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Gaining weight!

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I took Griffin and Bastian in to the vet and weighed them yesterday. Griffin was 3.4 lbs (up from 2.8) and Bastian was 2.2lbs (up from 1.4!!!!!!!!). I was so thrilled to see that Bastian had gained so much in just over a week! That high-cal canned food and formula must be doing the trick.

On the downside, I believe they have worms. The stool sample was negative the last time I took them in, but Bastian's belly has been getting steadily rounder, and rounder... I gave them a wormer from the vet last night. Hopefully that does the trick!
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To kill worms I de-worm once, then again 2 weeks later.

I am so glad Bastian is gaining weight!!!
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I am happy Bastian, is gaining weight and doing well . You are obviously taking very good care of him
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Yay!~ Bastian is gaining weight!~

stoamch getting rounder means there's worms? is this true?
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If their bellies are very round and distended, it can be because they're full of roundworms.

Thanks for your replies guys.
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They are so cute. Do you have updated photos?
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