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Meowme Sleepy Pod

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I'm thinking of treating my kitty (OK, me) to a meowme sleepy pod for Christmas - does anyone have any experiences of them: good / bad? Especially how easy it is to convert it from bed to carrier? And whether the heated blanket is just a gimmick - or worth having?


Any thoughts much appreciated! Thanks!
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I have ordered 2 of them (one black and one light blue) with the heaters. I bought one on ebay so I didn't spend quite as much $$, but close. My concern is that it won't be large enough for my older cat. She weighs 9 lbs and they say it holds up to 15 lbs but she's pretty big. We'll see!

I think that most any cat would like the warmer. My kitten Chloe likes to sleep on my laptop because it's warm, so I think she'll really like the sleepypod. At first I wasn't going to buy the heater but I later caved and have two of them also.

I thought about buying the mini size for Chloe but I would only be able to use it for a year, so I passed and just got the regular size.

I love the way they look!
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Thanks Sakura!

I love the idea of being able to take Tilly to the vets in the familiarity of her own cat bed - she's not a good traveller, so i think it would be less traumatic than her hard-sided carrier.

My main worry is whether i could get her in and zip it up before she escapes!

Would be great to hear how you get on! (I can't decide between the white / light blue one!)
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