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All of my grandparents are deceased.

Maternal grandparents:

Mary Elizabeth (1913 - 1999)
Lyle Burdick (1911 - 1964)
Step-grandfather Clair Elias (1906 - 1981) The only Grandpa I ever knew!

Paternal grandparents:

Marion Amanda (1910 - 2001)
Charles Kenneth (died before I was born)

I could even bore you with most of my great grandparents' names!
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Grandmas are: Adeilade and Ellen
Grandpas are: Robert and Floyd

All have passed
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All Grandmothers are gone but...

They are: Mom's Side : Beverly (passed) & Charles now with Donna
Dads Side : Molly (passed) & Bruno
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My moms side is Elwood and Mildred
My dads side is Aloyisius (deceased) and Margaret. Everyone called my grandpa Al or Wish.
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
hmm it must be a old timer thing, they are both named grand.
only there second is different.
Geez - we must be related, Imp. My grandparents' have the same name, too.

Mother's side: Ray & Ivy

Father's side: Ira & Florence. But my paternal grandpa died, and grandma remarried a fantistic guy by the name of Hollis, so I had a step-grandpa, too. He's the only one who's still alive.


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Mom's side: Donna and Ron. My real grandfather is Harold but he's pretty much estranged.
Dad's side: John and Helen.
Ron is the only one who is still alive.
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Good question so I'm chiming in late!

Maternal side: Harriet and Angelo (both names I plan to give my kids as middle names; well Hattie for a girl.)

Paternal side: Jane and LeRoy

My Mom's Mom has a funny story to her name that she just told me recently. Her parent's came to America from Poland. Her birth name was Harriet, but for some reason they called her Agnes. So that's what everyone thought her name was, including her. Then one day when she was about 10 or so it came out that her real and official name was Harriet. She had to change it at everything from the library and her school and with all her friends even! She said the worst part was at the library when, to keep it simple, the librarian made a very loud and racist remark about her heritage and being an immigrants child. But she got over it and went by Hattie after that.
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I.....Don't know.....
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Maternal: Frank and Tessie
Paternal: Edward and Katherine

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Mother's side: Mary Dell & Edward (deceased)

Father's side: Ruth & Author (deceased)

both my grandfathers have long since passed on. I miss my grandad on my father's side sooo much! We were really close.
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Moms side- Jacqueline and Thomas but Tom for short

Dads side - Alyce and Harry (when he was young he was called Red)

Neat idea for a thread!
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lets see

On my moms side: Ethel and Anthony (I think they call him cookie, he's alive I just never met him and he doesnt live far away either, he divorced my gram and no one heard from him since)

On my dads side: Patricia and Nick (my paps been gone for almost 2 years now ) I miss him so much, we were very close
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mom's - Dennis and Shirley
dad's - Marvin and Correen
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Was only on briefly yesterday so I'll answer now.

Mum's side: Patricia and Regnald (both still alive and still together!!)

Dad's side: Sandra (estranged but still alive) and Anthony John, known as John (deceased in 2001) My Grandad turned out gay and got with someone called Robert, we call him Grandma as a joke

My Nan's mum is still alive too. She's only 82!! Her name is Iris.
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This is great.

Mother side: William (deceased) and Elizabeth aka Betty still kickin'
Step-grandfather: Paul (deceased)

Father side: John (deceased) and Rosaria (deceased)

I did not know my grandfathers as one died before I was born and the other when I was too young to remember him.
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On Dad's side it is Violet and George, may they both be resting peacefully together
On mum's Frederik and Marion. Fred passed when my mum was only 15 though, so I never knew him at all.

Marion however, I'm convinced, will live forever She's very frail, her back is twisted beyond all repair and she has serious heart problems..... but she is INCREDIBLY stubborn!! She is going to live a long long time through nothing more than spite! And that's why I LOVE her!
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Mom-Virginia(Ginny) and William(deceased as of 1991)Don't really remember him.....

Dad- Mabel and David(deceased as of 2000)I miss that man so much!
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Mom's side:
Nana: Maria Guiseppe-later changed to Josephine
Pop-Pop: Anthony

Dad's Mom: Jean, father unknown
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