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Introducing a new kitten...

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I currently have a male kitten (he has been fixed!) and am looking into getting another kitten.

My current kitten loves other animals, dogs included. But, what I am wondering if it would be better to get a female or a male kitten to bring into the home, or would it make a difference at all? I know that female and female is generally not a good combo... But I haven't really heard anything about a male and a female not getting along..

Thanks in advance.
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Well, in our large feline family of all rescues, whoever comes along and needs a loving, forever home is who joins the family. Eventually, after the intros and the gradual getting to know one another, everyone fits in pretty well. I would not worry too much about age or gender -- choose a cat who most needs a loving home, from a shelter or sanctuary or "the street"; and you will be glad you did!
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If he's already friendly with other animals, he shouldn't have a problem with any kitten you choose.

My experience is similar to Tarasgirl06's, when I had many cats, adding a new one was not disruptive, because there were already so many different types, the cats would easily accept a new member who could then find a cat buddy to choose from.

With so many other cats, even cats who wanted to be left alone, could, because there were other cats to play with and they never became a target for a frustrated social encounter.

This must be where I got my philosophy of, "The solution to the cat problem is... more cats!"
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IMO I prefer males over the females. They tend to be more outgoing and friendly and accept newcomers easier and quicker.

If given the choice of M vs F - I'll go with the males any day. We currently have a male and a female. Charlie loves everyone and is a good show cat - hardly nothing phases him in the shows. Ling (female) still has not totally accepted him and he's 15 months old (had him from 4 months old). She really only likes the dog; not other cats.

I'm looking forward to adopting another Ocicat for Charlie to play with - a baby brother
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I love my girl I think you should go with whatever cat will match the personality of your kitty and your household instead of just focusing on sex of the cat! Good luck!
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