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Hello From the 'Possible FIP Kittens'

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Some of you may remember me- I had the foster kittens who were from a litter where 6 of 9 died and were presumed to have been exposed to FIP- the vet flat out told my foster coordinator the whole litter would die. I took them to my own vet and got a second opinion, and I still firmly believe that it was NOT FIP, or if the others had it, my kitties never did. I do suspect they have a few fleas, but their immune systems may be fragile from whatever was making them sick, so I'm not going to treat them with any chemicals until they're a little bigger- it's no huge infestation, they just scratch more than normal kittens do. Anyway, the 'dead walking' kittens would like to let everyone know that they are still here and will be getting their first shots on Wednesday!

Monster, the grey tabby, will be staying with me, and General Mao, the solid black, will be going to my SO's brother. I have decided not to let them go up for adoption because the rescue has to fully disclose the medical history of the litter and adopt him out as a sick cat- meaning he must be an only cat- since they still suspect he could be shedding FIP. So, rather than let that happen, we're keeping the kitties in the family- Monster will be an only cat, but he has his dog who he loves and sleeps snuggling with, and Mao will have a cat friend who has been an indoor/outdoor cat and likely has antibodies for anything Mao might transmit.

"We are fine, thanks, except that Mom hasn't made the bed yet. What kind of hotel IS this?"

"Mostly we spend our time fighting, but sometimes we eat, too. Wrestling is fun. Well, when you're winning, it's fun."

"Nothing like a good kick in the face to start your morning off right!"

"Invisible Segway!"
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They are lovely!

We bought 4 kittens from a breeder and sadly one of them died from FIP. I thought they all just had an upset tummy from the stress of the move but Milly was far more poorly that the others. She then developed the tell tale large stomach and shortly afterwards we had to have her put down. The other 3 are healthy cats now and have been fine!
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They are too cute, I want to snuggle with them
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They're adorable! They definatly dont look like they have the wet form of FIP. My kitty died of that on the 16th and you could really tell! Yours look healthy and happy! Good luck to ya! Keep us posted please!
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