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Royal Canin Intestinal H/E

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Has anyone had any experience with this food? Jingle was recently diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and IBS and the vet has recommended this food. He has lost ALOT of weight and has persistant diarrhea. He is on thyroid meds and they gave him a steriod shot last Friday. He is 16 yrs old and down to under 9lbs.
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no experience but as a whole many cats who wont eat other RXs will eat and thrive on RC
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He is eating fine just not metabolizing it properly. I have a call into the vet to give him a progress report. Unfortunately, no significant change but I do see some small signs of "old Jingle" we love. Hopefully we just need to give it more time.
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I know this is a relatively new food, but no one has used or heard info on it?
I am skeptical since I'm not really seeing a change. But, since I already bought the bag, and it can't hurt, he will eat it for now.
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What would you like to know? We started stocking RC precription foods at my job about 6 months ago. We have several cats on H/E and the food is doing what it's supposed to. We have tried to switch all cats we had on Hills i/d to the H/E. Most have transitioned well, a couple have not. RC is a superior product ingredient wise.
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I was really looking for success stories to boost moral around here. Jingle is not doing so great and I was hoping for some encouraging words. I know every case is different and maybe we just need to give it more time but some other experiences or ideas are always good.
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did you mix in some old food with it ??

is the H/E a different meat than the normal food??

I agree the ingrediants are very good for a RX
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He was getting the Purina One Sensitive System. He had a mix the first 2 days but we needed to get him on the H/E ASAP with the weight loss so the transistion was quick. Changing foods has never been a problem for him, he will usually eat anything. The Purina meat is Turkey, H/E is Chicken. He is so frail now he sways when he walks. I am planning on taking him in for a weight check tomorrow.
We could use some good vibes!!!
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I hate to say it but my neighbor has to give their cat thyroid shots twice a day.... There cats are better now they just cant ever quit the meds!! I hope everything goes well! Good to you!
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Thanks! He is on transdermal meds twice a day right now and we seem to have the thyroid under control we just can't seem to get him to gain any weight back. He is all bones! This is a cat that less than a year ago was overweight! Now he's less than 9 pounds.I don't know what else to do for him.
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has the vet mentioned kitten food?? nutrical ???
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I asked about kitten food but he said the H/E was a better choice. I don't think he is eating it though. The bowl is still pretty full and our other kitten also eats from it. I free feed so it's hard to tell. We are going to the vet today.
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for a good vet visit
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We are going at 3:45. I will let you know what he says. Thanks for the
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Jingle has lost another 2 pounds this week and they gave him IV fluids, a vitamin shot and some nutrical. They are running the bloodwork again but the thought is that since it keeps coming back good he might have kidney cancer. I am trying to feed him anything he will eat. Right now it's tuna.
We are just trying to keep him warm and eating. I have to call the vet again tomorrow.
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Jingle has gone to the bridge. He passed around 5:00 tonight with all of us by his side (and bloodwork that still says he is perfectly healthy). Please keep us all in your thoughts. My boys (and I) are really hurting right now. Jingle has been a part of their lives since they were babies and even though we have other animals in the house it's just not going to be the same.
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and RIP darling Jingle

when your ready go make a memorial in the bridge forum
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I am so sorry for your loss.
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I'm so sorry...
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