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Kitten SOS

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I got a new kitten today and was told its 7 weeks old. I know its not that old but thats what they told me at the pet store, the mom was already sold sooo I figured they had to have been weaned. The kitten cant drink from a bowl and doesn't go poo or pee on his own. I know how to stimulate them to poop and pee but I have no Idea what to do on the feeding thing! My husbands gone and I cant go get a kitten bottle nurser thingy and he's trying to nurse on everything! I know he must be hungry but he wont take the syrige full of regular baby formula! He also cant seem to maintain his own body heat... I think he must be way to young to be away from his mom and beings I just lost a cat last week and Booboo really likes this one, I can't lose him! Heres some pics

he stands maybe 3 inches high and weighs less than a half pound!
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1/2 lb. is underweight, IMO.

Try anything....chicken, baby meat, anything he'll eat to get him to eat for now. Got canned food? Try some Fancy Feast.
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i know you can get kitten milk replacement, i used vmr brand on my kitty when she was sick, but i think you have to get it from the vet?? maybe he'll want to lick that out of the syringe because it's more like milk in taste and consistency then kitten food!! i wish i had more input!!
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I have a can of veal baby food! Is veal okay for cats?

How old do you think he is?? He's about 3 inches high, his tail is about 3 inches long and he weighs less that a 1/2 pound?
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Okay this is a pic I just took. I held up a lighter so you could compare the sizes

and theres the plate of baby veal he wont even touch
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So I was given this website to go to and he weighs inbetween what a two and three week old kitten should weigh! I wish it would say what their height is suppose to be because he doesn't look that skinny I think he's just that young!
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If he's as young as that, you're going to have to treat him like an orphaned kitten, which is what he essentially is now. It's problems like these that perpetuate the perception of pet stores.

Here's a link to an article about kitten care. Unfortunately, right now you're in the position of having to educate yourself about the care of a small kitten, and it's going to take work. Please read the articles...it's very important for the kitten!

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since he won't take the siryng...Maybe you could try some formula or veal on your finger then rub it on his lips or even in his mouth if he will let you. Just to get him to taste it and see that it is yummy. then maybe he will take the rest easier. keep us posted on him.
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Yes, he is underweight. He is probably 3 - 4 weeks old or just very tiny. My kittens were 1 - 1.5 pounds when they were 5 weeks old. He doesn't sound weaned. I agree with kittenrescue. You may have to treat him as a foster until he is old enough to be weaned.
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So far I got him to take a tablespoon of Veal baby food off of a little baby spoon by putting it on the roof of his mouth! He cant seem to keep warm so I tried that thing on that website to keep him warm! When I checked on that site they said if he was 7 weeks he would be over a pound! No he's not! He weighs in between what a two week old cat should and what a 3 week old cat should. To get him to go to the bathroom I rubbed on his bottom with a warm wet rag and he did go. You know whats even sadder? They sold all his litter mates today also because they sold the mom first! How many other people are gonna wake up in the middle of the night realizing that their cat cant eat or even worse that their cat is gone! It stinks!
Ive almost read everything in that article, Klutchetta gave it to me a little while ago!! Thanks yall, Ill keep you posted!
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it makes me so MAD that a pet store would knowingly do something like that!!!
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Im with you! This poor guy is so little! He should NOT be away from his mother! He's tiny! They had to have known, no way around it they knew!
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well at least he has you, and he will have a wonderful home now, with people who will take good care of him. Also, he will be extremely bonded to you! I had a cat that I helped raise from a newborn age (eyes and ears weren't open yet) and he was the BIGGEST BABY!! Everyone just fell in love with him immediately, and he knew how to turn on the charm! I will be praying for the two of you! Just take this one thing at the time and try to to feel overwhelmed! It will all work out in the end!
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What a terrible situation to find yourself in. As soon as you can, try some KMR or goat milk (you can buy it canned) mixed with egg yolk (not the whites - they are bad for kittens). Beat it up together and try it from a syringe or eye dropper. I have never known a young kitten refuse this nourishing mixture and I have saved several very sick cats and kittens using it. Feed around 20cc every couple of hours, more if he will take it. Good luck, I am with you on feeling angry and very concerned for the littermates.
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Positively unethical to have separated such young kits from the Mom and sold them off under false pretenses. That was done to make money as quickly as possible with no consideration for the animals' welfare, IMO.


But at least this little guy has a fighting chance because you are smart enough to know what's what, ask for advice and participate in this forum.

Good luck with him and keep us posted.

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Update on Eek! I have him eating kitten formula and he seems to like it! He's put on an ounce and half since I got him and he's becoming more active! He even runs around a little. (not much, he gets pretty tired really fast) Ive been keeping him warm with this little carrier I made out of fleece (he likes it) If I let him run around too much he gets cold and very sleepy so Im being very watchful and careful! Its no wonder my cat excepted him so fast! He took one look and said OMG this kitten should be with his mommy! I still have to help him go poddy but thats okay, I dont mind! Honestly I would have taken him even if they would have told me how old he was because the mother was already gone, I just would have been prepared! Well they better be prepared tomarrow because they're getting a piece of my mind! Ill put some new pics up in a little while!
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Heres a new pic, hes a little rounder today huh?

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yes he is MUCH rounder today! Yay!! What is he eating in the pics?? is that pasta?
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Ummm, ya actually it is... my kids put him on the table and I cought him in the act! I know its not good for him, I just thought it was a cute pic!
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Aw, as little as he is, I doubt he'd eat much of it. It's good he's got some curiousity - shows he must be feeling better.
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Ya, I kinda thought so too! He couldn't really chew it, But he sure tried! (he doesn't have all his teeth) It was nice to see him wanting to eat something other than nursing!
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a curious, hungry kitten can only be a good thing those are cute pics!
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And what do you think of that tail! Isn't it tiny!!
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your kitty is TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!! glad you are doing so much to help him when he really needs you.
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Why thank you! I think he's a doll! He's so lovable! He obviously is still trying to nurse on everything but he doesn't mind his bottle! He sleeps on my chest still and its really sweet. He has the worlds loudest purr and he has made booboo so happy! Its just a nice experience! (well all but not knowing he was so young when I got him, But I'd a got him anyways! )
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hehe isn't he soo cute!
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He really doesn't look all that young to me...are you sure he only weighed 1/2 lb when you got him? I would get a kitchen scale to get an accurate weight on him. In thepictures, he looks exactly the same size (at least in comparison to the paper plate) to what my current foster looked like when she came to my house. She was probably about 6 weeks old then. Same little stumpy tail and everything! He's adorable. Orange tabbies are my favorite. Whats his name? Were there siblings at the pet store? I hope they're ok. You should go get them :::ducks and covers::: Pet stores that sell animals are horrible places. I would go back and see if they'd give you the other kittens, and then turn then into the better business bureau. Good luck with your kitty, he looks like he's going to be ok now!
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I think his tail will be normal - it looks like our kittens when they were that age. He's soooooo sweet looking!
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I'd guess him about 3 weeks old. If you've got any questions on bottle feeding etc I'm always a PM away. I've had a few bottle babies & will try to help out if I can.
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I weighed him at the post office today and he weighed in at 11oz! He's short but his belly looks like its fattning up. Ive been bottle feeding and he really likes that! When I try to get him to drink from a bowl he does this thing where he gets the milk in his nose and then starts gasping!??! I dont know whats up with that! The other kitten in the store was gone last night... I thought about her right after I got the first one! Ohh I hope she made it through the night! I thought EEK was gonna get pnumonia from inhaling the milk!
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