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Updated photos of my Ziggy kitten

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I've had Ziggy, my wire haired kitten, for 4 weeks. He's still fighting off the last of the sinus/eye infection but is overall looking so good. He's a doll--has stolen my heart completely.

Ziggy--grass stained chin and all:
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Ziggy is absolutely adorable! He is picture puffect
Can't wait to see more of his handsome face
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He is adorable. I'm so thankful he found his way into your heart and home, where he will always be safe and loved. Sending get-well-soon vibes out to him!
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He has such gorgeous eyes. What a great picture!
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What a gorgeous little muffin man he is!
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Awww, what a little sweetie!!
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Aw! I've never personally seen a wire haired cat before, only in pictures. He looks adorable!
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Thanks for the nice comments! I know Ziggy isn't beautiful, like his sister, who is a GORGEOUS wire haired specimen who born smooth, but he is just SO DARN CUTE! He has the cutest facial expressions and moves around like a little lion cub. Everyone who meets him is smitten. And that coat--just like lamb's with a few coarser hairs mixed in. I just love to pet him!

Here's a close up of his full sister (10 mos older) that was taken yesterday. I love her "eye liner."
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Oh, wow! His sister is gorgeous too!
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Oh cool, your Frisk is a brown tabbly with white, too! Gotta love 'em. Sheba is classic brown tabby with white and Ziggy is a brown mackerel tabby with white. Their mom is blue tabby with white and Daddy is a tuxedo. Both of my kits have their mom's eyes, but Ziggy really takes after his dad otherwise. I think he will be a big boy--already 8.2 pounds and just turned 7 mos this week! Sheba is petite like her mom--8 pounds and is 17 mos old.

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AWE! What a cutie!
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he is very adorable. I have a Ziggy too!
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What an absolute darling baby!
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A wire haired cat?! That is unique! I've never seen one, and I'm going to google them right now! You have a special kitty and he really is cute! Kittens just have to grow into themselves. Stuart had an odd look about him the first week I had him. I didn't even take pictures of him
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Ok I looked them up! There aren't many pictures of them! They must be somewhat rare?? They are cute though!!!!! Very interesting, and how you would breed a cat to look like that is beyond me.

Hey this kind of looks like a grown up Ziggy!!!!

See he's going to be just darling!
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I think that cat is probably related somehow. The story goes: A barncat in New England had a litter with a spontaneously wired kitten in the 60's. The family contacted a cat breeder in their town and she bought the wired male and another female out of that litter for $50. That was the first breeding pair and all wirehairs have descended from them. They are fairly rare, and only about 40% of each litter produces a kitten with good "wire." Ziggy has excellent wire (his pedigreed name is "Happy 2B Nappy") but he has a kink tail, so is rendered useless for show or breeding (lucky us!!!!)

Both of Ziggy's parents are grand champions. His mother was spayed after Ziggy's birth as 2 litters, with 2 c-sections only produced 3 live kittens (2 of which were wired) and 2 stillborns. She is now living a life of leisure in New Mexico. The dad is still at my neighbor's and is a lovely boy.

I'm a "rescued pet lover" at heart, but these little wirehairs have stolen my heart completely. Here's a photo of Ziggy and Sheba (brother and sister/smooth v wired) wrestling:

And one of Ziggy with his fur mouse. Check out those huge feet (a familial trait):
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They are BOTH adorable
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