let him have much at all, but after a few tiny sips he would lean against my leg with a big, cheesy grin.
This just made me HOWL!! I can just picture that kitty's expression. You need to post a video of that. Kitty has very good taste in alcohol. ;-)
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Sneakers, my 14-year-old persian was a mouse in another life! he will eat anything dairy - yes, i know milk is bad, he gets a teeny tiny nibble of cheddar maybe twice a month.

he likes cream cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, doesn't matter if its cheddar, mozzarella, american, any!

the other day i also discovered that he likes plain toast and the dressing from potato salad. popcorn, too, is something he goes after.

we call him our food monkey! we no sooner take three steps toward the kitchen and he's there waiting to see what we're getting.

our other kitty, Punkin (5yo himalyan) couldn't care less about human food, though he'll beg - we try - and he turns his nose up at. go fig.

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Catalina loved tomatoes. The moment I put one on the counter to cut, she'd be at my feet, meowing like crazy. I always gave her the first slice or first cherry tomato.

Sampson loved raisins. He also loved marshmallows (Catalina liked them sometimes, too). He liked the small ones best and even liked the large ones roasted on a fire. He also loved oatmeal cookies.

My current cat, Porter, has a crazy sweet tooth. He'll even go after the empty wrappers.
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One of my cats LOVES coffee! When we set a cup down he will actually try to sneak up and drink it, which is hilarious because he's a BIG boy!

I'm not sure if coffee safe for cats so I stop him, but he always gives it a try
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My cats always come and sniff what we're eating, and Whisky likes fish food !?!?
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One of my cats likes tiny little Triscuit crumbs. LOL. What a weirdo.
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Holland loves when I give her little bits of Wheat Thin crackers. She doesn't get people food as a rule, but sometimes when I'm snacking I'll share with her. She also LOVES to drink out of my water glass, despite the fact that she's got two water bowls AND a fountain of her own...
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Almonds are perfectly safe for humans and for cats. Look it up. All nuts, except for Macadamia nuts, are safe in small quantities--salt-free, of course.
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Weirdest thing Lynxx ever ate was celery. Yuck!

Midnight just stole lettuce today, ate it, and begged for more.
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If he smells bread or any wheat product he goes nutz and has to have some...bad thing though as he has IBD and I can't feed him people food. Every once in awhile he snatches a wheat cracker or eats his way into the bread bag. I can't leave any groceries on the floor containing wheat. Popcorn and cheese are his other big favorites. I just adopted a black short hair female cat "Rasta" on Christmas Eve but I've not had enough time to find out what her favorites are...lol
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Parker likes potato chips. I don't give them to him, really though. Buddy...well, he likes q-tips, raw whole potatoes and bread.
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Merlin will eat anything (I think I'll have to start calling him Mikey), but he especially likes bread, crackers, cookies, chips, anything made with flour. I keep asking for a cat-proof bread box for Christmas, but I don't think it's been invented yet.
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Ritz doesn't like most of the foods I eat (though I have weird tastes). She does like hot oat bran cereal after I've finished eating most of it, which I kind of encourage because she tends to get constipated. Alas she turns her nose up at all fruits, including pumpkin, and isn't too fond of mackerel!
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I dropped a wee piece of sharp cheddar cheese on the floor the other day while I was slicing cheese. Mollipop sniffed.....and scarfed. And hollered for more!
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