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Asthma meds!

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Well, I have had asthma for... as long as I can remember, I got my nebulizer when I was 5 or 6

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone has any advice or stories. I've always taken the standard albuterol, I did do cromolyn sodium for a long time but quit that a few years ago when I started taking Singulair.

I had a hard time getting an appt with my doctor and ran out of the Singulair, and remembered how bad my asthma is. I was waking up at 6 am every day wheezing (blech) and even after a full dose on the nebulizer still wasn't at 100%.

Anyway, at the doc today we decided to start Advair even though I've been resisting steroids for over a decade now. My pediatrician was very against them, but I guess these new ones might be different.

Anyone else? The pharmacist said it would help me more than anything else, only one dose so far but it seems to be helping.

Here's the main problem. For just my asthma meds, not that I'm on much else, my copay was 130$. I can't really afford that... (Singulair, nebulizer albuterol, inhaler albuterol, and the advair, which was 50$ by itself) so I am especially wondering if anyone has been able to quit taking other stuff (under doctor's orders of course) once they've started the steroid? Like, if I don't need a rescue inhaler much, especially, since I go through 2 a month.
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I have Asthma too and sadly one of my biggest triggers are cats...*sniff*. Since I refuse to give up my cats I have sought treatments too. This is what is working for me now...I'm on Singulair, Azmacort (steroid inhaler) and Albuteral. I seem to do really well and but when I add a new cat to the house ( I foster for the Shelter) it starts me all over again. I know I know..I'm nuts!

I know how terribly expensive all these meds are. It's really scary..

BTW are you using the new Albuteral in the air mist instead of the aresol??? I just got the "new" kind and it's kind weird!

I did invest in a Air Purifier over the summer and that has helped me a lot.

I've been thinking of going to the Doc and finding something other than Azmacort because it irritates my throat and it's kinda of a pain to take. I have to do four puffs twice a day and wait one minute between puffs and that's I get too distracted and loose count!
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My son uses Advair and swears by it!!! So hopefully it will work wonders for you!
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A steroid is not a replacement for your other medications. A steriod is used in conjunction with other medications to help reduce inflammation in the lungs which in turn helps to reduce the number and severity of future asthma attacks.

I use Flovent which is a steroid inhaler but only on a seasonal basis in the winter and spring, as my asthma isn't that severe. I was on it daily for a few years at one point.

When your asthma is under control you shouldn't need your rescue medication more than a couple times per month. If you need it more often then you need to be on a steroid inhaler in order to prevent your lungs from becoming inflammed and constricted.
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I've had asthma since i was very little- i tried everything - ventolin, vanceril (sp?), the machine when i needed it with alubterol and pulmicourt.

I wound up in the ER about a year ago when i had a REALLY really bad asthma attack - even my inhaler didn't help (albuterol). After getting some breathing treatments/etc- the doctor gave me a nebulizer to use with my inhaler to help get the medicine in my lungs better for future use. It works well! I was also put on Advair and Singulair for a long while- both work INCREDABLY well-they good meds and they really made a difference for me. Since my lungs are much better now- i don't take eithor anymore (i discussed it with my doctor before i stopped taking it) -i now just have my rescue inhaler (albuterol) with the nebulizer when i need it. I haven't had to use it in a few months

I think one thing that really helps is i try to avoid my triggers as much as possible- smoke is my biggest trigger- so i stay far away from people who smoke or smell of it whenever possible (i've never smoked). I also keep our house really clean as dust is another trigger. That helps- we use the good quality air filters and those are great for people with lung issues! You should try them!
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My husband has asthma too. When I met him he was using a doctor in the small town we lived in and was only on an albuteral inhaler. I pushed him into finding a better doctor who actually understood current treatments. He was then put on Advair, Singulair, and Allegra for his allergies. It drastically cut down how much he needed to use his inhaler and how badly his colds would turn when he got sick - now he gets over them in just a few days, if he gets sick at all.
He's on the 250/50 dose twice daily. That had to be adjusted originally from the 150.
The only side effects I've honestly noticed in him is some weight gain.

He also mail orders his meds in three month supplies, that's pricey outright but does save some money. If you can afford to do this, see if your insurance offers the option.
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Do some research before going on Advair; lots of people have had problems after quitting it.
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I only need my albuterol inhaler when I go outside in bitter cold weather, if I'm around strong odors (like cleaning products, paint, or smoke), or if one of the cats sleep on my pillow, next to my face at night. I guess I'm pretty lucky! I used to take Theo-Dur (Theophylline) many years ago, but haven't needed it for at least 15 years. My doctor also told me that I needed to get rid of my cats. I told her, "Sorry, not an option. Next idea?" I also have a hepa filter on my furnace and a stand-alone hepa filter in my bedroom. I swear by them!
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Originally Posted by CalicoBlue View Post
I have Asthma too and sadly one of my biggest triggers are cats...*sniff*. Since I refuse to give up my cats I have sought treatments too.
Same for me. I use Ventolin and Flovent inhalers. They work pretty well to keep me breathing easy. Another thing that helps to not only strengthen your lungs but also keep away colds is to get into the habit of doing cardiovascular exercises regularly. For the first couple times, your asthma might flare up a bit but if you keep it in check with medication your lungs will get used to working harder and will become stronger.
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The Advair has a bit of an albuterol type med in it, so you shouldn't need to use the albuterol as much anymore. Advair is without a doubt my highest copay.
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