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Show Vibes for November!

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This month is going to be HECTIC for my kitties! We'll be at a show every weekend this month. Niles took 4 our of 6 finals at our last show in Harrisonburg, VA. He would have had 5, if it were not for a ring where Bagheera took the final instead of Niles! I'm so proud of these guys. We're shooting for the stars now. He's got until the end of January to show those judges what he's got!

Bailey is doing pretty well himself, he took 3 finals and slowing is accumulating those regional and national points. He'll be showing alongside the kittens to teach them how the big boys play
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Sending show vibes your way!
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One for each week in Nov. - go for it gf!

And don't forget pics and updates after the shows
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