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Hypnos is home!!

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This weekend, we picked up Hypnos! He's a 2.5 lb sepia blue point who is a super sweetie. (He is definetely more of a lap cat than Ares.) He has been in our guest room since getting home. He is curious kitty and is a little purr boat.
We have been rubbing Ares and Hypnos with a towel and on Sunday, they ate facing each other through the door which was cracked open.
Hypnos and Ares have met twice and the meetings were mixed. The first meeting was both of them sniffing and licking, then Hypnos tried to nurse on Ares. Mistake! Ares pounced on Hypnos and started to wrestle and bite him. (That ended the session.) It is also clear that I had forgotten kitten size, because Ares looks like a horse next to Hypnos! (8.5 lb versus the 2.5 lb)
The second meeting was an accident. I opened the door to check on the new baby, and he whipped past me into the bathroom, where he promptly decided to use Ares's litterbox. At this point, Ares walks into the bathroom and has a heart attack. I scooped up the irate Ares and placed him into our room, so I could corral Hypnos back into his room. (Whew! Close call.) I haven't gotten them together today, but Ares keeps putting his paws under the bedroom door and piteously meowing to Hypnos. (I don't think Hypnos is returning the pawing yet.) Anyway - we are excited!! (And hope they become best of friends!)
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Congratulations on your new kitten! How exciting!

What breed is he? I hope everything goes well with the introduction phase.
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Oh YAY Congrats..can't wait to see pics...good luck with the intros!
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You are well on your way to a happy family, it sounds like! Please keep us updated (and photos would not go amiss, either...!) THANK YOU for adopting Hypnos -- I know you're going to enjoy many happy, loving, amusing years with him in your family!
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Congratulations! When do we get pics?
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Here's some for a smooth introduction.
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Thanks!! Things are going well - Ares is often outside the bedroom door, whining to see Hypnos. (Oh, and pics will be coming soon
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