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It always makes me sad when people are not happy with their jobs
I've had 2 jobs that made me and after I found this job that I seriously adore, I swore to myself that if I ever needed to find another job (God forbid!), I would never settle for something that made me unhappy. You are at your job for far too many hours to be unhappy!

I'm currently an Office Manager at an outpatient mental health clinic, working with 7 therapists isn't so bad I think my worst job was my last one, a Finance Manager at a car dealership. Talk about headaches & long hours! No thanks!
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It always makes me sad when people are not happy with their jobs
yea, its rough sometimes, only the fact that work alone most of the time,makes it ok.

let put it this say, this job starts at 55,000 a year(which for this area is good money) We hvae not been able to keep a new person in 2 years now, cause of are boss, they leave before they even find a new job.
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I am suprised so many people smile at their jobs. That is a good thing.
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I don't get paid and the work never stops but I love my job.
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I'm not sure anymore. Our boss (well my boss) just got fired today for stealing again.

She tried to take me and another co worker out with her by lying to the owner.
I was so mad. I hope he trusts me enough to realize that we'd never betray him like she said we would. But he said he trusts noone but still tries to trust everyone. Well, I guess if things don't improve, I can always go somewhere else..
We shall see.........
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I sure don't go to work with a smile on my face, quite the opposite.

The pressure to get the mail out, not create overtime is insane. It's a hard, physical job. I can handle that part. It's just that you NEVER hear when a customer praises you to the PM but you sure hear or get a note if there is a complaint....legitimate or not. Never get a thank you when you go over the call of duty, not from management, and you get second guessed all the time.
Its also as boring as can be, the same thing everyday.

But there are good points. The customers I interact with are USUALLY wonderful, especially my older folks at the retirment apartments. And I can't complain about the wages. I would leave cuz I hate it so much, but I'm looking to retirement eventually and I'm counting on this job for that.
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I love my job The people are great and we always have a good time.
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Loving your job makes such a big difference. It really is drudgery for those that have to go to a job they hate everyday. I did that for 9 years. It takes a lot of guts to try something new. sometimes you think you might be jumping out of the pan and into the fire. but my advice is to go for it! Of course you should be prepared to support yourself without work for a few months, so with some planning and a goal, you can get out of work you hate.
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I usually love my job, but lately it's been rough. It's a really, really, really busy time for me, and we have a new president who's wife I have to work with. She's an extremely demanding, fussy, nasty individual who expects me to drop everything every time she gets the whim to ask me to do something. That's made it pretty tough for me.
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I love my job! I have a great, supportive boss and my co-workers are great. I still love my job, even though I'm being laid-off right before christmas. I was hoping to stay for a good while with the company, but the ways things are going, I'm sure they'll sell.

But I've a new opportunity to do consulting doing web pages and I'm excited and scared!
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I have to admit, I'm jealous of all you people who love your jobs! But I'm also very very happy for you!
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