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for those with Migraines

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i normaly only get maybe 1 or 2 a year. however over the weekend, friday and saturday, the left side of my head wanted to open up. even the hair on my head hurt. lol even the pillow was to hard for my head. was getting bright lights flashing in my left eye. could not stand any light at all with my left eye.
if i ate anything felt sick.

anyway the question is, this. Normally i get it all over, but not to this degree and never just on one side.. where are yours located at?
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Mine are almost always on the right side, unless my neck is the cause and those are in the back of my head.

Since this is different from your previous migraines you may want to get that checked out.
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Mine always start in the back of my head and move to the front then rest right behind my eyes. I can't stand any light and it feels like the world is spinning without me. Plus sometimes I get faint feeling with mine--the worst part is that I haven't found a single medicine that makes them go away (except loratab) but I am afraid of it (I don't want to get addicted to it) I just have to sleep mine off. Although I have found that Indian Peppermint helps me to get rid of them faster. Just a couple drops of a warm moist wash cloth over my face (utter relaxation!!)

I am sorry about your bad Migraine I hope that you feel better now!! I have heard that it is common for people to feel it all on one side or the other though.

Vibes and love for you to feel better!!
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Mine use to be in the bad of my head, by my neck. However each time they're different. Sometimes they'll just pick a temple, I've had it behind my eyes, etc.

Hope you're feeling better! Your migraine sounded horrible.
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Last time I had a migraine it started as numbness in my left foot. Travel up my leg, up my torso, down my arm, around my head and face. Only on the left side of my body. After that is when I felt the effects of the migraine. A couple of days later same thing happened only this time instead of happening on the left side of my body, it happened on both sides of my body. First the right side and a few minutes later the left. It made it where I could not talk for a couple of hours. It was so bad I was put into the hospital. Lucky for me the last time it happened it was 18 months ago.
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I don't get many, but when I do they are doozies! Sometimes it involves the whole head and neck including my hair! Other times just one side, or the front or even just the back.

Regardless of where it is I can't even put my head on a pillow it hurts so bad so I end up sleeping with my head hanging off the side of the bed with nothing touching it.

After a migraine my scalp is very sensitive for a few days, and washing or even brushing my hair is painful.

I do get an aura. It's not something that I can really describe other than just a "funny feeling" in my head and eyes. No halos or lights or anything like that. It's just a feeling that I associate with the onset of a migraine. I have about 1 or 2 minutes to take a pain medication (2 tylenol #3 and 600 mg Ibuprophen). If I don't take something within that time frame I end up with a full blown migraine that lasts 2 or 3 days instead of just 1.
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
Hope you're feeling better! Your migraine sounded horrible.
i feel fine now now thanks,

it was the worse one i have ever had, along with being the longest.
i felt like i wanted to drill a whole in my temple just to let out the pressue.

i never had a headache so strong that even my teeth hurt, also what was strange was
i was getting flashing Neon red lights, normaly they are pale blue

but yea, i think i will check with the doc, cause never had one like that nor had one that just located on one side.
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I'm glad you are feeling better. Mine are around the crown of my head or the front. Ugh.
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I've only had a migraine 3 times in my life so far but all of them made my whole head painful from front to back, mostly in the middle. It felt like my head was about the split and every bit of sound, movement and sudden changes in lighting hurt like hell. I'll never forget the first time I experienced one, I was in 6th grade. My Dad said it was just a bad head ache but I specifically recall what it felt like and I know it was a migraine because 2 years later, I had one again. And then the next one was a year later. I haven't had one in 4 years but I'm keeping my fingers crossed I won't ever get one again.
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I know it happens on one side but I can't recall which side. I have had it where laying on anything makes it pound more. Usually I will lay on my back and put a blanket over me.

I hope you feel better.
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Ugh. I get about 1 migraine a month. Mine are usually on the right side mostly, I get so nauseous and throw-up a lot, have to be in a dark room. It is horrible. I usually get them in the morning and they last all day long and into the next day. I feel for you. Hopefully you won't get that kind again and for that long.
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I have had migraines since I was a teenager, I used to get them a few times a year, for the last two years it has been monthly, I throw up a lot , I can't stand the sound of my kids voices, or bright lights, sometimes if I take liquid advil as soon as it starts, I can control it, otherwise I end up in the hospital, with an iv morphine and anti nausea drugs .the dr gave me some samples to try and they are working, so i am going to ask for a prescription
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Do you have high blood pressure? The last time I went to the doctor, she had a talk to me about my migraines - she said that if they are focal, it is important that you go see the doctor, they can be a sign of something worse. Usually they have the vision impairment and pins and needles in your body.

I hope you are okay - I hate migraines!
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
i normaly only get maybe 1 or 2 a year. however over the weekend, friday and saturday, the left side of my head wanted to open up. even the hair on my head hurt. lol even the pillow was to hard for my head. was getting bright lights flashing in my left eye. could not stand any light at all with my left eye.
if i ate anything felt sick.

anyway the question is, this. Normally i get it all over, but not to this degree and never just on one side.. where are yours located at?
It depends on my trigger. If it's chemical it will start between my eyes and go down my neck. If it's a neck issue it will start towards the base of my skull and move from the back of my head to the front.

Have you thought about seeing a Chiropractor? My neck ones almost totally stopped once I got my adjustments.
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Do you know if there's a trigger? For me it's concentrating for too long on one thing in bright light. So reading a computer screen for wayyyy too long if there's a window with sun streaming in in my line of vision, long drives with the sun in my eyes and that sort of thing.

It always behind my eyes and it's such a horrible feeling but I find that Excedrin Migraine tablets really help.
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Mine are usually on one side, but either side seems to do.

I get the aura too, usually an hour before the pain hits, though. Nice warning.
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I get them a couple times a week. Usually on the right side. it feels like someone drove a redhot spike through my eye and out the back of my head. Light hurts, movement hurts, smells hurt, sounds hurt and I get very nauseous. However, I don't throw up - I just wish I could. Sometimes I lose vision in my right eye.

I've been seeing a neurologist for several years but nothing has really helped prevent them. Imitrex works if I take it early enough. Right now I'm unemployed and have lost my medical insurance - so no money for the Imitrex. It's about $200.00 for nine pills!

However, if your's have changed you really should see a doctor to rule out other more serious problems.
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Mine are either small migranes or cluster headaches. I think they are hormone related as I had a headache around my left eye/sinus for 4 1/2 days off and on. Ibuprofen didn't help at all. I thought I might have been dehydrated but that wasn't the case either.
It seemed to go away yesterday afternoon thank goodness!!!
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Mine have changed over the years, and lately they usually start on the right with auras. PMS triggers them every month. If they happen in an odd part of the month they follow a less regular course. I seem to deal better with them if I know what is causing them.

I take proponolol for arrythmia, but it is also prescribed for migraines as a side benefit for sufferers. It has been a bonus for me - I have to take it anyway - and non-hormonal migraines are quite rare.
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well i cant use the PMS thing, but i had a ex gf tht she woudl get them a day or 2 before.

I really dont know what my triggers are as i get them so seldom, and never had one like i did then.

What i find different is sound does not bother me, but light does big time.
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^ Sound has never bothered me, I usually turn some music on to help me relax. And I find everyones descriptions of feeling -pillows being too hard, etc - to be odd. Never had that problem.
Smells and light do though. If you can cover your bedroom windows it can help some. Also, a cold wash cloth or two on your forehead and neck could help.
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I used to get migraines when I was young, before high school. They would reach a point where I would get sick to my stomach, and as soon as I regurgitated the headache was completely gone! Clear as a bell!

Some time around high school, though, the migraines gave way to epilepsy, first though petit-mal seizures, where I would loose my peripheral vision. It was not diagnosed until I had my first grand-mal seizure. I have been fortunate to have lived a fairly normal life, controlled by medication and good sleep habits.

I have not read all of the replies here, but I saw one of the first talked about pain in the upper spine or shoulder. I had never considered the spine as part of the brain before, but apparently there is a lot to consider, as around 2000, the neurologists started giving me CT scans or MRI's of my spine, as well as my head. I was confused at first, but apparently the brain doesn't stop at the neck!

I am now 51, and I am noticing more sensitivity to bright light at night. Driving is getting to be a real pain after dark.
I am happy to report that I have been seizure-free since 2000!

But I am afraid I have no solution for your distress, original poster...
While I am impressed with the strides made in seizure control, I don't know how they do it. Either figure out what is wrong with something as complex as the human CNS, or create a compound to counteract it!

I am currently on Depakote. It is also used for Bi-Polar disorder.
You might ask your doctor if it can be used for migraines?

Good luck. At least you have a cat to pet...
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My migraines are always in the front of my head and they make me sick. I get them from bright light. Every time I go to cat shows I get one. I think it is from the florescent lights in the buildings. I also get them a few times a week staring at the computer screen. I think those are caused from the light coming in from the window.

I have just started using Excedrin. Those pills do seem to work so far. I thought I was going to have to get something from my doctor but so far Excedrin does the trick.
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