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I wanted to name my Kitty Jasmine, but I was out voted by the kids and Dh, she is named Lucky, because she is lucky I found her. I found on the lawn on a few hours old.
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Peanut's name just kind of grew on her. She's just a Peanut. I had a little black hamster named Olive just because she was an Olive.

Priscilla got her name because I thought it was so stuck up that she wouldn't drink water out of her dish, she has to drink it off her paw, and this flick thing she does with her tail. Sooooo stuck up.

Loki, after the norse god, well no other name would be right for him. He's very mischievous and is always trying to win the hearts of the ladies. He's just the sweetest red baby you've ever seen.

Same for Frisky. No other name would fit her the way it does.

Misty is this little, maybe 4 lbs soaking wet, fair seal point siamese. Tia Maria on the other hand is her very darkly pointed daughter. I think Chrissy, the other daughter, could have had a better name, it doesn't fit her so well. Furrball is just this huge, 18 lb, big boned siamese. I don't know how a cat so big came out of a cat as small as Misty. Bruiser, well he always fought the hardest to nurse as a kitten, "beating up" the other kittens, bless his heart.

Muffin was my first cat, and I was allowed to name her. What other name would a 3 year old pick? haha. Cleopatra was this regal old siamese that lived to the ripe age of somewhere between 20 and 22, I don't remember exactly. Gramalkin, well as you can guess, was a long haired grey cat that unfortunatly passed when I was very young. I have only very vague memories of her.

There have been so many cats in my life, and I hope to meet the ones that have passed on again one day.
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I recall posting my furbabies names in a previous thread, but instead of re-writing it again, I just copied & pasted my reply from that thread to this one...

Maverick was Maverick, and I kept the name the same for him b/c I thought it was cool, and he had a 'purr'-sonality like a maverick.

Winchester was Augustus Cesar (Gus for short), named by the people who rescued him after some threw him out of a car window. I thought he was a little "pistol," so I renamed him Winchester.

Geronimo was Lucifer. I'll admit he can be a little "demon" sometimes, but he's not "evil" (he just has "issues" ). I considered him more of a "warrior," so I chose the name Geronimo.

I don't recall Spencer's former name: he had one (given to him by the people who worked at my b/f's workplace), but it didn't fit him. He looked like a Spencer to me. I originally was gonna name him Caruso, but it just didn't seem to fit.

Gabriel was Griz: I have no idea why the humane society people named him that. To me he looked like a little "angel," so I called him Gabriel.

Those are the cats that I have now: the following are the cats I used to have, before they crossed over the Rainbow Bridge....

Shadow was Hector (YUK! - those people at the HS sure pick some real hookey names!), and Sterling was Baby (another HS name): he got his name b/c of his beautiful silver color.

Foxy was always Foxy (he was previously my sister's cat, and she named him). I never bothered to change it, b/c I thought he was "foxy."

I don't recall Damian's former name, either. But it was another hookey one given to him by the HS people. I named him Damian, b/c he had just a touch of "evil" in him.

BuffPuff & Cheeto were always BuffPuff & Cheeto: they were given to me as kittens by my former landlord. BuffPuff looked like a little puff of fur, amd Cheeto was named Cheeto b/c of his orange color.

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Pixie - a mischevious spirit:

Well when Pixie first came to me, the first thing I did was take pictures and email them out to friends & family, asking for suggestions. I received several suggestions....and was settling on Pixie. Then she discovered the closet door in the computer room. Always kept shut, it's the only way down to a crawl space under the house. (four and half foot tall crawl space, well lit.) Now, you have to pull several boxes out of the closet, flip up the rug, then crawl down a ladder to get there. Couldn't find the cat....saw the door was open....but nothing disturbed...hmmmm. Still....no sign of her elsewhere...so pull everything out, climb down...yup...there she was. Get her, get back up the ladder.....put everything back....firmly close the door this time.

An hour later....no cat. Door open, again. Pull everything out, flip up the rug....and there she is, sitting on the ladder. Of course, the minute I reached for her, down the ladder she went. Right at that point, I called her a witchy B.... At which point she starts circling the ladder, meowing woefully, help me help me...can't get back up. Uh huh. Sure. We had a bit of an arguement....and then she trotted right back up the ladder, smug as can be.

So far this is the only door she's proven she can open - and it's now locked.

So now her name is Pixie Witch - Pixie for short.
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Furrari - fastest zoomies as a kitten. Even before his eyes were open he would zoom off the countertop at feeding time if I didn't get a really good grip on him. I hand raised him and his sister (RIP) Harley Softtail who had a beautiful fluffy tail. Fari's not so fast anymore, he needs a step stool to get on the bed with me (he's 15 years old).

Freya - the Norse goddess of love and war. Her chariot is pulled by two cats.
My Freya is a talker and a cuddler who loves to clean my face with her tongue. She weighs all of six pounds but the boys don't mess with her.

Elijah Blue-eyes - I picked him out of a litter before his eyes were open. Since he was staying with mom cat until eight weeks I asked the people who owned the mom to call him Elijah or Eli. He's a beautiful MLH flame point with blue eyes! I make my living in working for garden centers and there is a beautiful variety of ornamental grass called Elijah Blue-eyes Blue Fescue. For some reason that just clicked as a great name for a blue-eyed cat.
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Lilly, because of her "tortitude" was named after the goddess Lillith. Lillith was too difficult to say all the time, so we ended up with Lilly: Lillith is the archetypal Unshackled Woman who refuses to be controlled. Lillith passionately claims her personal power, stands firm on her convictions, and is driven by an internal motive. She was considered a Divine Lady in Sumerian texts.

Forrest was named by the lady who trapped him as a feral. She said he could run faster than any kitten she'd ever seen. So, she named him from the character Forrest Gump ....Run Forrest...RUN.
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When we brought Sal back from the breeder, we werent too sure on the name. His face is a bit panda/racoon -esque so I wanted somehting related but in the end we settled for Salvatore. Sal wouldnt come out of the carrier, he stayed there for over 2 hours and when we finally took him out he just purred and glued himself to me. I was like: "aawwww, you're such a big pussy!" (he was 5lbs at 15 weeks) and we remembered that there's someone in The Sopranos that was nicknamed that... And the guy's name was Sal, so thats how we named him!
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Satchmo was named after Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong, we wanted a "black" name. And Paco was a "Rambo" when I adopted him, but I didn´t like the name - I wanted a spanish name and so he became Paco.
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Seamus got his name because I wanted an Irish name and I thought it'd be funny to have a cat named Seamus... he has quite the sense of humor smacking me in the head for the fun of it, so it fits.
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My first thought for naming my girls were flower names. One was going to be Daisy...I'm not so sure about the other anymore. But DH said that was too girls! (But they are GIRLS! )

So my next idea was to name them after characters from my favorite comic strip, Mutts! So since the main cat character is a tuxie cat, Mooch became Mooch (although Mooch in the strip is a male cat). The gray cat in the strip is Sourpuss, but I didn't want to turn Noodles into a real sour-puss, though she can be one, she became Noodles. Which is just another character that I like in the strip.
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Beauty was from a shelter, but we renamed her Beauty because she sleeps a lot of the time (as in Sleeping Beauty)
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Fable is named after the game 'Fable', the comic and because I like it's meaning: "A fable is a brief, succinct story, in prose or verse, that features animals, plants, inanimate objects, or forces of nature which are anthropomorphized (given human qualities), and that illustrates a moral lesson (a "moral"), which may at the end be expressed explicitly in a pithy maxim."

Jupiter is named after the Tori Amos song 'Hey Jupiter', Tori's music helped me through a bad patch last year.
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Sassy I named after a character from the book Cabal by Clive Barker.
The character's name was SuraSassy, which I shorten to Sassy or Sass.

Linus hide under a blanket most of the day I brought him home and it seemed obvious that Linus after the Peanuts Character was perfect for him...

Pixie is exactly that a pixie, a mischievous spirit who is always up to something.
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I named Mia because I liked the name and it matched her personality. Her body is petite and feminine and she acts like a little sweetheart and I felt that her name fit her in that way.

I named Marble because I wanted to have the sisters with the same letter for their first name. I went thru all sorts of normal names...Molly, Mimi, Maxi etc but none really seemed to fit. I finally chose Marble because her classic tabby pattern looks somewhat like a marble countertop. Sometimes I call her Marbs for short.
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Zane is called Zane because he's Gray. (Zane Gray was an early 20th C. author of Westerns.)

If he were a female he'd probably have been Jane; Lady Jane Gray was a cousin of King Edward Tudor, who died without children. (His two half-sisters Mary and Elizabeth were by some deemed illegitimate.) She was proclaimed as Queen, but was never crowned and was killed by supporters of Mary, who took the throne and is known to history as Bloody Mary.
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Half of us wanted to call him Smokey because he's grey and the other half wanted to call him Napoleon after Napoleon Dynamite - no similarity just thought the name was funny. We couldn't settle on either and middle DD said "What about Isaac?" and it was just perfect - not sure what the reason was - just sounded perfect for him!
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Sam came with his name when we adopted him through a canine sancturay. He is a Siamese Mix, hence, Sam.

Clio's full name is Celtic for the sirens that sat on rocks and sang to pull ships onto the rocks. Very appropriate for a Siamese.

Pru (Prudence) got her name from the Beatles song "Dear Prudence". She's my feral and I sang it to her every day for three months while she hid behind the futon. It's the only song I knew all the words for and it fit her.
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Originally Posted by jean-ji View Post
Clio's full name is Celtic for the sirens that sat on rocks and sang to pull ships onto the rocks. Very appropriate for a Siamese.
"Clio" was, in Greek mythology, the Muse of History; her name meant "The Proclaimer."
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Leo - It was the first name that came to me when I was naming him and his siblings.

Spooky Bear - he got his name for several reasons. "Spooky" was because he was a feral kitten when we found him and spooked at everything, also it was right around Halloween and he is a black cat. "Bear" was because he looked like a little black bear cub and because I collect everything to do with bears so it seemed perfect.

Tabitha - John wanted to name her Tabby because she's a red/white tabby, I told him that was fine but she had to have a full name too so he said Tabitha.

Spike - It took us forever to name him, so one day I sat down and made a list and then told John to pick from the list.

Captain Squishy Fuzzypants a.k.a Slingshot - John named him, not a clue where he came up with his name.

Garfield Hoppington IV - Again, John named him.

Lieutenant Bear - When she was born, I gave her litter flower names. I called her Lilly. Then we added the Bear on for the same reasons as Spooky Bear. Then we were at a flea market one day and saw a license plate that said "Lt. Bear". It was perfect.

Roxy - John named her.

Sofia - I love the name and it's the first one I thought of when I was trying to come up with names for her.

Woody Jr. - Named after my beloved Woody who passed away in 2005. The original Woody was named by a friend of mine, he named him "Tiger Woods" which gradually got shortened to Woody. We call Woody Jr. "Woodward" or "Woodford" most of the time though.

Taco - John named him before he was even born. He said we had to have a kitten named Chi Chi Rodriguez a.k.a. Taco Salad. The "Taco" part just stuck.

Lilly - When we brought her inside, John asked me what I was going to name her. I said I wasn't sure yet, so he said "Her name is Lilly".

Grabat - This is the cat that technically belongs to John's dad. But she lives with us, and we take care of her. I'm told she got her name when she was a kitten. She was born under the house and when she got bigger she kept sneaking inside when the door was opened. John's dad would say "Grab that cat", which sounded a lot like "Grab 'at cat"... which became her name, later shortened to just "Grabat". John calls her Graboid most of the time though.
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Originally Posted by Zane's Pal View Post
"Clio" was, in Greek mythology, the Muse of History; her name meant "The Proclaimer."
Clio isn't her full name, there's a few more letters to it. I don't mean to be mysterious, but I use it for a lot of my passwords with substitutions for the vowels. I think a lot of people use their pet's names as passwords.
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Sliver got her name because she has a white sliver going up her eye.
Snowball used to be named Orion, but when we seen him, he looked like a big snowball.
Sage got his name because he is a mellow cat. Sage sounded like mellow name.
Sushie got her name because she looks oriental even though shes not.
Spooky got her name because of her purrsonality, shes not very affectionate.
Spici got her name because shes a crazy cat. You never know what spice she'll be.
Shilo got her name because shes quiet & shy. Always creeps low to the ground.
Sadee got her name because shes super sweet & Sadee sounded sweet.

We named all of our cats "S" names. It started when we renamed Snowball.
We figured we might as well stick with all "S" names & we did
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Bubba (Bubbie) - Because he was always a big cat, even when he was a kitten
Boomer (AKA Boomie, Boo, Boo-Bear) - My roommate at the time named him after some athlete (but not Boomer Esaison -- some other Boomer)
Sandy (AKA Baby, Little Pooh) - Her shelter name was Sandy. She's a dilute calico mostly grey and peach colored. She's the color of a sandy beach.
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My boyfriend Will named Sash. He was originally named Sasha, until we found out he was a little boy and we shortened it to just Sash.
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What a fun thread! It's very interesting to see how kitties names came to be!

Spud got his name by the interest he showed when I peeled potatos when he was a wee one. He liked to steal the peelings. He's lucky we didn't name him Green Bean...he liked those even better! lol!

Siam got his name the night my husband shoved him through the window on a freezing night. He was a feral....dumped out here in the country and lived under our house for a month. Hubby had worked really hard to get his trust and got him inside. I asked him what we should name him (knowing that if he named him, he wouldn't deny him ) He's a siamese mix, Seal Lynx point. Hubby suggested Siam and I was in total agreement...and it really does fit!

The "outsiders", more ferals dumped, are called Harry (once again Hubby named him, don't know why but I ask no questions) I named Tailer cuz he has a fluffy tail on a shorthaired body. Then there is Spot, who is a tabby but has orange spots on his body.
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Originally Posted by lisalee View Post
My boyfriend Will named Sash. He was originally named Sasha, until we found out he was a little boy and we shortened it to just Sash.
In Russia, Sasha is a masculine name.
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Tigger, named by my son, who was 9 at the time. Cause he's orange like Tigger on Winnie the Pooh. Tigger is now 11.

Cricket, cause she's black and bouncy.

not very original huh?

black cat next door, who prefers to eat here, I call Black Bart

and the other visitor I was calling buddy boy, til I found out his name is Cisco...he likes my choice in cat food and treats too
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Mi-ke and Tora are from the Japanese ("mi-ke neko" = tortoiseshell cat, "tora neko" = tabby cat). So they're named what they are. It limits the colors I can have, of course. I couldn't get another of either color.
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Fun topic!

Since I got my degree in English literature, I like literary names.

Bingley - After the character Mr. Bingley in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. My niece was the one to suggest the name after seeing a picture of him. The Mr. Bingley character in the 2005 movie was a redhead and it just fit him perfectly because he is the perfect gentleman.

Pippin - From J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. He was originally named Isaac at the shelter and while I did not hate the name, it just wasn't what I wanted. I was trying to decide between Pippin (because he was a ball of energy and getting into trouble wherever he could) and Pigwidgeon from the Harry Potter series (Ron's tiny eager to please owl) because he was a pig and I liked the idea of calling him Pig. My sister (who takes care of my boys when I'm away) was not a fan of Pig, so Pippin it was. It fits him perfectly!
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well, i wanted girly names 4 mine hehe! when i got Sparkle, i just thought of that name by looking at her, & thought now that name suits you! & my other cat Glamorous, named after a song hehe...
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Snickerdoodle because she is the same color as a snickerdoodle cookie and snickerdoodles were the first type of cookie I learned how to make from scratch.
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