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I'm so sorry for your loss of that adorable little man. My heart goes out to you and Riley at this time. Remember Maddie is healthy and happy and waiting for you at The Rainbow Bridge.
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I'm sorry Sarah. But know Maddie had a wonderful life while he was here with you.

I'm sending calming to poor Riley.
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Sarah, hon, I'm sorry for the loss of your sweet keeping you and Riley in my thoughts and prayers. RIP Maddie.
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I am so sorry about the loss of your beloved boy. May he Rest In Peace.
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My condolences, Sarah. RIP, Maddie.
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I'm so sorry Sarah.

Originally Posted by Cyclesarah View Post
I am so overwhelmed by all of your thoughts and prayers. Thank you so, so, so very much. You will all never know how much your words are helping to get me through my grief today. Remembering Maddie and his amazing spirit are what I am trying to focus on. Thank you to all for helping me do that.
I do know how much the words help. The posts in Crossing the Bridge helped keep me sane and helped me work through my grief when I lost Nakita. I can't tell you how many times I read them.

Know that Maddie is at peace and that he's always as close as he can be....because he's in your heart.
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I'm so sorry that you lost your beautiful special boy. I wish I could comfort Riley, too. I am praying for both of you.
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Oh not Amad! I'm so sorry! I didn't know that he was sick...this is just horrible! I just have no words right now, but know that you all are in my thoughts. Give Riley some extra scritches and kisses for me!
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Sarah i'm so very sorry I'm so upset that Maddie has left you, Brian and his soul mate Riley so soon

Most of the members know all about your two gorgeous boys from the minute you got them, but here's a link for those that don't to let them see what a sweet pair of angels you have
thank you for posting that link - i didn't connect the love name "Maddie" to Amad! so sorry to hear of his passing - i remember when you first posted about your 2 orange boys...
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Oh no, Maddie! Sarah, I'm so very sorry. Your heart must be shattered to pieces, and this must be so difficult for Riley, as well, who has lost his brother. I remember the day your boys joined your family and cherished each moment as we watched them grow beautifully into adulthood. The day Maddie was diagnosed was so painful for you, and you did absolutely everything possible to enhance his quality of life. It must have been heart wrenching for you to see your baby boy so ill.

It's so challenging to do at this point, but please focus on the happy times and all the joy Maddie brought into your life and countless other lives who were touched by his presence. Maddie is so happy and healthy now in Heaven where you and he will one day be reunited. Bless you, Sarah, you are in my prayers.
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Wow...I am simply humbled by all of you and the love, prayers and thoughts you have given to me, Riley and Maddie. What a blessing. I thank you all so very much.
We took our little man to be cremated last night. We picked out a lovely green urn. It was so hard to say our final poor hubby was too distraught and had to go outside as the tears would not stop. We pick him up next week and will bring him home. I am going to put him in a special spot in a window that overlooks the garden (where he used to watch the birds) and that gets loads of sunshine. Somwhere I can look on him often.
I am taking Riley (love name, Bean) to the vet tonight for his jabs and a check over tomake sure all is well. He is still listless and sad by his brothers loss, although nature won over and he has started to eat again. I am sending prayers up that God will put the right cat into our lives when we are ready.
Thank you all again so much. I will check in again this evening to answer PMs and to update you all.
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Aww Sarah Once you bring your little man home you might feel a little bit better.

Lots of healing coming over for little Riley
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I am so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Maddie.
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Im sorry for the loss of your Kitty. Its not easy
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Im sorry that one of the special things in your life had to end

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Thank you all again so much. How blessed I am to have all of you taking the time to send your support my way. Thank you a million times over.
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Oh Sarah, I have just seen this sad news - I'm so terribly sorry to hear that your lost your dear Maddie. Rest in peace sweet boy, I know that your family miss you so much. Poor Riley must feel so lost without his brother. I am thinking of you all
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Im sorry for the loss of your beloved Maddie!

RIP Maddie
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