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How did you name your cat?

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We have a plethera of names for our furry friends. What I'd like to know is Where did you get their names from? Did you think long n hard before you named them or did you get an idea form a book?

Magrat is from Terry Pratchett, she is a witch a bit dipsy with lots of occult jewlery.

Loki- Mainly from hearing it from the film Dogma (the angel of death). Loki our cat is a little devil

Mogget is from a Garth Nix childrens book. He is a free magic spirit trapped inside the body of a white cat with attitude.

So thats how i named mine what about you?
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Tiger: because he acts like a Tiger. My husband wanted to change it to Blitz but I said that his name was already stuck!
Angel: because of her angelic meow. I don't think she'll ever grow out of it.
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With the tribe, their names are combinations. Their "Jellicle names" are from Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats, and their given names may describe their appearance or point out a particular trait. The exception to this rule is the shelter cats; they keep the name that the shelter gave them.

Diva Etcetera D'Calico; a diva, a calico, and she looks just like Jo Bingham's "Etcetera" costume in "Cats".

Mischief Mistoffolees
; His shelter name, plus the name of the "conjuring cat"

Blondie Rumpleteaser
; Yes, she is; blond as in between red and creme; and the cat burglar Rumpleteaser

Hobo Skimbleshanks; Rode into town on a freight train and arrived at my work's rail dock; Skimbleshanks is "the cat on the railway train" in the book.

Peanut Butterum
; Peanut was her shelter name, and Butterum just seemed to go with it

Sassy Saparilla; Another shelter name, and the Jellicle name Sasparilla

Trace Tumblebrutus; Found as a stray on Cumberland Trace road, so the shelter named him Trace. Tumblebrutus was Growltiger's first mate (3 legs, pirate kitty)

Freeway Carbuckety
; Found on the freeway; Carbuckety was in the book, but not the musical.
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My boyfriend wanted to name Milo. For Zebra, we were just joking around and said it would be funny to name her Zebra and then it just stuck.
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Duke (RIP) was named for the Duke of Richmond from whom we are decendants
Sibohan was named after a friend of mine who has the most amazing green eyes, and I was on an irish kick at the time.
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Bijou - French word for jewel - because his eyes looked like beautiful jewels.
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Ducky and Laura are named after my parents.
Easy was named from a group of people putting names in a hat and drawing.
Tino and Kiko are Italian cats.
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Raven, my kitten, got her name because she is black. My husband gave her to me after I had gone through a dark time and I wanted a dark name that was also pretty because she is pretty.

Lister- my former heart cat, I named her Callista because it means beautiful one and she was BEAUTIFUL. But we called her Lister and that fit her better.
Smedley- was Listers friend and my husband had named him after a famous marine.
Lister and Smedley are no longer with us but Lister was my heart cat and Smedley was everything I would have wanted in a cat.
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Harley - because when he was a kitten he was fast & crazy, just like a Harley Davidson motorcycle

Bayley - He just looks like a Bayley & I loved the name , plus he answers to it, so that was a good sign, eh?
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heyu will answer to heyu
eazy answers to eazy

cats kinda name themself i notice
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Because he had to fit with the theme of pet's names.

His Name is Hennessy. He Answers to Kitty (Or Pudding).
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I'll go in the order we got them. Most of them have to do with how they look.

Trinity- Matt actually thought of that one, because of her three colors.
Bentley- He has a bend in his tail, like it was broken at one point. I started calling him Bent when he first came around and then Bentley became his name.
Mercury- When he was a kitten, I thought his color was a lot like the color of the metal, mercury. Also, in Roman Mythology, Mercury was a messenger and my Mercury likes to talk a lot so it fit him.
Nemo- well, I looked everywhere for ideas for his name. . . Nothing seemed unique enough for my odd eyed kitty. One name I kept going back to was Nemo. He had been at my house for like two weeks with no name, well, Nemo, means "no name or nobody" in Latin, so I decided it was a perfect fit for my little boy that had been going without a name.
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Am useless with coming up with good cat names,so have always called them after other cats family have named [Blackie II was named after Blackie],or have another system-named on a characteristic of theirs.
Goldiecat-because she is a gold colour.
Fluffybum because his bum was extremely fluffy.
And before knowing Biscuits' real name from her old slaves-had called her- Tortiecat.

Sister had asked to help her with naming her kittens,spent ages coming up with a list,and she said they are all stupid sounding horse names.
am making sure to get help with naming with the arrival of new kit. in new home.
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Loki was called Loki by his original owners, but it was a name I had been considering, and that was another reason I was attracted to him. For me, he is named for the Norse trickster god/giant.

Possum also kept his shelter/foster name. Apparently, all the cats in his litter had a name starting with "P" (they were rescued shortly after birth). I had him for a 3-week trial period, and called him "Possum" because I wasn't sure I was keeping him, then when I had decided I felt I couldn't all of a sudden call him something different. Plus, he knows his name really well.

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Velvet- she's named after the song "Black Velvet" -it was playing on the radio the day i adopted her and it suites her to a t!

Jasmine- she was named before i adopted her

Isabella- i named her- no reason really- i just thought she looked like an Isabella- she's soo classy, pretty- it suited her

Kojak- when he was a kitten i had a litter of 5 foster boys and named them all after guns/weapons We had Magnum, Ruger, Pirazzi, Blazer, and Kolar (Kojak). As the boys all found homes, we decided to keep little Kolar. I got sooo much slack about his name from everyone saying it sounded like the "kholar" bathroom fixtures- so i told Colin he could rename him. Colin decided to keep his name similar to his old one since he knew it-so he named him Kojak- after the old 70's police showhttp://timvp.com/kojak.html
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damian is damian because his old owners just called him satan because of what a naughty little kitten he was. now he answer to anything, kitty, kitkat, fluffy, fluffy butt (he's a long hair), baby boy. he pretty much comes to the sound of your voice if he knows you are talking to him, lol.

max, well, i just liked the name max

all our other cats their names were that just because we liked the name and it fit them, toby, susie, katie, jenny. as you can see, all our animals have people names because that makes them even more a part of our family. the only animal that didn't have a people name was my dog chewy, because he looked exactly like chewy from star wars, he was a shih tzu, brown with a black face.
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Trout fish are cute..and so is Trout, so she got that name
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Katina - We were going to name our adopted kittens "Cat" in different languages. Female kitten in Italian was Gattina, and Rob thought I said "Katina". So it stuck.

Monte - My dad suggested we name the kittens after our cars, a Monte Carlo and a Camaro. Rob & I like Monte for the male, so we stuck with that one, but named the female Katina.

Chassis, Caliper, Tailpipe - My dad owned his own auto repair business for years, and all our cats had been born at his shop by strays he had as shop cats. We would name them after car parts. We decided to keep the tradition going with Chassis. Then we moved and my dad left the shop behind. We adopted Caliper and Tailpipe, and kept the tradition with them as well.

Tigger had been named before I met Rob, and I'm not really sure why they named her that or how, but I do know it is a common cat name.
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Jack came to us already named. He was a rescue. The funny thing is that Jack was also my deceased FIL's name and my witchy MIL complains that we are so disrespectul because we didn't name our son after FIL but we used that name for the cat instead.
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Enzo= we wanted a really odd name, Enzo is the name of the guy who made the Ferrari cars. My SO is really into cars and told me that name and I feel in love with the name!

Leya=we were watcing Dog the Bounty Hunter (my favorite show) the day we got her and that show was the one his daughter Leah passed away. I really liked the name Leah, and I was said Dog's daughter dies, so I named her Leya, of course I spelled it funky because it looks more fun that way!

Stuart=he's named after the Mad TV charactor because Stuart is a really annoying cat sometimes! He'll yeowl and yeowl, and it's an aweful yeowl, until he gets pet.
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I was watching a movie when I hadn't named Wesley yet and the main character was named Wesley so right then I named him that because I thought it was cute. And Sox got her name because my husband and I were trying to think of a name and we love the Red Sox so we thought Sox would be cute.
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She is all white with green eyes. I didn't want to call her something like "whitey" or "snowy" because I like "normal" names for my cats.

Her fur is so soft and silky... like feather down, and touching her reminded me of the feel of china, as in dishes. But that was hokey, So I decided to vary the name to "Chynna." I've since found out that apparently there is some wrestler by that name. But my Chynna has had her name for 15 years.


I adopted her from a friend's daughter's former roommate. She came to me with the name Abby (Abigail really, but shortened to Abby). She was 4 months old at the time and she looked like an "Abby" and I didn't think it fair for me to change her name when she was already used to being called Abby.
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Katie and Gracie are just cute girl names that I like, probably what I would have named human baby girls if I'd had them. Pete and Claire are named for St. Peter and St. Clare. I was inspired by a trip I made to holy/historic sites in Italy a few months before I met them. They actually started out as Francis and Clare, but my gray/white boy seemed more like Pete than a Frankie. I hope to have a Frankie someday, though!
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Fina was from a video game.
Coriander was from a spice.
Izobelle was common-place smelled differently, Sebastien was just a cute name, Shiloh (now Flea) was because we saw fleas crawling all over him before treatment. Savannah, just a cute name, should have been named MOUSE Sophie, a cute name, and Sydney, a cute name.
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Originally Posted by Sibohan2005 View Post
Duke (RIP) was named for the Duke of Richmond from whom we are decendants
Whoa, part of my family has some strange ties with the Duke of Richmond, assuming it's the same duke!

Anyway, Quill is named for his fur/tail's resemblance to a big, soft feather. And it also just popped in my head a few days after we adopted him.
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Delilah was a name I'd always liked for a cat and thought was pretty, and so when I brought my pretty kitten home that's what I called her. I often shorten it to "Lila".

I let my kids name Blue. She has her Siamese mom's blue eyes, and the kids hadn't seen a blue-eyed cat before, so they named her Blue. I don't think it particularly suits her, but at this point I can't imagine calling her anything else.

Piper is a name that's always reminded me of happy little girls, and that's exactly what Piper was.

Bastian is named after the little boy in "The Never-Ending Story", which was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid.

I really wanted to stick with the Never-Ending Story theme and name Griffin either Falkor or Atreyu, but DH didn't like either of those. Griffin is a name that just popped into my head and it seemed to fit.
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Wow this amazing and facinating

I do think that Loki (norse god) is way much better than the angle of death from Dogma but i still love the name and the film :-)
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Matilda is named after the book by Roald Dahl. It was my favorite book when I was a kid. We call her Mattie also. The nickname fits her because she always looks mad and her hair is long (and can get matted if you don't take care of it). When I adopted her, her name was Claudia but I didn't think it fit her.

I wanted a name of a children's book character for my kitten, and I *really* wanted to name her Sophie. My SO wanted to name her Zoe. I didn't want Zoe, he didn't want Sophie, so....her name is Chloe. She really looks like a Chloe though, I think. It kind of bugs me that she isn't named after anything like Matilda is but I'm weird like that. Chloe's foster mom called her Mattie but that's what we call Matilda so we had to change it.

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My mom took me to adopt Popsie and she had a black and white cat named Popsie when she was young. My dad said we couldn't have a male cat but I wanted him soooo bad so she said if we named him Popsie I could get him. My mom, bribing a ten year old.
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Originally Posted by Tara & Rob View Post

Chassis, Caliper, Tailpipe - My dad owned his own auto repair business for years, and all our cats had been born at his shop by strays he had as shop cats. We would name them after car parts. We decided to keep the tradition going with Chassis. Then we moved and my dad left the shop behind. We adopted Caliper and Tailpipe, and kept the tradition with them as well.

WOW! That is very CLEVER I love it!
As for my crew:
JC My daughter named him after JC Chasez of NSync
Joey He's a rumpy Manx and as a kitten with those long, long back legs, he reminded me of baby roo
Cinder Cone jet black and rescued from the CA rest area, Coso Junction, next the Cinder Cone hill
TommyScott originally just Tommy for tomcat - he was extremely feral; once he decided to join the family, we added Scott after a beloved RB orange tiger-stripe
Andrea was rescued from the side of Hwy. 49 outside the city limits of San Andreas, CA
Dax was the name of an actor in Idiocracy
Tobey spittin image of Toby, my grandson's 2nd cat
Joanie Cat identical to the JonnyCat kitten, but turned out to be a girl
Minnie J looks a lot like Joanie
Frankhad deep, deep blue eyes like Frank Sinatra
Caseylooks like my sis's RB Persian Casey
Stanleyvery shy, seems Stanley fits well
Bobnamed by my vet's grandchildren
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