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Originally Posted by ghosthunterbeck View Post
LOL, sorry!

Due the 11th of December... Usually go over, but this one seems determined to come either early or on time. We'll have to see what happens with it! My last labor was only five hours, and the second and third babies each only took one push to bring into the world, so we're expecting fast, possibly even "at home."
Woah! I think if I could have had a 5 hours labor instead of 27 I would have gone natural too!!

I think it is awesome that you did everything without medication. I just wasn't able to do it and after being in labor for so long I ended up getting more medication than I really wanted. Made for a very sleepy baby... but then again he's still sleepy and we usually end up having to wake him up to feed him.

He's 1 week today!
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I honestly don't see why some "natural labor advocates" get so up in arms about some women wanting or needing the drugs. I have easy labors, and yes, they are short as well. I can breathe through the contractions without a problem and I don't tend to be a screamer. I focus my energy on the birthing process, and have a baby. For me, it's no big deal.

But for *some* women, it's pure heck, and I can understand that.

BTW, my first labor was nearly 22 hours. They *refused* me pain relief other than tylenol!
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Wow congrats! He is a beautiful baby boy
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He is sooo adorable!!!

Congrats to you and daddy!!
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congratulations Beth! beautiful Kiddo!
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