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Possible new addition to the family

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I went to a new vet yesterday (I posted about it in Health & Nutrition) and they have a few cats for adoption.
There is one boy that I LOVED; he was a stray that was brought in because he had a wound to his face (it's all better now and the fur is starting to grow back). He is mostly white with some tabby markings.
There is also a young black and white male that got hit by a car; he is only about six months old though so I'm not sure if I want to go through kitten crazies.
The vet tech held the older boy near the front of Abby’s carrier to see how they would react. Abby just sniffed and didn't seem too upset, of course this was after her exam and butt shave so she was probably too stressed to really pay attention. He didn't seem too interested and even gave a little growl but she said he has been in his cage for a while so he probably just wanted to explore.
I have been thinking about getting another cat since about six months after we got Abby but it always got put off, now that we’ve moved and are settled I am thinking now is the time. First I need to feel out the rental office. When we moved in we paid the pet fee for Abby but when I signed the lease I noticed that it said that all cats must be declawed (Abby is NOT declawed and I would never to that to a cat!!). DH thinks I mentioned it to them and they said it was no big deal but I don’t remember that. They never asked me if she was or not. I think it’s something that’s in the contract but they don’t enforce it. I’m thinking about just adding the second fee to my rent with a note that I got a second cat here is his description. This place is pretty big so I don’t think they’ll even notice (they will probably be happy that I was honest enough to tell them about the second cat).
The vet has a very nice policy on adoptions, they will allow you to take the cat and see if it will work out and if not you can bring the cat back. They also don’t charge a set fee they just ask you to make a donation. I would probably give them $100-$125 since that is the cost to adopt from most shelters/rescues down here.
It very important to me that Abby is happy. I would of course do slow introductions and give it quite a while for them to adjust but if she is unhappy at all I won’t keep him. Abby had a rough start to life so my main goal now is to see that she is happy and spoiled. My husband is OK with getting another cat so if he is still available in December I may take him.
What do you think?
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I think it sounds like he would have a great new home. How old is Abby?
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Oh, I hope you decide to take him!! Congrats of finding a kitty you love at first sight. Once that connection is made, it's hard to not go for it! He and Abby will get along fine after they get their pecking order down.
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Abby is almost three years old and she's always been an only cat.

It was love at first sight! He was rubbing against me and giving head butts. The only problem is that the owners wife likes him and wants to keep him but the owner doesn't want another cat.

Dh and I have to be out that way tomorrow so I may see if he wants to stop in and check him out (and take him home...)
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I think it would nice if you could get another kitty, If there wasn't a big deal over your cat when you moved in , I don't think they will make a big deal over this one.
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Well the vets office called and the owners wife changed her mind about the cat so I am first in line for him.
My husband is out straight for the next two weeks so he won't have time to go see him. He suggested I go and take a picture of him. I may to that and bring him some treats.
I'm going to call them tomorrow and let them know that I still want him but we can't come see him for two weeks. I will also let them know that if someone else shows interest to let me know. If that's the case I'll have to figure something out.
Wish me luck that my husband likes him as much as I do.
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Originally Posted by mbjerkness View Post
I think it would nice if you could get another kitty, If there wasn't a big deal over your cat when you moved in , I don't think they will make a big deal over this one.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
vibes for you can adopt it!
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Well I went to the office today to ask about getting a second cat and they said no problem just come in and pay the fee. Weeelllll the fee is $300 (yup you read tht right), $300.
Originally it was $150 for a second pet but they changed it and now it's $300 for each pet. Gee I wonder how many people actually tell them about a second pet.
So I figured that's it there is no way Dh will go for that, but I was wrong (little tip, wait until your hubby is so busy and stressed out that he will agree to anything to get you to go away). He said it's OK and we'll pay it.
However I am not going to pay it until we decide if we are keeping him or not. If it doesn't work out and he goes back in a month I don't get my deposit back and I can't afford to throw away that kind of money.
I am sort of leaning towards Bob now (the kitten) since beauty (yup they named a boy beauty) is bigger than Abby. Dh is very concerned about how this will affect Abby since she is his baby. I had a talk with her yesterday about giving another kitty a home and I swear she was depressed about it. I had another talk today and told her the decision is hers and that if it doesn't work out the other kitty goes because she is our first priority. She seemed to perk up after that and is OK now. Only cat people would believe me if I told them that.
So has anyone had a single female cat for more than a year then brought in another cat? If so how did it go?
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