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Jesse's given us quite a scare...

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I just picked up my mom's cat, Jesse, from the vet. We had to rush him to the emergency vet Sunday, because he had stopped eating and was unable to poop. The e-vets said he was very obstipated, gave him some enemas and some sub-q fluids, gave us some lactulose, and told us it was OK to take him home and bring him to his regular vet monday morning.

When we brought him in, we had x-rays done and he was completely impacted; the entire bowel was full of cement-hard stool. They had to sedate him and do a manual extraction. This took some time and effort, and he was terribly bruised and swollen from the procedure. Tuesday morning the vet called and said he was running a fever and mentioned she was worried about the possibility the bowel had been perforated during the deobstipation. By that time, he hadn't eaten a thing in over 72 hours, and, as he's overweight, I was worried about his liver. I went in with some of his own food and attempted to hand feed him, but he wouldn't touch it. I talked the vet into giving him some cyphro to stimulate his appetite, but as of 8pm last night, his fever had risen a bit, and he still hadn't eaten, and it looked like we had some decisions to make .

Early this morning, the vet tech called to say his fever was gone, he had eaten during the night, and he could come home

At the moment, he is very happy to be home and is looking for food. He has a lot of meds to take, and will go in for a follow-up on Saturday. He's a fairly young cat, so while there is a chance this is an isolated occurrence, it looks like we're going to be dealing with megacolon. I'd appreciate any advice from folks with megacolon cats, and good thoughts/prayers that his fever won't come back and there is no infection.
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Well, I don't have any experience with cats with megacolon so I can't give you any advice about it but I can send you lots of healing vibes for Jesse.
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Oh dear, what a scare! I'm so glad Jesse recovered.
Good vibes for continued health
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More healing vibes for Jesse.
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Jesse is doing well and back to eating regularly. He is on amoxicillin for 10 days, and I was going to mom's twice a day to syringe him. She's not firm enough with him to medicate him, too afraid of hurting him. The vet told her that it was OK to mix it in his food if he'll eat it, which is good, because I was afraid of being "scary auntie" cause everytime I see him I stick a syringe in his mouth. He's eating his cisipride mixed into his pumpkin, which he loves.

Poos are still a bit runny, but that's to be expected between the irritation from the deostipation procedure and the antibiotic. He has a follow-up vet appointment tomorrow.
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