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Appreciation thread

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I almost posted in the not so appreciative thread, but that's really not my place. I don't know what that is all about, to be honest I don't read every thread or get extremely involved.

But I just wanted to say that I find this site to be significantly more friendly, accepting, welcoming, focused and knowledgeable than the majority of sites on the internet. The website, technically, alone is amazing, the amount of information, the continuity, everything.

I've been a member for a while now. I left a long time ago, no real reason. Some older members left over something else, and I was made by them to feel that if I wanted to join their site, I had to leave this one. So I did, no big deal. Well, long story short here I am again. And I really appreciated the warm welcomes, both private and public, from the members and moderators who remembered me. I felt very welcome in coming back which wasn't entirely expected based on my previous disappearance as well as how opinionated I am.

And on to that...I am very opinionated (doubt I need to tell most of you that!) and I have always felt encouraged to express my opinions. No I don't rescue cats either as was discussed elsewhere and in a year I have not once ever thought that made me less welcome. I have 2 cats from the shelter, and that's all I can do. No one here has ever said that's not enough. I love my cats, and that is all I feel is expected of me as a member.

Soooo...the point...yeah, I guess I have one. We have really come to a point in life where we are much more likely to speak up about what is wrong, what we don't like, etc while we forget to say thank you and the more positive things we should say as well, but leave unsaid for whatever reasons. So I wanted to say, especially in light of some negativity, thanks to all those who work so hard on this site, thanks to those who work hard to help cats and animals in whatever way they can and thanks for welcoming me back so warmly.
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Thank you Alicat, for your eloquent post.
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Alicia....I remember reading posts in the past. I'm not aware of your past or why you left etc....Just glad to see you here!!!!! Isn't there a picture of you somewhere????

You are right.....alot of people dedicate their time and work hard to make this place as 'pleasant' as possible. In my opinion, I think this is a great place to be. And I too, commend everyone for their hard work.

Being a MOD puts you in many difficult situations. I know for a fact that I probably would never be able to do that job.....

I don't necessarily have to agree with everything that is said all the time BUT I have a tremendous amount of admiration for each and every MOD on this site.

In real life, I always give the benefit of the doubt to a person until that person does something to me personally. I couldn't care less that so and so does not like my best friend....I like her and that's what matters.

You cannot judge someone by something someone tells you... It does not mean I don't feel for the person living through a tough moment. However...it will not sway my opinion.

It's the same here.....until I, personally, live through something horrendous here (which I doubt will happen) I will continue to view this as my safe haven. My home away from home.

And I sincerely hope that many feel the same way.

But that...is only my opinion.
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Ah, what a nice happy thread! Thanks to you both for your nice comments. I think we all forget to say the nice things sometimes and only have time to voice complaints. But I know how much I like praise and positive feedback so I try to remember to take time to give it out to others as well!
Hope you're all having a great day!

Oh, not sure if there is a picture of me somewhere here or not, I can't recall! I need to get some more pictures, my kitties are bigger and older and so is my puppy and me...I'm neither older or bigger. Really.
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I am glad to see some happy members. I know I have enjoyed being here since almost the beginning. I have met so many people that I enjoy talking to.
Alicat, I must have been away while you left, so I too must have missed what happened. I am glad you decided to come back
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Alicat!!! Thank you so much for this thread!!!!! It is good to come here tonight and see someone is happy with this site!! I needed my spirits lifted! THANK YOU!!!!! And we are VERY glad you are back!!!!
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