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Question of the Day - November 12th

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Sorry bout the lateness, been busy at work

Speaking of work, what kind of jobs did/do your parents have?

Both my parents met while working for Ameritech, now AT&T (the same company I work for!) My Mom was an operator and my Dad was some sort of technician. Right now, my mom still works for the company, but she is in Accts payable/receivable, I used to work with her before I transferred offices, and my Dad is retired but worknig part-time as a baker (at the restaurant I work at part-time on the wekends!!)
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Both my parents have always worked. My Mom is in palliative home care. My Dad has been a Tile Setter for 30yrs....
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My mom was an LPN at a state school for the developmentally disabled (Fircrest School in Seattle), My stepdad was an aerospace engineer for Boeing, both are retired now and live in an RV all over the western states.

My dad bred AQHA quarter horses and sheep until his health forced retirement.
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My mom did daycare in our home for 17 years. She quit over a year ago & now is the manager of our local grocery store in a small town of 1200 people.

My dad is the manager of some hog barns outside of town. He runs 10 barns everyday & he's done this his whole life
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My father who is no longer alive worked for Napa (auto parts). My mother works for an EMS company driving elderly patients to their doctor appointments.
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My dad was in the navy. Now he doesn't really work.

My mom has done various factory jobs over the years. Now she works in a state hospital for the criminally insane.
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My dad was a crew chief in the Air Force for awhile, then he worked at a car dealership as a body repair man.

My mother is a secretary for a church.
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
Now she works in a state hospital for the criminally insane.
Oh my! I hope that isnt too stressful for her.

My dad was in banking; he's retired now.
My mum has never worked (for a paycheck) in her life.
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My Dad was in construction, he was in business with his Dad and brother...My Grandfather started the business when he came to America from Italy. They built 1000's of homes and one of the Subdivisions is named after ME Most of the streets are all named after all of us too Also My Dad and uncle opened a restaurant and we had that for 10 years...then closed it and retired...Now my Dad does some remodeling to keep busy...and he's 72
My Mom worked as a secretary at our Catholic school we went too then when my Dad and uncle opened up a restaurant she worked there, now she just babysits for the Grandkids
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My parents met at work as well (mom and stepdad) My mom is an RN and my dad is in charge of mantainace at the same hospital. They have both been working there longer than I have been alive!
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My parents are both currently retired.
My mom was a nurse whens she was working and my father was with Natural resources he was also a forest fire chief durring fire season.
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My mom had a few PT jobs as a hostess in food stores for awhile, but she mainly was a stay at home mom/housewife.

My dad had several jobs. Before me and my sister were born, he did some door-to-door sales. He also was a roofer/construction, and later on worked most years at a steel plant.
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My mom doesn't work right now but she was a legal secretary/paralegal. My dad is an auto mechanic but he's done a little bit of everything in his life.
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My mom is a school bus driver, and my dad is a truck driver
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My (step)dad works at a coal mine as a heavy equipment operator and hobby farms on the side. My mom was a dog trainer but I have a younger sister who is not in good health and she has not been doing it in years to take care of my sister (who is now in a nursing home, and 21 years old).
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My mom works in retail (at Canadian Tire) and my dad worked at a chemical plant when he was alive.
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My dad has worked for the post office for almost 30 yrs. (they're divorced- i don't have much of anything to do with my dad).

My mom owns her own cleaning service. She cleans homes for a living and does everything herself (she's the only person- she doesn't have any employees.) Some of her customers she's had since i was a little baby. A lot of them are comming to my wedding
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My dad used to drive truck all over for a chemical plant he is now a supervisor for the same company.

My mom used to work for the post office then she went into our school system. She started in the food service and when she passed away she was a custodial engineer (janitor).
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My dad (early retirement 21 yrs ago) worked for the county Hwy dept. He drove the snow plow trucks/county gas trucks.
Mom who "retired" early due to her ovarian cancer was a data enry person at a home office of a insurance company (this was before computers).
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When I was growing up, Dad worked at the Celenese (textile factory), then got a job with CSX railroad. Mom mainly was a stay at home mom, but she did sell tupperware on the side for a while. After dad retired, there was a wave of burgleries in our neighborhood so mom and dad started a neighborhood watch. What started with a few people driving around the neighborhood at night to keep an eye on things, turned into a patrol of 30-40 people! Mom organized a west side block party every year for 10 years, that drew hundreds of people. My parents accepted an award (on behalf of the crime watch) from the governor of Maryland for making the West Side the safest neighborhood in Maryland. They also helped start up crime watches in our area in 3 different states.

They are both passed now, and this past spring the crime watch, police department and city council dedicated a garden in their memory in front of the court house in our historical district.

Needless to say, I am very proud of what they accomplished.
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My mom was a housekeeper and I think she worked at a school a long time ago before she was even married.
My dad was an RCMP officer, now he's a PI and drives school bus.
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My mom is an LPN, and for several years she's worked as the office manager of a surgey clinic. My dad has worked in purchasing for as long as I can remember, for several different companies over the years.
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Mom and Dad ( thanks to God they live ) are retired!

Mom use to be a teacher...
and Dad use to be a employe of RailRoad but in the offices!..

Great question Katie!
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My mother has worked with Insurance (for my uncle, a Chiropractor) for 25 years. (I work their too now.) My Dad works for a community college, he started as a teacher and is now the Dean.
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My Dad is now retired, however he does teach 1-2 classes in computer programming at the local community college. He was a system engineer for IBM setting up cash registers for many of the stores through out Michigan.

My mom tutors part time at the same community college. She's been doing that for over 10 years now
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My father was a door-to-door milkman and my mother had various part-time retail jobs. They are both retired now.
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My dad had his own carpet fitting company, and my mum was a housewife
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What an interesting thread!!!

My father was a senior lab technician in the Ag/Chem Research Division at Dow Chemical (agricultural chemicals - mostly herbicides.) He's been retired since the mid '80's. When I was growing up, my mom worked during tax season, doing income taxes. She also retired in the mid '80's, after years as a receptionist in the main office at the Sheltered Workshop.
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