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Please Purr for Bendy!!!!!!!

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Last night I was doing vaccines.
The foster kittens needed their second shot, and soem volunteers were over to learn how it is done. I decided that since many of my guys were due for their boosters, and I had help here, we'd go ahead and do them too.

We watched everyone afterwards and they seemed fine.
The volunteers weren't gone but five minutes and I heard a sad yowl.

Bendy, my #1 cat, my heart and soul, was yowling and throwingup and shaking his leg spasmodically.

I rushed him to the emergency vet.
He is still there.
This morning the vet called me and said it was one of the most severe reactions she had ever seen and they wanted to keep him for the day. I said fine.

Please keep my dear little bendy kitty in your thoughts today.


Bendy's very upset mom, Sasha
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Oh Sasha,

So sorry to hear this, poor Bendy Kitty. I pray Bend pulls through.
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Come on Bendy get healthy and go home to Momma!
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Oh I'm sorry! Both of you be strong!
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Poor baby! Hope he is well soon. Please keep us posted.
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I hope he gets better! Love and prayers for both of you!
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Oh no!
I hope he gets better soon!

Keep us updated on how he does!
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Poor Bendy! I hope he feels better soon!
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Poor Bendy. As if he doesn't have enough problems. Is this, possibly, due to his genetic history?
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How scary for both you and Bendy!!! Of course, sending most positive healing thoughts your way!
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Positive, healing energy to Bendy Kitty. Poor dear, and poor you!
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I'm sending healing energy to you and Bendy!
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Hope Bendy gets better very soon!!!
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Poor Bendy. I'm hoping he gets better really quickly and comes back home where he belongs.
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praying that Bendy comes home happy and healthy.
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I hope that Bendy gets better fast! How scary that must be for both of you! Morgan and Merlin send those healing ~~~purrs~~~!!!
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So sorry to hear that this happened to your special kitty. I cant imagine if that ever happened to our Berkley.
Is bendy kitty ok now, have you heard anything?

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Oh Sasha, how horrible for the both of you!!!! Prayers that Bendy comes home happy and healthy REAL SOON!!!!!!
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I just now saw this thread. Positive healing thoughts are on the way. I hope Bendy has a fast recovery!!!
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I'm adding my prayers to the others. I hope he recovers completely -and soon!
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Praying for him to get better soon! Please keep us posted on how he is doing...
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Any news?
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Good thoughts and prayers sent out for Bendy. How is he doing?
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I hope he gets better! Have you heard anything yet?
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Bendy came home last night, I"ve just been frantically busy since then.
He scared everyone, at midnight after I dropped him off, his blood pressure was not measurable. Thanks to the wonderful emergency clinic he is happy and bouncy again.

He refused to eat fo rthem, but then chowed down when we got home. I got him some shirmp & tuna treats to celebrate.

He still has the runs, but I think we can deal with that!

thanks fo rall the support!
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Yippeee! Go Bendy kitty, I so admire your courage!
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I am so glad to hear that! I have been thinking about him all day!
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That's great news. Thanks for letting us know.
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