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poop disposal

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After having read a couple of threads about scooping litter boxes I noticed that some of you scooped the poop into a bag to throw away in the usual manner. Seeing as how I have Molly's litter tray in the bathroom, I scoop with a slotted scoop, shake off all the bits of gravel and flush it down the toilet. Does anyone else do this, or do most of you dispose of the waste into a bag. Perhaps you use the bag method only if you use clumping litter... which I don't. Just interested .
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I do use clumping litter and I bag it. Being as we have a septic tank, I would not feel really safe flushing any litter even the ones that are labled that way...that's just my thoughts on it though....for convenience sake, I would much rather be able to flush it and be done
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same as above, we have septic and and i don't trust any litter that it is flushable. but i use a clumping, scoop it into a bag, and toss it out.
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My toilet clogs easy. In fact it's currently not working because I tried to flush a single paper towel. Since I live in the middle of nowhere and use a corn based litter that degrades or gets eaten I dump the litter in a pile on the other side of the yard along the woods. It composts there.
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Yeah Flushablity of litter is always ??? able for you septic or sewer
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I use clumping litter, i am worried that it might plug the toilet
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I use wood pellets, works great for flushing, as long as you don't flush tons at once
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We have septic here as well. I'm pretty sure eventually the litter would kill my tank so I don't risk it.
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I don't have a septic tank. And I don't use clumping litter, so I flush the poop. But when I do a full clean, all the dirty litter goes into a plastic bag to be disposed of.
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The reasons I can think of for not flushing are that 1) most people (unfortunately) use clumping clay for litter and 2) Toxoplasma is apparently killing adorable sea otters in some areas.

Personally, I live in Missouri, I use wood pellets, and I flush the poop. Urine and sawdust are dumped in the trash weekly (no need to ever do a complete litter change). If I lived in a location like CA where flushing cat feces is being discouraged, then I wouldn't do it. I also wouldn't do it if I was using clumping clay litter (which I never would).
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I read the other day that Swheat Scoop is "certified flushable" because it's all natural (no clay or other non biodegradable components). I personally use Odor Lockers, which is another fully biodegradable clumping flushable litter. I haven't had any issues but I've only been using it a few months now so I can't testify to any long term results. Also, Odor Lockers guarantees to completely block odor from cat urine and I can back that claim up. Now, if only it'd block fecal odor as well...

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