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I'm looking to adopt two new kittens and had decided on two this past weekend. They're not old enough to be adopted yet and remain with their foster mom for now. Apparently one of the two I chose has some problems with tremors. It was mentioned to me at my first visit that he had tremors, but it was also stated that the tremors seemed to lessen as he aged. When I saw him at 8 weeks, he seemed pretty normal but did shake a little bit. When I saw him last weekend at 9 weeks, he seemed normal.

He's a small guy, smaller than any of his siblings, but apparently has some pretty bad shakes this week. This is a rescue organization, so funds are limited. Hopefully we can find out what's wrong with him, if anything. He's going to the vet. But I was wondering if anyone has seen or heard of similar problems. Basically brainstorming now to see about any answers.