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Goodbye Ernie

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I never thought that I would have to say goodbye so very soon. I adopted Ernie October 13th of this year from a "no kill" shelter and was so excited to add him to my family. He was wonderful and very sweet; falling in love with him was very easy to do. He was 5 months when I adopted him and just turned 6 months.

Ernie became very sick very quickly. One day he seemed to be doing well then he literally just started to go downhill so fast. Looking back I realize he was sick for the majority of time I had him and sometimes I feel maybe there was something I could have done to prevent his illness but he lost his battle to FIP November 14.

On Sat. Nov 3 Ernie went to the vet because he was not doing well and was diagnosed with a URI. His eating and drinking decreased until it ceased altogether. Sunday November 11 his stomach started to look bloated and by Monday you could see that it was abnormally big. Tuesday, I made an appointment to see the vet the next day. By Wed. Ernie was throwing up and having diarrhea and his stomach had become even bigger. By Wed night Ernie was having some neurological problems and I had to make a very difficult decision. Although I felt that he may have had FIP I really never believed that I would be losing him that night, never.

I saw the vet at the shelter because the expense had gotten high for me and we were scheduled to see his vet today for a follow up. The shelter vet was amazing and everyone was so loving and kind. I did not ask them if they were going to put Ernie to sleep. I asked what I should do. They said just leave Ernie with us; they let me say goodbye to him which felt like an impossible task. I then gave him to a very sweet women working there who he seemed to take to (maybe he remembered her), took one last look at him in her arms left.

I will always remember Ernie and my only regret Is that i did not take enough photos with him and my family.

You will forever be in my heart Ernie, I love you.

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RIP, sweet Ernie. I'm sorry your time on earth was so short.
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Awwww bless him, he's gorgeous as well

Play happily at the bridge Ernie, you gorgeous, sweet boy

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I'm so sorry for your loss. It was way too soon for Ernie.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace sweet little Ernie.
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FIP is such a horrible disease...I'm sorry you lost your sweet boy to it.

Rest in peace sweet boy!
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Im sooo sorry! I lost my baby boy to FIP yesterday. It was the hardest decision I had ever made also. They are happy now, even though we aren't! My Baby Boy Glitch made it for 4 weeks after the 1st sign of belly bloat, I shouldn't have kept him alive that long. At the end he couldn't sit, jump, walk or eat.

You did the right thing. He is at peace and is in no more pain!

Glitch's Mommy
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Aww Ernie is such a cutie. And I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP little one.
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I hope that things get easier from day to day
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How is everything going today?
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I miss Ernie. Sometimes you forget that they are gone....if even for a second, and some sound makes you look, but then you remember that they are gone and its not them. That has happend to me every day since he was gone. He always sat at my feet when washing dishes or when i woke up he ran in the kitchen to get his food and I look down sometimes to make sure I dont step on him or something only to remember he is just not there.

It gets easier I guess. i am not crying all the time now at the thought of him but i think it helps that I am preparing for another kitten hopefully, his litter mates if they have not been adopted (they were not as of last week).

I have not had the strenght to disinfect my house nor the heart to get rid of his little house/bed or any of his toys even though I know i need to do it soon. My husbad did throw out his litter box and blanket though.

The support of all of you have really helped me though so thank you.
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Oh Im am so terribly sorry. Rest In Peace Ernie you will be missed
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When do you think you'll be getting another one? Im curious because Im overly paranoid about getting one right now. Sooooo, lemme know k? Im just kinda curious at how long everyone else would wait.

I found myself just bawling over glitch today. Its been 5days and Im still crying. My other kitty is lonely and I dont know what to do.
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rest in peace, Ernie. I am sorry your time on here was very short.
Play well at the bridge
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What a handsome boy. I'm so sorry for your loss. He was taken from you much too soon.
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RIP Ernie. His time here was too short, but it was filled with love thanks to you.
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awwww..... look at that sweet baby! i'm glad you were able to say goodbye to him, poor dear!
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Originally Posted by glitch View Post
When do you think you'll be getting another one? Im curious because Im overly paranoid about getting one right now. Sooooo, lemme know k? Im just kinda curious at how long everyone else would wait.

I found myself just bawling over glitch today. Its been 5days and Im still crying. My other kitty is lonely and I dont know what to do.
I think the end of December to the begining of Jan. I dont have another Cat however and personally would wait longer if I did. I read that you could get a coronavirus-antibody titer done to detect the presence of the corona virus (does not mean cat has FIP if positive) and some sites say to wait until the titer comes back as zero before getting another cat. This helps to somewhat ensure that the new cat does not get the FIP virus and that if your current baby has the corona virus, you dont want to add stress to the situation because they believe that stress does contribute to the virus mutating and becoming FIP.

Also Adding another Cat to the house may stress out your cat especially since the loss of glitch. He is probably greiving over his friend and adding another cat so soon may only stress him more not help; sometimes you just need time, like people.

I wanted to get another one three weeks after but after suggestions on here and research, I decided to wait about 7 weeks. If you dont want to do the whole testing thing then i would just say wait a few months or ask your vet and see what they suggest also. - this will give you some more info.

From :

How long does coronavirus survive in the environment?

In natural circumstances, cats go outside to defaecate and bury their faeces, in which case the virus lasts hours to days (it survives slightly longer in freezing conditions). However, in domesticating the cat we have introduced litter trays: FCoV may survive for several days and possibly up to 7 weeks in dried up faeces in cat litter.

If you have lost a cat to FIP, wait around a month before obtaining another cat. However, if you have other cats already, remember they may be shedding FCoV, so wait until their antibody titres have reduced to zero before obtaining a new cat. Of course, don’t forget to test the new cat for FCoV antibodies too.
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